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The Power of Words

We all employ them in different ways,
most wisely, to inspire, cheer or praise.
Some try to keep them clean, and some do not.
Depleted of them, we can’t voice a thought.

We use them to make small talk, break the ice,
or offer resolutions, give advice.
We wheedle and beguile with them for gain,
or we may sharpen them, inflicting pain.

Consumed with envy, vengeance or with hate,
we hurl them to deride or to berate.
And it’s the foulest ones that some will seek
to ravage fragile spirits of the meek!

But other times, we ply them to entrance.
We spin a tale with them or make them dance
across a page in lines of poetry
by wielding them to capture imagery.

So whether they be dull or cast a spell,
we learn and grow if we digest them well.
And whether they be heard or signed or read,
it’s by the power of words mankind is led.

for Mac McGovern's "by request only contest, part 2"

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2010

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Gothic Loneliness

Darksome night and shining moon,
hearken to her echo In blue...
fragmanted woods spreading aroma..
The scars of my karma turn erotica... 
She didnt fly she is coming down...
A faithful eve, wearing a black gown..
I was born in love with thee,
So why this world stands in between..?
I am her posession, She is my darkness..
Oh how I wish this world to embrace..
 I hate this blood soaked field of glory,
I am grateful to her for this soliditary..
A tiny grain of ego, lust and lies...
Divinity told her to break the ice...
Seeing world in such postition...
Universe laugh for the  final perdition...
She blessed me with divine words,
Which never connects me with this world...!

Copyright © Sarah Bhurgari | Year Posted 2014

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The Wonder of You

At first I thought you were just being nice
To make a good impression on a first date.
"Her true self needs time to break the ice,"
I thought as we talked until it was late.

I saw you again, but you were still the same—
Uncommonly gracious, loving, kindly spoken.
"She’s not being real, playing the same game."
I was quite certain I was seeing only a token. 

But additional encounters proved me wrong.
You were as fetching and fabulous as before.
"This lady is a treasure; she sings a true song."
Hence, fond feelings for you I couldn’t ignore.

I worried if I were worthy to seek your hand.
You had character smiles out of my reach.
"Face it, fool, for you she’s simply too grand."
I saw myself as a crabapple, you as a peach.

But there came a day when I had to do it
Lest another suitor claim you as his bride.
"Have I the courage, the charm and the wit?" 
Perhaps not, but I must know that I tried.

Decades have passed with you as my Sweet.
It may seem impossible, but I pledge it’s true.
"She continues to take me off my feet."
And that, my love, is the wonder of you.

Copyright © Paul Schneiter | Year Posted 2014

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She had bought a negligee

far from here and never worn.

“It’s red” I mused.
She giggled or anticipated.
They were words, not words
as they can be words
said to break the ice.
“Yes, it is” with a broad smile
then hid her lower lip
behind her upper teeth
and lashed down expectantly
waiting for my mouth
would say no more
words more than icebreakers.

And it was a song,
and I saw
she hadn’t known
as I hadn’t.
Only dreamt.
Of an island.
Or a better
Amish world
on a Vangelis
tune promising

Those are words of course
as they are words and no more.

She also knew to do the dishes;
not to wet me she pushed with her pulses.
Hey, I saw you smile in the uncommon mirror
when I kissed the curve between your neck and shoulder.

I’ll paint you in despair because I cannot as you are,
although I think I know a lot as you do and cannot
hold me in your words, only in the no-words
between the lines where none can find
me or you in my hemp abstracts.

A negligee is easier and says a lot
which is why I said it’s also red
and can be seen and caught in that word
so openly pregnant of many no-words.

She doesn’t iron, she folds. That’s a secret
not unknown under women.
Or men.


Copyright © Jan Delvaux. | Year Posted 2009

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Love Redefined and Refined

So deep a love to feel
Your muse Cupid would wonder
When the golden chance you couldn’t steal
Preferring instead to explore gambits like a gander

Pushing a prevarication scheme without a clear
Strategy as to where you felt your breakthrough
Would emerge from, dear
Although to your credit you remained true

Supposing luck once again to your side
Would come swinging the pendulum
In your favour as aside you pushed your pride
To beat the drum

Whose rhythm like a wedding bell
Stimulated heartbeats into faster pulses
Denoting chances to lift the veil
On your romance for impulses

To hasten the tempo of the tango
For both your heart and hers to dance
To disentangle
Knots and spots of bother to advance

The agenda to win the love
For which all along you long
To hold, hold, hold on wings of the white dove
That your resolve makes strong

As seconds tick
You break the ice
Knees growing weak
Lips trembling once, twice, thrice

You squeeze Betty into your arms
Bodies entwined
No more romance doldrums
Love in the end redefined and refined. 

