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Dealing the cards

Come on artists
lets play a game
its all different to me and i want you to see how i am different
and let me shine as you sign up another way 
as i prove to you my leadership of this new age wave

cards cards
give them new meanings
like you never knew you could 
and lets make the psychics pine through our words to figure out
what they are reading and believing

I wanna see your hearts and spades
dressed in tall grass or lemonaide
i wanna see your cups and wands
inbetween whispering winds and songs lead me there
i know you can come on 
come on 
come on be strong 
like a suit of clubs or diamonds
show me something
and then sprinkle your writings
and we'll make collectors out of all those we invite here
as they read and ponder the meanings of our literature

whats in your hand?
a royal flush a pair?
and as we deal the cards they stumble upon at this endless game 
of cribbage or poker
or tarock
or war who is winning and getting points?
what card means what to who and why

tell me artist as you write with your style on low and high
what makes what suit smile and fade shine and slide?
inside outside sphere of influence
be their collective the object of the psychics to crave?

blind leading the blind
and something they are after for days and days

a few cards your favorite cards play smart or dumb
shuffle the cards pick a game deal a hand
reveal what your playing and one day i'll tell you what we're playing what your 
cards mean
if nothing
to someone one day when the stumble your way
the mystery of nothing speaks something
and we rebuild the puzzle of cartomancy better and better this way

just inspire
once you know you can't
blind leadin gthe blind
so after you read this you can't
play along your uninvited
strike it off your list of things to do
round one is over now go find all who wrote
all who write all who have wriitten the masterpieces
of cards and see what they mean today and collect them for that is something no 
one else can do
until round two....

Copyright © Troy Nelson | Year Posted 2007

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Where Are You?

They look at me, they say who him?
He’s just like the rest of them,
Doesn't know where he is.
A victim of circumstance, born into a world that slowly, but surely woos you down 
a path to self destruction.
They look at me, the way I look, the things I wear, my attire,
But don’t know like the chameleon, it’s to camouflage what’s within my heart,
my desire.
They look at me, struggling to break free of the bondages that society and its
misconceptions themselves have placed,
And are quick to say, he's being a rebel, doesn’t want to conform.
They look at me and are quick to judge,
Under the guise of analyze,
Fail to see their own shortcomings,
And to know that, to every finger they point, one points back at them.
And want to tell me, I don’t know where I am.
Where are you!?

Man, look at where we’ve reached.
We want to be everywhere else but where we’re supposed to be.
Man, look at where we’ve reached.
We want to be everyone else but who we’re supposed to be,
We fail to see that the success of men like Martin Luther King Jr.and Mahatma 
Was based on that within, a quest for originality.
Man, look at where we’ve reached.
We see everything else but what we’re supposed to see.
Overlook poverty, just discuss it.
Overlook greed, just become it.
Overlook life, make a mess of it.
Overlook purpose, don’t become it.
Miss who and what we’re supposed to be,
For a specific purpose and destiny.
And always, it is the blind leading the blind.
We’ve seen so much, our visions impaired, smoke fills our eyes.
And want to tell me, I don’t know where I am.
Where are you!?

Where am I you ask -
I’ll tell you.
Unlike many that sit and philosophize with closed up eyes, I  DO SEE.
With clear vision and approach, I begin my search with action,
Knowing that a stationary vehicle is reluctant to move, but once in motion,
direction soon follows,
Don’t with the intellect scream inertia, PRACTISE  IT!
And don’t even claim that you’re waiting,
After education, you’ll be starting;
Time waits for no man, this could be your last day.
Understand and do something about it.
Or are we content to sit and ask, what is he talking about where I am?
I’m here.
But where are you, your heart?
Where are you, your mind?
Where are you, your soul?
Don’t wait, this hour, this minute, this second, determine where you are.
Don’t wait for anyone else to ask you,
Where are you ?

Copyright © Abdalla Straker | Year Posted 2007

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I Don't Understand

I Don't Understand ?

why do some people get away with things and others don't
 people are people so why should it be you and I appear awfully

 no one questions anymore no one has a voice
 it's the blind leading the blind soon will fall into a ditch

 all the hero's and legends I knew as a child turned into idols of clay
 don't you believe in what t.v. or the radio says about you

 many seek for solace amidst the inner plight of silence
 death is there doormat they squeeze all the love out of you

 some seek to drawn there sorrows in a bottle like no tomorrow
 the impulse of a hug takes a back seat with cheap lust

 why does one equate logic for fear ?
 I sit again in the silence alone,

 minds that plug for bitter destruction in their brain washed minds
 how it rains on the just & unjust...

 a tug at the heart will light the inner spark to what I've been waiting for....
 man has constructed living pyramids to honor their dead,

 the notion of no atheists in fox holes
 I don't debate them anymore only choose to love them instead

 the walking dead having viscous hanging fangs that bite...
 dot the i's and cross the t's

 we resign as living socialites in our miniature soldier war
 a toast of friends only to discover there is no love in their hearts

 there are heads in the street for a burning cause but for what ?
 they all claim its a banner of love but its hate in disguise

 a lover in life is not the sinner 
 weak willed tyrants feeling a funeral in their brain

 Why is love cheap lust these days get back to the basics
 we choose to hide behind the false garb of compromise

 Can't we see through all those twisted Satanic lies ?

