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As Busy as a Bee by Bright, Shining
BUSY AS A BEE by Beck, Sidney

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The Old House

Seven generations walked through your door,
Which stood so strong and always welcomed in.
You said goodbye when boys headed to war,
Two soldiers lost to battles they can’t win.

Your kitchen always busy as a bee,
With canning, baking apple crumble cake.
Stone hearth, a place for warmth and drink some tea,
The table decked with riches to partake.

The living room a place to sit and chat,
With pictures hanging for one hundred years.
A chair still there where ancestors once sat,
This room for laughter and at times for tears.

Your nursery where many babies grew,
With bassinet where ev’ry child did lie.
The paint would change at times from pink to blue,
A place where time would always quickly fly.

The floors within have felt each child’s first walk,
Their worn out wood drowned many times with stain.
You watched the aging people gently rock,
You’ve heard and felt the tapping of a cane.

I stand and listen in your sacred halls
And feel that you’re a part of everyone.
Each breath we took embedded in your walls,
Of fathers, mothers, daughters and of sons.

Old house of stone your warmth embraces me,
Your children now all scattered far and wide.
You still stand proud for all the world to see,
The thoughts of you, sweet memories inside.

The house my children grew up in.

Iambic Pentameter  
Written by Brenda Meier-Hans 
Giorgio’s Contest: Iambic Verse III
Best of 2014  1st place

Copyright © Brenda Meier-Hans | Year Posted 2014

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PD Vs Gareth James (The Last Round)

Tanka, didn’t work for me you see.
Sorry for the wait, I’ve been as busy as a bee.
I see PD is getting a lot of praise
I’m confident, PD, it is not just a phase!

I had to wait to view some of your writes
I had little information, but I let you out of my sights
PD, I have recaptured my Soul today
Shoot me down if you want and have your say

I read your Haiku and it would be easy to hurt
But my friend, that time has gone, no more dirt.
I open my arms to embrace you true
Change of direction, writing about the colour blue

Blue is the colour of protection and the spirit
I give it to you, you can walk forever with it.
Poetry Destroyer IS the wrong name
Poetry Supporter is the correct term, but what a shame.

I wish you luck on you future hits
The day will come you will enter the grand old Ritz
So, the offer is there stands there my dear PD
Hit me hard, knock me out, send me to sea.

Is this the white flag, you tell me?
May be it is, lets wait and see.
Send me to the stocks or chain me up
Poetry police, long term i'll never give-up

Copyright © Gareth James | Year Posted 2010

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I Am MoonBee

" I  Am  MoonBee ... "

( Matt. 5: 14 - 16 )

I Am The Full Moon Rising
... and The Faithful Bee That Stings
I Bear The Sweet Drops of Honey
and Wear Lunar-Eclipses' Rings ...

... and once in a blue moon
or in the final moon of blood
I will wax and than wane
... and ride tidal waves to floods
( Acts 2: 17-20, 21 )

I Am The Silvery Moon
That Makes Night Oceans Gleam
... and The Bee Upon The Blossoms
In Seasons of Summer and Spring ...

... and once in a harvest moon
glowing generous and golden
I gather gardens, like bees
storing & spreading nectar-pollen 

Yet As The Full Moon Rises
and As The Bee Soars & Stings
The Brave, Little Bee Prepares To Die
As Moon Despairs Behind Cloud-Screens ...

... and Peeks Out As A Half-Moon
Yet - Still, Busy As A Bee
Still Reflecting Light & Truth
As Pure & Sweet As Fresh Honey ...

I Am The Crescent-Shape Moon
and The Bee's Honeycomb
and The Heart-Chamber of My Hive
Holds Moons 'Neath Heaven's Throne ...

I Am The Halo-Spotted Moon
and The Sound of Humming Bees
In Prayer-Swarms of Sacred Songs
I Declare In Moonlit-Melodies ...