Copyright © john sensele | Year Posted 2018

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A Valentine Wedding

Your whispered breath, invites a place, for me to rest my heart Your touch could warm the coldest heart, and break the ice apart It could incite the sun to keep away, and tell the moon to rise and take me far, beyond the place where heaven's gate resides Your hands are guided by the dawn, before the morning comes Content to hold the night awhile, within your gentle palms I beg of you, suspend this time, and keep this moment ours Delay the sun, and keep the night, for I must keep the stars The dawning sun lays softly still, upon the golden hill No softer than a white moth's wing, the light, upon the sill For the breath of love you share with me, is more than I can say The depth of love I hold for you, ....will keep the sun away
_________________________________________________ 2//6/15 Revised 12/1/16

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2015

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The Coffee Shop (Male)
It was a warm summer afternoon; As the sun covered the sidewalk like they were bride and groom.
On my way to the coffee shop, a place where I often stop…                                                                    In the downtown city blocks.
Wearing cream designer shirt, shoes, slacks, and socks;                                                                        I saw walking towards me a lady with beauty on lock;                                                                                          Designer dressed from bottom to top.
Louis Vuitton heels, the color of scorching hot;                                                                                        Thinking to myself, she deserve props. Not realizing that we were both headed to coffee shop, a place where I often stopped. 
Like a gentleman, I open the door to let her in Prada is what I smelled in the wind. 
Oh my, she had thick legs and thick thighs Brown skin with light brown eyes.
Headed to the Bristo with a laptop by her side…
She ordered a caramel latte. What do I do to break the ice and conversate?
At the coffee shop a place where I often stopped.
Written by Ezar Williams

The Coffee Shop (Female)
Work heavy on my mind; Mid day, need to break away and unwind
The weather is warm to my skin; The air is breezy and fresh as I take it all in…On my way to the coffee shop where I often stop.
Laptop in one hand, purse in the other; As I walked towards the door, I noticed a “Brotha”?
Tall, dark, and handsome would not be original; This Brotha has stance, confidence of someone spiritual. 
He opened the door, as a gentleman should; I walked by, nodded politely, but in my mind he stood.
His eyes spoke, and his smile remained still; Designer dressed, shoes, matching hat, dressed to kill. 
I headed to the counter to order my favorite drink as if I wasn’t fazed; By his inviting stature or silent praise. 
“Caramel Latte” I request, “I’ll be at my usual table” I directed. 
Something was different at the coffee shop, a place where I often stopped. 
Written by Stephanie Jones

Copyright © Street Cries | Year Posted 2015

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A letter from Bristol arrived on my doorstep I knew its contents would cause me such pain An invitation for a routine mammogram – My Goodness …two years have flown past again I arrived at the breast-screening center And sat down on a bright lime green chair The x ray room I soon would enter I’d have to strip off my pink underwear The radiologist asked me some questions - Did I have any worries about my breasts… I replied they were droopy and sagging And no longer pert on my chest! The radiologist laughed at my answer My humour really did break the ice We discussed the detection of breast cancer She listened and was so very nice It was time for the dreaded deed to be done Each breast squashed as flat as a pancake Two images were taken of each compressed one Good grief my boobies don’t half ache! A few moments discomfort can detect cancer Soon the pain was gone from my Bristol Cities Early detection is really the answer And in two years they will re squash my titties! 09~23~16 (Bristol Cities is cockney rhyming slang for titties)

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2016

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I taste suburban bliss
On your journey to my heart
In the breath of your kiss
You whisper, “We’ll never be apart.”

