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Yer briny whore
akin to boar
wit' mangy hide 'n scurvy-pocked
chomped 'n chewed
me black 'n blue
wit' carnassial chompers as of croc

Be curs'd, yer nit  
me ample bits
equated ter yer own be nowt 
yerz be carnivorous  
scaly 'n scabrous
yer plaque be axed ter beef up grout

Uncomely wench 
yer skunky stench
blunted me hook 'n scorched me beard
me peepers stung
me hornpipe hung
shorn ter th' bone 'n shrivelled 'n seared

Comely 'n curvy
riddled wit' scurvy
th' cap'n's whore-maid tooken yer whole
yer rat o' th' sea
holed and *****
yer fired yer cannon in a rottin' port'ole

Blow me down, lover!!  I love it when we talk dirty.

(Hahahaha.  I see the Soup powers-that-be deleted my word.  I swear it's not used as a swearword.  The word rhymes with "hussy".   lol)

Copyright © delysia hendricks | Year Posted 2013

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The Sea Rover

14 July 2010

The Sea Rover

Moving sideways or careening
All hands hoay and avast ye
Sea dogs and landlubbers go on pillaging
Jolly Roger is flapping guarded by cannon and artillery

Pistol, daggers, and doubloon among things inside the sea-chest
Walk the plank if they caught you as offenders
Or heave to an island and marooning them as helpless
Yo ho ho! and a bottle of rum as a way of pirate’s laughter

As the ship rolled about on high seas
Plenty of cackle fruit to serve a salmagundi
A drink of grog or bumboo wobbled their sea legs
In tossing ship, proves them as scallywags

Blow me down! alerted by a cannon blast
The enemies have climbed on their Jacob's ladder
Black spot meet their way on to Tortuga’s vast
All hearty and brave soldiers have fallen to Davy Jone’s locker

Copyright © Noel Villarosa | Year Posted 2010

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Poetnumber1 or The Baked Bean Competition

Now I don't know if you've heard
Of the Baked Bean competition
Where contestants eat as much as can
In just twenty five minutes

Up they lined ready to start
To gobble up these dishes
Standing by were huge black pots
Ready to refill empty dishes

There was Kieren the Fat
A man of gargantous girth
One would think he could eat a horse
For dessert polish off a camel

Then Lucy who rolled into her place
As wide as she was tall
Rumours said she ate her kids
When out of food she ran

Andre the Giant, a pig of a man
Stood all of seven foot six
His pants held up by shiny black belt
With his flab hanging over that

Next was Amelia, we all know her
Shape as dainty as a brood sow
Eats and eats and never full
She'll be one hell of a contender

Last of all, a ringer you might say
A skinny runt of a man
Who was this one trying to fool
The one called Poetnumber1

The bowls were filled, ready to go
As soon as signal given
One last look up and down the line
And the starter pistol was fired

Kieren the Fat wasted no time
Sucked down bowl after bowl
And keeping pace one for one
Was Lucy next to him

Andre the Giant he too kept pace
Matched them bowl for bowl
But blow me down, an early lead
Amelia was ahead by one

But what is this, My eyes don't believe
This Poetnumber1
Bowl after bowl goes down his throat
He's leading by a mile

Kieren the Fat is slowing down
And so is Lucy too
I think they called an end to them
They managed to reach fifty two

Andre the Giant he had enough
His score was sixty one
Amelia still going strong
But Poetnumber1's out front

At eighty eight Amelia stopped
Gave one look and dropped
Probably lay there for a week or two
Before she'll finally wake

But Poetnumber1 is still going strong
He's reached one hundred and three
The bell was rung, winner declared
It was Poetnumber1

A sudden hush fell over crowd
As gurgling sounds were heard
A pained look on Poetnumber1's face
And then the world exploded

The smell so bad as you can imagine
People screaming in fear
And in the middle, with smile on face
Stood Poetnumber1

I must admit, he was very polite
He did say 'Pardon me'
But by this time most had fainted
Or screaming ran away

Copyright © Stephen Curtis | Year Posted 2014

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I Hate You

You fill me with hope then storms blow me down
When I smile you create happy into a frown
Promises of being a father, sadly I believed you 
Back to square one i'm alone deja vu
Called me a parasite to crawl somewhere away
Scum and digusting is something else you say
Called me ugly and stupid for those years
Th cruelness won't reduce me to anymore tears
I hate you, detest you and us forever to be apart
Decision final daddy, you have no place in my heart

Copyright © CLAIRE BURKE | Year Posted 2011

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Trees Talking

Whisper, whisper goes the wind,
Ruffling though my leaves.
I will not let him blow me down,
I’ll proudly bend with the breeze!

Drip, drip, goes the rain,
As it falls right through my branches!
I quietly let it slide right down my trunk,
And run into the ditches.

Copyright © Betty Butler | Year Posted 2016

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Whisper in my ear
Caress me in the warm night
Wind, don't blow me down

Copyright © Jen H. | Year Posted 2009

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My word you do look queer

You’re ninety two, well blow me down
I never would have guessed
You look so young and sprightly
And seem so full of zest
You’ve got your hair, its all your own
Your teeth are yours, not false
The way you talk, it’s obvious
Your mind’s intact, of course
What’s that you say, I’m sorry
Sometimes I can’t quite hear
It’s fifty two, not ninety
My word you do look ***** 