... and once by a midnight moon
in marching scenes of sky
set as signs & times & cycles
& measure-symbols for earthkind's eyes
( Gen. 1: 14-18 )

I Am The Full Moon Rising
Yet Falling Softly Upon Seas
That Care & Colonize Like Bees
& Bear Messages of Great Kings ...
( Matt. 28: 18, 19, 20 )

... and once in a hunter's moon
in shades of yellow and black
there shone glimpses of paths & visions
where moon kept sight & tracks

I've A Luminary Lamp
Like The Moon In Full Glory
I've A Duty To People & Purpose
Like A Queen Bee's Story ...

I Am The Full Moon Rising
... and The Faithful Bee That Stings
Yet, I Share Much Healing Honey
and Bear Many, Bright Moonbeams ...

- for I am the devout MoonBee
pollinating & polishing dreams -

    Written & Copyrighted ©:  5/22/2014
                by:  MoonBee  Canady

Copyright © MoonBee Canady | Year Posted 2014

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This is about the three, who had a master's degree, very snooty and got great glee treating people crappy.

They stayed busy as a bee with plenty of money, couldn't see the forest for the trees, they remained peewee.

Couldn't figure why life had gone awry, even though they were very sly life kept giving them a black eye, they were petrified.

Life had put 'em on their knees. Then they started to foresee life's not just about the three. So they made a decree and became devotees.

Then kissed the old self goodbye, the wrong they rectified, life became clear skies.

Now if you don't want to be the fall guy, getting high on your own supply while life is keeping you on stand by. Then you.must come to agree. Life is the Queen Bee and there's much more to life than the three.I, My...ME!

Copyright © Milton Robertson | Year Posted 2018

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Rap From The Heart

you can't make your heart beat something it won't

it's either heaven or hell now I got a good story to tell

rap your rap well from the heart

this will light the inner spark to what I'm waiting for

someday's it maybe a chore

don't listen to critics cause most will bring you down

I mean they mean well if it's in the positive mode

positive reinforcement is good for the heart

rap as you dream of better days

never getting lost in a purple haze

look to the old school masters of the past

with hearts an opened door beating fast

be who you are on the inside

don't try to hide behind four walls that squeal

others may address this as being no big deal

yet there's only one life will soon be passed

only what's done out of love will last

people need to be more opened minded but their blinded

by Satan the god of this world

they twist your words to fit their fancy

gone are the days when Sid met Nancy

let the heavenly light be your guide instead we hide

shattered glass on the basement floor lest I implore

seek truth with all of your heart

then you will light the inner spark to what your waiting for

get in the zone watch a lot of Home Alone

busy as a bee rapping the rhyme as a blown up mystery 

something up your sleeve people bleed

does death hurt you the most or is it fear

I shed a single tear to help numb its inner pain

still no one question anymore

no one has a voice were just the blind leading the blind

soon will fall into a great ditch feverish pitch

I'm only human after all

sin has been evident after the fall

then onto the no it all

rap to your hearts content & have a ball

Copyright © Mario Vitale | Year Posted 2017

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As blind as a bat,
as brave as a lion,
and stupid as a goat.

As busy as a bee,
as fat as a pig,
and happy as a king.

As strong as  a lion,
as heavy as a load,
and rude as fool.

As black as coal,
as cold as ice,
and white as snow.

As hot as fire,
as green as  grass,
and sweetly as juice.

All in all,
makes one thing,
common in life.

Copyright © sekitto kisakye | Year Posted 2007

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Element Wind

She wonders where to go, clueless in her ceramic cage,
with octaves oceanic (there's an oaf in my ocarina)
But Oh! Her delight when her Breather goes soprano
      a whippoorwill trying her      wings      in the sauna sky
laps of leisure in steamy cirrus clouds

(there's a glider on the Puget Sound)

And she knows the stories that abound 
in the sensation of a sonnet

            (though you may shake a speare at the classic verse)

She's licked the pearl pages of such pretty pamphlets.

You could say she's been around ...