A shower of living colour  
The shade of the highest tower
My thirst has never known anything cooler
Your beauty holds such power

A diamond to break the ice
In your eyes I see it sparkle
On my knee begging for a yes 
In your hourglass - a twinkle 
You bless me with a smile 
My happiness’s when you fizzle
I hold on for a cool while
It’s been a gruelling path to your bottle
When I sizzle - Always Coca Cola

Sing Me.. A JINGLE! - Poetry Contest
Sponsored: by Lyric Man

Copyright © Thabang Ngoma | Year Posted 2015

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Thinking Of Dusty Singing along with Slim

Thinking of Dusty and Singing with Slim

By Kevin Fairbrother, 17th of August 2013

As I travel the roads on the great outback
My mind takes the pictures of what I see
I wave to the travelers that wave to me
And I listen to Slim on my country CD

My mind wanders back to the Gulf travels I’ve been
In Company with Dusty, the girl of my dreams
We would laugh and joke, have a beer or two
Round the campfire, beneath the blazing moon 

The family stories would come to light
Each hoping that one, would break the ice
For love was in the air, it was on my mind
Dusty sensed this, and said goodnight

AS I lay in my swag by the fire glow
My mind raced of ways that I could let Dusty know
Of how I felt, what I could say and what I could do
As I need to tell her in my own special way 

Like the song of lost love in Camooweal
I’ve missed the chance to tell Dusty my story
For I’m left with heartache and feeling despair
For Dusty had gone and I know not where

So I travel on thinking of Dusty and singing with Slim
As he tells his stories of life in the great outback
For the words in his songs, they ring so true
That life in the bush is not for city people

But Dusty and Slim will forever be with me
Inspiring me to look forward and not back
For the long road ahead, I know not what it brings
But I will be thinking of Dusty and singing with Slim

Copyright © Kevin Fairbrother | Year Posted 2015

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Drinking My Way Through the ABCs

Apple pucker gets things started.
Bacardi Limon, with Sprite of course.
Cactus Juice, on the rocks.
Dirty mother, one of my Kahlua faves.
Eggnog, now even more so my Christmas fave.
French Connection, takes me to France for next to nothing.
Gin and tonic, just to try it.
Hypnotiq, I'm hooked on it.
Incredible Hulk, he'll tear you up.
Jack Daniels, my new best friend.
Kahlua, add it to coffee...mmmm mmmm good.
Long Island Iced Tea, one is not enough for me.
Malibu and Coke for an island escape.
Nuttini, the only martini that I will touch.
Ouzo, Greeks can keep this for themselves, I wouldn't mind one bit.
Pina coladas, problems soon forgotten.
Quince liqueur, if I have the time.
Rusty Nail, the kind I don't mind if I encounter.
Sex on the beach, now that's always fun.
Tequila one, tequila two, tequila three, tequila floor.
U-238, the only bomb I wanna be blown away by.
Velvet Hammer, can pound on me anytime.
Whiskey, Irish whiskey, preferably...goes down smooth, doesn't burn.
***, the Molson that will wreak havoc with my head.
York Peppermint Patty shot when my breath needs refreshing.
Zima, for something to break the ice.

Copyright © Roxanne Schroeder | Year Posted 2005

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Brother Death

Even in the last days you need clean clothes; 
therefore you may be found in the laundry
mornings, small task against the larger one
of not breathing. With simple joy
men may forget to fear their deaths.
Six inches of snow reminds us of its dominance
in a pleasant way. Coming and going of sleep, 
circling of the moon around the earth, earth
around the sun. The great man dies
and this makes death more noble for us all.
It is with joy that I accept the pains
that herald my end. I do my job well.
I go to the well and break the ice for water.
The bucket comes up full of dying wonder.

Copyright © Robert Ronnow | Year Posted 2015

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……Even then you were beautiful.
I watched you grow
An angel you were,
Love of people and adventure was your fortitude.
A quality many did not possess. 

I watched you grow older
Even more pretty you became,
An angel to be reckoned with.
A man by default,in your life appeared.
Something you could never have control over. 

I watched you grow older and drained.
Cuts on your hands were noticeable,
Your eyes were a mask of anger and betrayal.
Distant and cold was your sudden field of expertise
Even then, my dear you were beautiful.

I watched you grow older and bitter.
Hate speech was all you mastered.
Your hate for men grew from nowhere,
Hate for your own blood was also imminent.
But my dear, even then you were beautiful.

I watched you grow older and angrier.
No one understood you, you said.
No one would ever understand,you professed.
We tried to ask, we tried to break the ice.
In your state, my dear you were still beautiful.

