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He's So Handsome, I Can't Believe My Ears

When I say things like my momma did When she was eighty years old “He's so handsome, I can't believe my ears” It's time for a home I'm told! The train's already left the station, no doubt You're left standing on the platform Before you cash in your chips as they say Someone feeding you will be the norm Such little things like forgetting your choppers Or getting on the bus without pants Hearing people snickering behind your back As down the crowded aisle you prance Some things are a little unusual they say Like communicating with the birdies In a language only you and they understand Or when with a mannequin you get flirty Wish me luck on the last leg of my journey Had a blast without any regrets Sure couldn't have asked for anything better My life was as good as it gets! © Jack Ellison 2013

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2013

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Driven By Desire

It's always best to keep some feelings Hidden from even your mate Not to share every innermost thoughts When relationships are at stake Each of us can be emotionally affected By charm, personality and image Doesn't mean we don't love our mates Feelings at times hold us hostage Human nature is what they've call it Might as well cash in your chips If you can't look at beauty passing by It's there to brighten life's trip So please don't call it illicit or immoral When males are driven by desire The female form is a vision of beauty That ignites every man's fire © Jack Ellison 2013

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2013

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I was gonna kick the bucket
When I turned on the TV
They were all in it for money
And there was none left for me

So I called up my accountant
Had me start a new web site
I sold them stuff they wanted
And it kept me up all night

Then I went all Egypt on them
And I just collected Dough
I became a master baker
And I watched the kitchen grow

When I thought I’d bought the farm
And I’d be forclosed on by summer
Who knew back in the spring
That by fall I’d have a hummer

Don’t rush to cash in your chips 
The casino’s up all night
Have some faith in god and self
The sunrise is soo bright

You can’t get used to dying
And your times a one shot game
Don’t predict your wins and losses
It’ll never be the same

To size up for the box 
Before the shoes are tried on
Doesn’t say much for the sox’s
Or the Genes when you are gone

So next time you think its over
Go to bed for another day
Hold your dreams close to your chest
And play your hand just one more way

And maybe your dream lover
Or the fans can see you dunk
When you play the game tomorrow 
And come out of your funk

Copyright © Bill Smith | Year Posted 2015

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Untitled Poem

Sometimes when life all gets you down
You try to smile but you still frown
You’ve tried your best at everything
You’ve taken the blows that life will bring

You’ve slowed down as weary as you may be
A little rest is your hearts plea
You walk awhile and then sit down
You keep on swimming so you won’t drown

You’ve done all you know to do
The battle’s hard, you just fought through
Your soul thirsts, you lick your lips
What’s left to do is cash in your chips

The journey’s hard, the journey’s long
The pain inside has stole your song
It will all be over some happy day
But until then just hope and pray

Copyright © Brandlynn Young | Year Posted 2006

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The Face Cards

The Face Cards (first version)

The table is set. Blood has been spilled

Rules have been finalized 

The devil is dealing the cards

They have been shuffled and dealt

I’ve been dealt a crappy hand

You knew it, you knew it all along

When you took my innocence away from me

You stole who I was, from me

From the place in my very own soul

You didn’t even blink not at all

You never thought about what you had just done

My life has been hell

Now I am seated at deaths doorstep

Playing poker to stay in the game of life

I will not fold until the last card is dealt

There is a wild card for me to play

I have an ace up my sleeve… I got this. I got it!

Someday I will get a part of me back

Still there a small part gone forever like a vapor mist

Hope now, you know, what you did to me that day

What you took I lost! 

Just have to hold on and play

Few more hands of cards

I will beat him at his own... game

In my heart, what’s left?

After you violated my little precious worth being

I know you are next to be seated at this very own table

Playing poker for the pathetic coward, you are inside

You see now, I have already seen your cards

There is nothing to play, will have to fold your cards

You will have to cash in your chips 

Cross over deaths threshold

How I did it, you ask? How did I cheat death?

He never saw the faces of my cards

The faces of people who love me

Who were there fighting for me

They minds were set in stone

Praying for me, out of love for me

They were not giving up on me

They all believed in me so much

Tell me then...

How then can I give up on me! On me! 

He never saw…

The cards I was holding in my hands

Copyright © Jerry heldman | Year Posted 2016

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Money is a universal language. They say money talk bull crap walks
even the def hears it. You gotta pay the price to live nice.
Money can turn people cold as ice. I like my pockets fatter then Kelly price.
Success is my friend, i learned to fight with my pen. Words close as kin
the more money i earn the more money i yearn,thus i can't be broke.No 
money life is a joke. You cant take care of your folks.I love to count 
that cheese yellow yolks. You know what they say another day another dollar holla. You could bet your bottom dollar. Money makes the world go round.
Build a mouse trap and the world will beat a path to your door. To get what you give sometimes you gotta cash in your chips. Don't bit the hand that feeds you money i need you.

Copyright © dwayne williams | Year Posted 2018