Fighting flights of fancy through Fraser fir,
as busy as a bee, like she's got somewhere to be

(an important meeting with the sea?
a journey through Farrah Fawcett follicles?)

And things aren't always what they seem,
keeping close ties with Elohim,
lubricating our lungs with lovely life      (and the pockets of air between the knife)

More hypocritical than Hebraic Hitler.

With tornadoes in tow
and summer waves that flow

(she has secrets to disclose
for elements in the know)

NOTE: Puget Sound is a sound along the northwestern coast of Washington. Elohim is a Hebraic term for God.

Written on March 18th, 2016
For the Element Wind Contest Hosted by Brian Davey

Placed 2nd

Copyright © Timothy Hicks | Year Posted 2016

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As Busy as a Bee

My heart beats faster with exciting 
Realistic fantastic things to do
Technology at hand I can login 
From wherever I find myself
So I can do my work on the move
Meet with friends and chit-chat
Have a quick bite to eat
Walk the ramps of life
Be at the office
Blessed with so much energy 
 My hectic schedule requires me
To be here and there simultaneously
Too little hours in the day
I’m making waves 
To get all to play the game of being 
Released in to the world 
No blinkers
Meeting poets from across the globe
Posting in over sixty groups
Part of admin in two
I’m simply a busy bee
On the move


Copyright © Shining Bright | Year Posted 2013

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Rap is Where it's At

Rap Is Where It's At

jump in the game no here to complain
being busy as a bee in a land of make believe
we shoot for the top but it ends in the flames
let me be the first to explain
I'm staying in the game this is my time
May shoot to the top in my prime or stand in line
Sugar is sweet like honey but I'm going to be the one who brings home the money
Life is funny in its twists and turn one soul soars while the other one burns
we can each learn from our teachers it's not a walk in the park late night double feature
we got to learn to stick close together no matter what the weather
see each of us has a gift we must use or its forgotten
thank God we got to kill that thug Ben Laden
search your heart you got great rhymes inside
don't fall away or try to run away & hide
go slow at first to take up the pace
some folks may think your from outer space
yet what do they know there just jealous you see
many don't even know there A.B.C's
stop spreading the disease it will knock you to you knees
look toward the ocean while you use your magic lotion
take a shot in the dark & someday you will find
you will never be left behind
it all comes down from within deep inside
look at the junkie in the gutter
the mother who doesn't have enough to pay her bills
she turns to cheap thrills to do what she has to do
have we bitten off far more then we could chew
kick it in the shower its your hour of power
in the end you get to make the final decision
it isn't found in some fake front wishing
Rap is where its at your going to make me have a heart attack
the signs are painted all around
listen as you'll hear it's nasty sound

Copyright © Mario Vitale | Year Posted 2017

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You deserve so much more that I give 
In deed she is
She lights the green light
A woman of letters
Once upon a time
Under the moonlight tales
We hear the sky
Meeting with angels
In the blue clouds

A different mother
The onset of the nucleus
I can tell the history
Though, I wasn't there, but she was yesterday.
The Achilles heel in nefariousness.
She is always right
A serpent in the egg to the rainy days

A different mother
Acumen to the future
The beginner of the end
A Shepherd of sheep
The villain of a hero
The architecture of humanity
She imprisons herself
In a royal house
Faring for her seeds

Almost a laughing stock
In her child's play
She has a Penelope's web
For her kith and Kin
She begot love
The merchant of honorary
The nurserymaid

A different mother
The Christmas Flowers
Growing in summer
The birds fly
Feeding from her colourants display
She walks in the rain
When her umbrella is no more
At night, she wakes a million times
For the new born baby

A different mother
As busy as a bee
She build the Nation
To and fro
At a stake, 
The good Samaritan grows her flowers
Ill at ease, her swan songs grow
In the memory of the future
But in the morning,
They are like thankless arrant

A different mother
Why not now?
Time has denied your harvest
Why become an uphill task?
Even on the rainy days
Through fire and water
A bolt from the blue clouds
She lays the golden eggs