I watched you grow older and thinner. 
Scared you became.
When a caring man came into your life.
Angel, you called him. A knight you adored.
Even then, my sweet you became more beautiful.

I watched you grow wiser and stronger.
A tragedy of a life, you said.
A blessing in disguise, you prayed and cried.
I’m thankful, you always said.
Even then you glowed with beauty my darling.

I watched you grow wiser and wiser
I watched you teach young molested and rape victims.
I once was bitter and angry like you, you said.
I felt betrayed you see, by a man;
Who was safely plucked under my mama’s wings

I watched you sob, I watched you smile.
A man saw the beauty beyond my scars, you continued.
A man loved me beyond my sufferings and wrong doings.
A man saw the hurt, the pain, anger but still knew;
Even when I was at my worst; I was still beautiful.

I watched you become fulfilled.
A wife, a mother, a teacher.
I watched you my child, I did.
And I hope you forgive me,
For I can’t say much more from where I am.
As long as you know my child that you are always beautiful.

© Herzel Poshiwa 

Copyright © Herzel Poshiwa | Year Posted 2014

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Please Say Yes

You misunderstood
It was hesitation
It was fear
Of jumping into a deep dark pool
Of unknown 

You misunderstood
It wasn’t rejection
Talk to me
But you shut your doors
Of limitless
It was too late

Who are you?
Did we meet?
How could you forget
Everything we shared
All the memories
Times we laughed
And cried
In a Flash

I thought I could reach your heart
But the ice wall was too thick
I couldn’t break it
I’m sorry
And was pulled into darkness
Once again

Time passed

Someone was able to break the ice
It wasn’t me
Of course not
I couldn’t feel
I couldn’t talk
At the important moment

Now I'm in fear
What if
It happens again
And again
And again
I couldn’t bear it
So I swore
To never open up
Keep out
No one allowed in

But I can still dream
In the blackened

I’d think
A lot
And smiled
And cried
And died


If I’d ask you once again
Do you remember the old times?
Do you remember loving me?
Would you say yes?
Please say yes

You don’t even have to mean it

Copyright © Akari Akisame | Year Posted 2015

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Ice Breaker

Her hands appeared empty at my first glance
I walked in her direction for a look
A little bit shy but I took a chance
I then noticed she was holding a book
When she looked in my eyes my insides shook

I gathered my courage to say hello
Would she talk to me I really hoped so
I was so thankful she treated me nice
Her mannerisms were easy and slow
Seeing that book helped me to break the ice

Inspired to try this form by Russell Silvey. Thanks for the explanation Russell

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2013

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Favorite Toy

Favorite Toys

Matchbox cars and helicopter pads,
Airplane runways and little people lads.
Thomas the train and Dora dolls,
Remote controlled trucks and bouncing balls.
Flash cards and coloring books,
Magic sticks and fishing poles with hooks.
Rocking horse and a three wheel bike,
Racing cars and little tikes.
Don’t break the ice game and play phones,
Magic markers and Fisher price built homes.
Play dough and construction tools,
Scooters and swimming pools.
Butterfly kites and potato heads,
 Twister games and Simon saids.
Mechanical robots and rubber snakes,
John Deere Traitors and gardening rakes.
With all these toys you have to play,
Why do I have to tell you everyday?

To leave your puppy’s toys alone!

Copyright © Jeff Morehead | Year Posted 2011

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Heather Honey

Do you remember a song from not too long ago by a popular singer of the name Tommy Roe? This man had many hit songs credited to his name. Some were certified gold records that brought him much fame. From all music by this man of popularity, one song became stuck with unfamiliarity Not going too high on the charts, unfortunately; this was a selection from his album called “Dizzy”. Apparently not making him very much money, the one I am referring to named “Heather Honey”. At a fast food restaurant where I would often go, there was a girl working there that I wanted to know. Not too pretty, but I was interested in her. She worked almost everyday at a cash register. Never noticing me when I gave her my order. this young lady considered me just a customer. One day, another co-worker was sweeping the floor. While I was seated at a table near the front door, she said, “I know you’ve been watching that girl over there. I will bet you like her by the way I am seeing you stare. You are here almost every day in all kinds of weather. If you’d like to know her name, I’ll tell you, it’s Heather.” I was frustrated thinking to know her would be nice. If maybe, there is a subtle way I could break the ice. Then I remembered the song by Mr. Tommy Roe. So to the nearby record store is where I would go. Getting this bright idea while thinking to myself, going to the forty-five RPMs on the shelf, there was one copy of Tommy Roe’s song remaining. I bought the record with three bucks I was retaining. I returned to the fast food restaurant the next day: “I have something to give Heather” is what I would say. While I sat at a table, a manager then said: “She’s busy now, so could I give it to her instead?” So I gave the record and said: “say it’s from me”. From the back, I heard conversation very faintly: “That guy gave Heather a record called “Heather Honey”. In the time I was there, she never came to see me.