© John W Fenn  22-05-2009

Copyright © John W Fenn | Year Posted 2009

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Darkness crawls across the land Sleepy children lay down their heads If only sleep could come so easily To those with wondering heads The stars are out Though clouds hide then from shining bright Now wishes to comfort Lonely travels on deserted roads Dew blankets the grass blades The wholes in my chucks Drink plenty in the puddles My feet trod through To weary to know were my destination lies The wind tries to blow me down Trees moan and shake their leaves Pleading with the wind to subside Praying their roots will hold Clouds turn shades of violets, pinks and red As the morning walks to eases the dark back Back to the back of are minds If only for a short while Moring rays simmer on dew drops Diamonds clinging to blades of grass The tress still their swaying branches Letting the sun sock up the dew that ways them down No matter where I go What rode I take I wind up on these same old rode Were people I don’t know Pass me on the street Staring Staring back I see The mystery that circles around their heads When day turns to night Relation dawns on me Like the father of folk said We are just a one big soul From the trees to the children that lay sleeping in their bead And as children often do we wonder and stare at thinks we find interesting

Copyright © Erica Szabo | Year Posted 2012

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Battle of the Shadow

Dearest downfall, constant fiend,
You seek my out, in darkest dreams.
You know my faults and play them well,
Accompany me to planes of hell.

Longest time, you hide and watched,
Build me up then throw me off.
Debary thick, it always is;
A simple life I’ve yet to live.

Your will is strong, unflinching ore,
Amaze me with the pain you cause.
Poke and Prod, You’ve yet to score,
The killing blow…to end this war.

Armours gone, Thiers no defence,
Take me now, in all good sense.
For if you stop and give me space,
I’ll claim myself and go to waste.

Tell me foe, why don’t you bore?
Same mistakes can’t give you more.
Can you see a part you’ve left?
Take it now and add to theft.

Torn and raw, you stripped me bare,
I stand in hope of mercies care.
Care enough to send the wind,
To blow me down, absolve my sins.

And when I hit, the stony ground,
Strength enough to keep me down.
For if I fall to meet the earth,
She’ll open up, and keep me there. 

Copyright © Helen Forber | Year Posted 2011

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Now That You've Gone

Oh the air is not so sweet today, 
Nor, I fear, will it be tomorrow, 
For disgruntled love has left the fray
Of tortured wills that brought both sorrow.

Are yesterdays now just memories, 	
(Though some still may lie sweet on the tongue) ? 
Times’ mists flood our love like tsunamis, ’
Burying fields that were green and young.

And just where is it that we’ve run to, 
All our doubts, fears, and loss to allay? 
Is there sunlight, warmth, and a great view? 
Do we cower in caves of dismay? 

Being alone is always a choice, 
The choice to love should be as easy! 
Both suffer times when we lose our voice, 
We sweat when our garden’s not breezy.

If your leaving me was just a dream
Then I’m sure I’d know just what to do
I’d full rig my sails till just abeam
Then latch down all my gunnels to you.
The ships we’ve sailed have known different seas	
And full different arms manned the tiller, 
Compass our guide, we go where we please, 
Our lives are our own, not just filler.

Now, by my hide, we’ve much to decide
If sun finds us still hitched tomorrow, 
We’re both crusty, not here for a ride, 
What’s lacking we’ll certainly ‘borrow.’

But say I borrow you and you me, 
And betwixt us no party owning, 
Could it be we might both then feel free….? 
Blow me down! Her vows she’s intoning!

Copyright © Brian Johnston | Year Posted 2014

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Sothern Romeo

Sothern Romeo (second edition)
by Cate Rock

It hurts inside,
These bottled feelings
I just can't hide.
My beating heart a time bomb
it's my southern Romeo I so desperately need.
just someone to rely on...
A pain that rips my heart in two,
I feel nothing here any more,
even when I feel you.
My heart parts at a fork in the road
oh my mind won't let me go.
When western winds blow me down south,
I shall find my no words within a full mouth.

My heart in my head,
my head in the clouds,
and my southern Romeo...
Still just hiding.

He'd wear a cowboy hat and spurs
When he'd go fishing he'd never need lures,
mainly cause like a magnate 
everything is attracted to him. 

But he'd be mine and I'd be his,
and all would be right but not tonight...

Be cause I'm not:
sixteen going on fourteen,
and I'm not:
every bit of what you see!
I am:
an individual,
very personable 
and I won't take no for an answer!

Cause I will,
and can do anything.
And I know
I'm worth more than u know
and when it comes down to balls,
balls is more than you have to show!

So Ill live 
to see another day
and I'll march my happy butt away,
tonight if you gotta problem 
talk to my manager cause I'm off duty.

My prince will come another day,
you walk and I'll walk the other way!

Talk to me and you can talk to my new
Southern Romeo.
All you did was give me even more scars to show. 

Submission date : 2010-02-18

Copyright © Cate Rock | Year Posted 2010

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Well blow me down, miracles still happen Life is still made of pure silk and satin A really big surprise If our outlook is high Unless by chance, a bunch of poop you walk in

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2017

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Censored - for Contest 535

CENSORED: a kind of unfinished symphony

This hammer made my finger sting
The flaming, silly, soppy thing
Now I’ve hit my poor old thumb
Oh my giddy aunt, ho hum

My right leg’s broke below the knee
Goodness gracious, pity me
I just nearly broke my neck
Blow me down and what the heck

Oops, I think I’ve been misled
That bridge was lower than he said
What a shame I won’t get far
The roof’s gone off my poor old car

Gosh, the milkman’s nicked my wife
That’s how it goes, I guess... that’s life
My word, I just fell in the lake
What am I like, for goodness sake

So tell me, is it midnight yet?
Fifty quid, I’ve won the bet
So off you go and toodle pip
Block your ears as I let rip............... HOLY F....!!!

30 December 2018
For Brian Strand’s Contest 535

Copyright © Terry Flood | Year Posted 2018