Thy seeds shall not die
They shall spread thy golden bed
When thy night comes
Thou shall eat thy food
When thou shall hunger
 For them in the evening
Even the dark night shall lie on thy feet
Till thy heavenly dinner comes

(By Precious Opurum: Nigeria)
Copyright © odiboy 2016

Copyright © Precious Opurum | Year Posted 2016

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For Carol

I stood there one day
With my feet in the sand
Water to my waist 
And hands spread around

The fish, all swam close
And swept against me
My fingers they nibbled
I felt so much glee

Nature’s beauty at best
When you feel all at one
When with wild you connect
It’s like touching the sun

Went there each day
To swim with the fish
Love that feeling I get
When my legs they do kiss

Then one day I met Carol,
She was feeding them all
Four years she said now
And took a roll call

She showed me the babies
And thousand there were
All growing and healthy
In this violent world

She shared with me bread
So I could feed them too
And I love her for that
I feel so in tune

She told me of trouble
With this one and that
Not wanting her feeding
Those fish where we’ve at

One friend he told me
A petition being signed
Opposing the feeding
Of our fish friends this time

I can not believe it
Can not understand
This world in such shortage
Few fish in our times

And here is someone
Heart big as can be
Doing something for this world
So good, as I see

One day she did ask me
If fish I could feed
Cause she could not make it
Was busy as a bee

Was happy to do that
Cause I love to feed them
And next morning was there
Bright, early and free

Those people I spoke about
Where so rude to me
They shouted, took photos,
Tried to intimidate me

I wonder at those people
In this world that were in
Where is their goodness
Hearts hard as can be

One day Carol, she told me
Abuse they did cause
They scattered her bread
All over the shore

What’s wrong with these people?
I can only ask
We are feeding some fish
There’s no harm in us

This world that we long for
Of peace and harmony
Of getting along
And having nature be free

How will we ever find it?
When as you can see
There are people out there
Who scream - commit perjury?

Shame on you people
We are doing no harm
Just feeding some fish
Just let us be calm

And we hope that you fishes
All grow up to fill
These oceans of ours
With food for our plead

I want for my children
And those next in line
To know what a fish is
In all ages of time

There is so many out there
Who kill and destroy
Who maim native animals
And shamelessly slaughter

So thank you dear Carol
For what you have done
For love you have given
To fishes all in one

Copyright © Robyn Blauw | Year Posted 2007

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Soul Mates

Broken souls
To parting souls
Hide in a deep blackened hole
Sold your soul to the devil years ago
Can't move with the flow
Throw in the towl
While having a conversation with a wise owl
Fowl breath
Will be the death of me
Minds racing
Busy as a bee
Will your next life be stuck as a tree?
Than you'll finally be free
And see the light
Under the floor
While walking through a frame less door

Copyright © Miya Fontaine | Year Posted 2014

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No Time For The Flu

How dare that flu bug touch me!
Doesn't it know I'm as busy as a bee?
I don't have time to be sick,
I must be up quick.
What do you mean, it's not up to me?

12/29/11  For Gwendolyn's "The Sneezing Limerick" contest.

Copyright © Kim Merryman | Year Posted 2011

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Free Styling To The Extreme

take it to the beat watch us meet to greet fooling in the street
tripping on the beach smoking fat leaves doing what you please
as busy as a bee making sweet history
there's a battle for your mind I'm just the walking blind
society is not my game inside of my cause there blind you see from most of reality
there is an army of peeps out in the streets crystal gold down to their feet
with shattered glass on the walkway I came to play
the stage is set and the studio is fine all my critics can kiss my fat behind
homies try to control me with their dope analogy but why even bother it  gets even sadder
like nothing more to flatter the steps upon my ladder so here it goes
it used to be dope many years ago let the truth be told that folks used to smile
when i was a child I used to dream big dreams of both kings & queens
living in a land that is so very mean yet many are rushing too fast
everybody lately wants to get by on some free pass to pass
the stereo is blasting higher and higher blown up in its fullest desire on a wire
everybody feel me among my dope melody many folks will let me be
pump up the music so you can hear a way we can shed a tear
long hair on your birthday where we come to pray yet some may claim it ought not be that way...
flirting with fire in blown up desire coming down to the wire a gun for higher
got the hook up peeps on this dope joint fine grafted in from a delicate design
beats to the rhyme rhyme for the reason its just the changing of the season