Copyright © Robert Pettit | Year Posted 2012

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Writing Death

I had such satisfaction in writing "Death"
Sarcasm is the way I vent anger and stress
Everyone's questions are basically the same
All in the same boat, the waiting game
I like to write down what people think, but don't say
Makes me feel I'm bringing people together some way
Break the ice, so to speak
Converse about something unique
Give somebody food for thought
Think about things outside of the box
I'd like to write about all sorts of topics
From religion to narcotics
But some things are still forbidden
And the powers that be like them hidden 

Sept 12,2016

Copyright © Tanis Troutman | Year Posted 2016

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Eyes, Heart, Soul, Mind; Survivor

Sorrowful eyes, sorrowful heart. 
The river that crosses her cheeks, 
The ocean that goes to the ground. 
Drown her sorrows in that ocean. 

Lonely heart, lonely soul. 
Winter in imagination, 
The same season as his heart. 
Break the ice, heal the heart. 

Forgiving soul, forgiving mind. 
One apology and she has him back. 
No lesson learned, 
No hurts forgotten. 

Strong mind, strong heart. 
A thousand whips, 
No bruise recovered. 
Yet, every bruise remembered. 

Loving heart, loving soul. 
The former is not enough, 
The pain never goes. 
No love reciprocated. 

She knows her joy, 
She knows herself. 
Don't need another to complete her. 
She has survived, 
What's one heartbreak?

Copyright © Natasha Thandie | Year Posted 2010

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Bio-Thermal Geometry

Mama, mama ...
I got a triangular problem
And I need you
to give me the square deal truth
Straight honest for real, lying foolproof — 
it’s a rectangle of a mess
I’m trapezoid in a love box,
never thought it would get to be this obtuse
Having parallel realities
is splitting my precious time 
Got me pillow turning cycloidal up and down,
going out of my equilateral mind
My scalene thoughts 
is moving into acute stress zones
I’m at a congruent loss,
what in the trig is going on!
Mama, mama ... 
in matters of the heart,
you’re smarter than me
So I’m asking you
would you help me please
This problem’s circumference size
has gotten too radius wide
It’s gonna swallow me elliptic whole,
body and soul
The X and Y factors are:
my woman and her best friend
Just a few days ago, we were all sitting so close — 
facing each other, so perpendicular
I took a wrong hexagon segment sight vector approach,
when my middling eyes made a slight right angle turn
Had an unintended plane innocent peek
at her bestfriend's curvature bosom blossoming
It raised the room temperature ninety degrees,
and the melting regal rhombus walls of civility 
came tumbling down
From the skin ratio of my woman’s frown,
I could feel the isosceles burn
Oh, why ... oh why didn't my vertex eyes
make a fast oblique left turn
Such a tricky Euclidean dilemma,
dummy me didn’t quickly learn
I feel like I Archimedes screwed up,
didn’t study 
octagon situational etiquette hard enough
Mama, mama ... enlighten me,
help me solve this bio-thermal geometric equation
Would you Einstein me with some Solomon persuasion
This parallelogram thing is troubling me so;
it’s very vexing, problematic emotional ...
I believe only someone polygonal wise as you might know,
to help me get out of this love maze circle 
My girlfriend, she’s one gorgeous looking woman,
and her best friend, she’s beautiful as a triple ten
When we all get back together again,
how should I break the ice ... 
put their dual spherical distrust to an end
Oh, Mama, mama ... 
you’re so concentric wise,
thanks for the hyperbolic advice
So you say,
start our soiree 
with a pure grape juice toast:
Tell my special lady,
she’s the most beautiful host
Gaze lovingly only at my girlfriend,
and say: Marilyn, here’s looking at you
Then without turning my eyes, say to her best friend:  
Miss Monroe, here’s looking at you too 

The ending to this poem was inspired
by the scintillating poem, "Glow Worm"
by the talented poet Jannie Breedt

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr. | Year Posted 2017

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German Pretzels

A rest stop break and next to us
A group of German folken.
The universal language
Filled with gestures soon was spoken.