block parties with steroe blasting watch how you acting & i'm not bragging
folks that carry everything inside we used to help thank God your still alive
but todays news you sing the blues and let things slide coming along for the ride
rap is still hot just take the word to the street and watch your rhymes to the beat
taking it to the city where cash is king people scream eating delicious ice cream
blind people so mean eating at fast food places such as Burger King
minus the races stuck in Peyton places we tend to make a lot of mistakes in
flirting with fire blown up in its fullest of desire getting much higher
Jimi was right by saying "Excuse me while I kiss the sky" !
almost every drive by someone gets capped from a nine in their eye
but give pause to think as you wink in earthly bliss in a caught up moment in time
Solid gold moments from our past having so much fum with a hope that it would last
so you sit back in your bleachers staying up late night watching another double feature

Laughter is the best medicine while your stuck in seventh heaven
therefore gain wisdom and in all thy getting gain understanding
free styling to the extreme while living in a land so very mean
Creatures of habit in the night with long viscious fangs that fright
eyes of blakened faces of death we all will come to unrest
rap it up I'll take it so you don't have to fake it
will bust a move to show improved knowledge of the underground sound
we are built to last we are raised to shine created in a beautiful design
sugar is sweet so sweet like honey I'm going to be the man that take home the money
nothing phony cause I got my degree cause all of life is but a mystery
got something up my sleave as you rest your case in your Peyton Place
don't try to hurt me again my ill but forgotten friend with whom I came to depend
It's either my way or the highway couldn't have it any other way
life is filled with mistakes some call this their fate but here am I to date
what's been done has all been done before such as Tony Sack kicking it with a two bit whore
Keep it in check as I let this last line flow bust up the beat & Increase the tempo

Copyright © Mario Vitale | Year Posted 2017

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The Raptured Mouse

The Raptured Mouse
(A fun little story about the luckiest mouse on the planet).

Once upon a time there was a brilliant mouse who desired nothing more in life than to be raptured up with the Bride of Christ at the end of time. He studied his Bible and he studied his Bible day and night to learn how to pull off this great task. He figured out that if he would simply pack his bags and lay his entire life down to serve the Lord that he would be ready for take off when the Lord came to rescue His Bride. He also felt that if he surrendered every single thing in his life and spent all his spare time evangelizing that he would make the cut!

The little mouse worked and he worked and he went to every little mouse dwelling to make sure that they too had surrendered their lives to the Groom. He told them of the great miracles of the Lord and all the parables too. He carried pictures and charts and all sorts of mouse props to get his important stories across. He even carried anointing oil and anointed all the little mice from town to town. 

This little fella took his job ever so seriously and he wanted to make the cut when the roll was called up yonder! 

Then one day the mouse felt the strangest sensation upon his body. It was almost like gentle electricity that stood his mousey hair on ends. He felt as though his body became lighter and lighter. Next the room began to spin. Then in the flash of an instant the little mouse began to ascend up towards the heavenlies. He was the luckiest mouse on the planet! He worked so hard and he labored til he couldn’t labor any more. He gave his entire heart for the cause! He won the grand prize at the end of the journey too.

So what is the moral of this little mouse tale you might ask? The moral of the story is to be as busy as a bee working for the great harvest OR be as busy as this mouse! The other moral of the story is to be sure to use your time wisely and love the Lord your God with a fully surrendered life.
by gwendolen rix

Copyright © Gwendolen Song | Year Posted 2015

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Poetrys golden day

I don’t want to be busy as a bee
I want to enjoy and take it easy

I won’t work hard to get rich
I fly in dream like a witch

And go to places where no one can go
And see many things that no one can show

My mind is rich in everyway
If I remain poor it’s okay

I play with the words like Pele
To bring poetry’s golden day

Copyright © Asif Andalib | Year Posted 2012

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One Enchanted April II

In tulips live I,
A little tulip man; 
A cup of stars at dawn,
down the sun at dusk; 

In tulips live I, 
A little tulip man; 
Immortal as a drunken butterfly, 
On nectar and dew befuddled; 
In tulips live I, A little tulip man; 
Indelible and senseless 
Un-busy as a bee full Of honey. 
Maniacal and magisterial 
Elemental and eleemosynary 
Lyrical and lascivious 
A little tulip man
am I. 

Published Suite101- 203

Copyright © Thomas Martin | Year Posted 2015

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Funny how you begin your day with a smile Thinking the coming hours will grace your style So you hurry to get to where you want to be Carry out the mundane which keep you busy as a bee No sooner you put those feet up to bask in sunny fields Never dreaming that weeds have sprouted amongst seeds Seeds planted in joy for simple pleasure and delight Then you discover joy lays dead, blindsided by weeds out of sight ~*~
Note: In this instance, "weeds" are unexpected words. no ref. to anyone, please.

Copyright © Annalise Brigham...a.k.a. Audrey Haick | Year Posted 2011

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I'm changing my name to bee. I'm busy as a bee. Cooking meals, paying the bills and then there's the groceries. Floors to sweep, floors to mop and the laundry too. So much to get done, always on the run. I'm busy as a bee.

I'm busy as a bee. Doctors appointments and physical therapy. Wash the car and fill up with gas. Taking out the trash. Watching the clock, no time to stop. Gotta move fast. 

I'm busy as a bee. Takes my mind off of me. Life's too short to sit in self pity, so if I'm feeling down I guess I best get up and get busy. 

Copyright © Terri Cannan | Year Posted 2017

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Brainy minds

Thinking thinking and thinking 
O World is going bald and wrinkling
As if it goes on n on drinking
it is the wisdom of thinking.

Night passed and morning light appears
But brainy mind  keep on thinking thinking and thinking
Like a juice of fruit swalled the every book
As if world is dilemma of crook
meanwhile, ideas of every dimensions were looked.

living a life like a hell
Inorder to provide a shelter for every cell
O brainy mind busy as a bee always
To analyse to the four winds ways

By being the salts of the earth
Brainy  goes to the earth
No one will disturb as there ideas were so worth
And happy  n satisfied only after running to earth
exploring by being down to earth.

Copyright © Ravindra Nayak | Year Posted 2016

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Arm Me With Harmony

the sweat on my hand is a visible thing
am I talking irrational as if philosophical 
why does one equate logic with fear
I shed a tear to numb the pain
sparks pertrude through my voice as if a flame
yet deep inside I search for a reason why
the streets are filled with fly bys
everyone is getting a little bit high
one word to the wise we are left with a stress test
getting caught up in the mix with such an evil twist
as we parted ways hold your head up high and be brave
some people use reverse psychology yet in reality there just phony
alone with their innocence some even give a **** getting caught up in the mix

put your thinking caps on cause I got this song of how we can all get along
some freaks in the sheets are working on their beats
rap isn't dead cause I got crazy beats flowing through my head
hommie Luke Brice got capped in the back of his head now he's the walking dead
working to hard can give you a heart attack we tend to over react
sharp words in your tone you don't even need a megaphone
just like the movie Home Alone we got guys like Pesci taking over
under cover bosses spreading out upon the masses
the fly in the air only on first classes
yet what is the basis to the extreme aura I come to store a unique aura
busy as a bee floating through the trees all of life is but a mystery

still I got something up my sleeve
back in the hood where it's all good
Ice Cube & Eazy E 
turning sadness to gladness falling back on that ***
no one in this life gets by on a free pass
like the underground sound you still want me around
some friends flipping burgers and fries does it come at no big surprise taking heed to those lies...
Arm me with harmony for my face in lights with the good night fights
music ain't the way it used to be Professors need to get another degree
watch me now I'm going down so is the rest of this song

Copyright © Mario Vitale | Year Posted 2017

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Worried Man

Looking through,--worried man I see
With a mouth  busy  as  a  bee
Commune with astral world it looks,
Mixture of lust and fear ,he cooks
With hopelessness written on his face, Is this me?.