Perhaps a food tour? All were
Apron-clad and eating lunch
And drinking wine and laughing
As they'd sip and talk and munch.

My husband shrugged and pointed,
Meaning, What? No food for me?
A laden plate and glass of wine
Were offered instantly.

Our bus mates wandered over
And the party did expand
As giant German pretzels
Found their way to every hand.

You just need one brave soul to cross
The line and break the ice.
The payoff may be food or smiles
But either way, it's nice.

P.S. To keep the record straight,
Both licorice and hazelnut
Gelato found their happy way
Into the pathways of my gut!

Copyright © ilene bauer | Year Posted 2016

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Common Sense

No one is asking questions
afraid what some might say
Everything's become taboo
why you can't even pray
Say anything, about someone
in question form, I mean
They'll try to have you chastised
and make a great big scene

Tolerance? There's no such thing
you're either "left" or "nil"
There is no room for common sense
life's sliding down the hill
My Mom? My Dad? They weren't the same
different as can be
That makes them bad? That would be sad
cut down our Family Tree?

How are you going to pass a law?
that pleases all man kind
Get the scalpel out at birth?
or will they be assigned?
I know some things don't sound real good
in fact, not good at all
If you can't sit, to hash them out
you've run, into a wall

A thousand questions to be asked
and these are just a few
It would be nice, to break the ice
talk common sense with you
Remember when you're talking though
leave "Blindfold" in the car
If we can't see it, eye to eye
we won't, get very far....

Copyright © Pete Yuhas | Year Posted 2016

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I'm sitting here in my cold dark room
thinking about how did I get like this
what am I going to do without Love
without friends to talk with
Oh, I'm in a big mess of loneliness
Not having joy,peace and Love around in my life
How can I break the ice that is in my eyes
all I see is the gray clouds hovering about
while the rain of my emotions  starts to pour
while I'm down on the bloodstain floor
while this pain cuts me deep
that makes me weep
this old negativity is taken over me
I cry out saying I will not give in
but the old words of my broken past 
keeps digging in my mind 
taken me down where I see the judging eyes
where people was never nice
I tell myself I will get by
I will stand for my own rights
but this loneliness 
has taken the brightness out of my life
now all I have is the darkness all around me
It's like a plague someone put on me
I'm screaming deep within 
but no one can hear me but the negativity
I write my truth's but no one cares
I'm just a white women they would say
while they look at me with judging eyes
saying she isn't right
But I stand up for my rights
even in those hateful eyes
I write my pains that cut me deep
that makes my spirit weak
and my soul bleed like ink
But I keep on writing for the world to read
all about me and my loneliness
where this pain is makes me feel 
I'm going insane
where people calls this fame
I feel so out of place 
like i'm running in a evil race
trying to be time 
while this negativity keeps eating at me
in my dreams I see evil eyes looking at me
keeping me trap in this cold darken room.

Poetic Judy Emery

Copyright © Judy Emery | Year Posted 2017

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Let's Chill

In this ??cold weather?,
Don't give me the ??cold shoulder?
because you have ?#cold feet? about us.
We were skating on thin ??ice? with our first date.
But how else could we have tested the? waters??
I mean, that's why people break the ice in the first place..

Copyright © Hosea Edwards | Year Posted 2015

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Full state of love

Before Full state of love 
Comes a man a woman a stranger 
Very grey very unknown 
First impression
Rigit information reaction

Along Comes  love 
Each time  a bit beat more 
The looks fade away
Butterflies get to the heart bay
You break the ice
You want  to say that they are yours 
Cuddled arms the  you feel warmth 

There uplifts  a larger stove
The more you start to move 
You feel like you're above the roof 

You .. you

Unlock the full state of love .. 

Copyright © Rose Lilly | Year Posted 2016