Olusegun Arowolo   Date:9-4-2014

Contest:"Reflections of a Florette" sponsored by Nette Onclaud

Copyright © olusegun Arowolo | Year Posted 2014

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A Candid Answer To the Boss

An Candid Answer To the Boss

By Elton Camp

The boss saw Roscoe daydreaming
So stopped at his desk, screaming

“To do work you have been hired.
Lazy loafers are likely to be fired!”

“What excuse can you possibly give
So you neglect of duty I can forgive?”

Not any lying word did Roscoe try
“I didn’t notice you coming is why.”

“If your approach I did see,
I’d have been busy as a bee.”

The boss showed a scowl, then a grin
“For such honesty, you are my friend.”

Copyright © Elton Camp | Year Posted 2013

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I am waiting for you like a man for his mail,
I am thinking of you like love for her lover -
You're as busy as a bee, but you would never fail
To realize that this relation's not over
And our love; thousands of flowers will cover.

Copyright © SOHOM GUPTA | Year Posted 2015

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Get Back To The Basics

get back to the basics busting fat laces running the bases
it used to be cool to obey the golden rule yet that went out the door in 64
open the door for your neighbor then you can chill on a different ice cream flavor
getting fat beats to the rhyme  at the rhyme as a reason in the changing of the season
walk with me talk with me through the passage of time get things in line
went back to the old sand box playing jax bringing along your lunch box sack
have I hit a tender nerve yet the time you'll never will forget
start spreading the disease out living as you please best to get down on your knees
homeboy talk a lot is that what he is doing you bit off more then you were chewing
get back to the basics in flirting faces trading spaces all over each places
remember is was customary to carry your book for your girl that was quite a thrill
take to the limit one more time with Slick Rick & Doug E. Fresh putting you all to the test
there was a lodi dodi in the house where we like to party cause Snoop can do that to
so what's new today getting Eminem to stay free styling on Trump free stylying while the dials on
snap shot moments of the past having so much fun with the hope that it would last
the streets today move faster then ever before some pay a visit to cell block 9 but that is fine
got Pumas on my feet spliff on my sleeve going to the dance hall scene
breaking down rhymes all my critics can kiss my fat behind cause I'm doing fine
Nas, Outcast & Drake never busted a move in such a fake for one step forward then two steps back
turn your radio on to here the words of my favorite song with Akon featured with Fetty Wap
drop it down with fire blowin it up in its purest desire ccause I want to take you higher

this just it so let me begin cause I came here to win in my perfect ten
suckers want to end me to but up the economy but bitches still on me but no I ain't phony
sit back and relax as you bask in the vast expanse between space and time
get back to basics as you remember when you were broke down to your last thin dime
sipping on Rum with a hint of sugar for my teeth getting something sweet
your a miracle baby ain't nothing a bit shady working on making that baby
just maybe I get the hook up going stronger then ever before
next you bit kicking it with a two bit whore screaming out more
get back to basics to set the dial for one more time going to wine, dine & sixty nine
holding my own when my hands on the phone but some insist to stay all alone
life can be a struggle so bartender make my Martini strong like on the double
working together like both Fred & Barney Rubble to stay out of trouble
see ya on the flip side squeeze while you out busy as a bee
going to walk that miracle mile in my hour of power in fullest of desire
until someday you'll see your name up in lights never give up on the fight

Copyright © Mario Vitale | Year Posted 2017