Copyright © Mario Vitale | Year Posted 2017

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Rap From The Heart

you can't make your heart beat something it won't

it's either heaven or hell now I got a good story to tell

rap your rap well from the heart

this will light the inner spark to what I'm waiting for

someday's it maybe a chore

don't listen to critics cause most will bring you down

I mean they mean well if it's in the positive mode

positive reinforcement is good for the heart

rap as you dream of better days

never getting lost in a purple haze

look to the old school masters of the past

with hearts an opened door beating fast

be who you are on the inside

don't try to hide behind four walls that squeal

others may address this as being no big deal

yet there's only one life will soon be passed

only what's done out of love will last

people need to be more opened minded but their blinded

by Satan the god of this world

they twist your words to fit their fancy

gone are the days when Sid met Nancy

let the heavenly light be your guide instead we hide

shattered glass on the basement floor lest I implore

seek truth with all of your heart

then you will light the inner spark to what your waiting for

get in the zone watch a lot of Home Alone

busy as a bee rapping the rhyme as a blown up mystery 

something up your sleeve people bleed

does death hurt you the most or is it fear

I shed a single tear to help numb its inner pain

still no one question anymore

no one has a voice were just the blind leading the blind

soon will fall into a great ditch feverish pitch

I'm only human after all

sin has been evident after the fall

then onto the no it all

rap to your hearts content & have a ball

Copyright © Mario Vitale | Year Posted 2017

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History's Sad Song

History's Sad Song (Revised)

throughout my life
I've heard many a sad song
relating to the lyrics
that seemed to play too long

way back during the Crusade
where religious debt was paid
by the bloodlust of so many
could not ye God spare any
as hundreds of thousands died
over manmade religious pride
these wars continue today
justified by words we pray

Oh, when the saints go marching in
....(Sang by the Kingston Trio)

they hailed from every nation
to defy the written proclamation
prohibiting ownership of God's creation
many fought with such bravery
to continue the practice of slavery
another man's misery
has always been the key
for the powers that be
and who cares about equality
when Kingdoms can be built for free

A Change Is Gonna Come 
........(Sam Cooke) 

but as I study history
one thing has occurred to me
there really isn't any change
Hitlers, just go by different names
as we remember the Holocaust
Sodom and Gomorrah was never lost
but found within the soul of man
burnt crisp, the devil's plan

Momma's Don't Let Your Babies Grow up to be Cowboys - Waylon Jennings 

everybody's got a gun
buying ammo by the ton
myths of old western days
seem like broadway plays
acted out in the streets
a daily performance society repeats
gunsmoke, and the ponderosa
replaced by La Costra Nostra

"Wake Up Everybody"
by Harold Melvin and The Bluenotes

John F. Kennedy died 
a shocked nation cried
what many could never figure
is if Oswald pulled the trigger
while Marilyn slept in the grave
Martin fought for the slave
yes even hate was still around
as Eldridge went underground
Malcolm X was gunned down
with bullets from the nation
to ease Elijah's aggravation

and the temptations sang "Cloud Nine"

another Kennedy has died
Ted needs a place to hide
only not within the bottle
nor behind the throttle
congress opens its doors
to pageboys and lobbyist whores
but they did put a man on the moon
right before Joplin sang her last tune
who would have thought "me and bobby magee"
would be over shadowed by the Manson Family
the blind leading the blind, neither could see
Jim Jones and the Guyana tragedy

Even Earth, Wind, and Fire, "kept their head to the sky"

praying for an end to a senseless war
that no one knew what they were fighting for
our "vietnam" seems up to date
while nixon got caught up in watergate
whitehouse rose "bushes"we love to hate
Lennon left the beatles ill-willed
never to "imagine" he'd be shot and killed

and War Sang, "slipping into darkness",
followed by "the world is a ghetto"

Even "the greatest" shall soon fall 
but in defeat they stand tall
unlike the berlin wall
the thriller in manilla
refused to be a killa
as rap became the new wave
and crack became the new crave
along with video games
just another war, with different names

Teena Marie sang "Deja' Vu"

Nerd Gates becomes the new Donald Trump
while history gets taught by Forrest Gump
a great poet died at the age of twenty-five
though many claim Tupac is still alive
and I saw Elvis and Bruce Lee too
singing the blues with you know who
then came the white bronco on the loose
nobody could manuever like the Juice
except maybe Bill when he said please
a simple word that brought Monica to her knees

and Snoop Doggy Dog sang, "Ain't nuttin' but a "G" thang baby

Beepers became replaced by the cell phone
on 9/11 no one could call home
as war and mother nature ripped us a new ***
even Martha joined the inmate class
now she's out, but Oprah's still the queen
sorry Latifah, you know what I mean
the mother drowned her five children in a tub
she got sent to a Psychiatric health club
the ruling was it's a new sickness
my head screws off from such thickness
so many changes and hypocrisy
I guess that's what they call democracy

and Queen sang, "We are the Champions, 
of the World"

throughout my life
I've heard many a sad song
relating to the lyrics
that seemed to play too long

Bob Shank

Copyright © Bob shank | Year Posted 2013

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Hermes Lament

In the days of Ancient times
Men and woman honors the Gods
The Gods and humans were one

In the days of Ancient times
Men and woman looked to the Gods
For advisement and were led by them

But the Gods left men and women because
They found new gods to follow worship and believe in
The gods of money and technology and dark magic

Men and woman were like the blind leading the blind
The Gods of the Ancient times were left in the background
And forgotten because the men and woman asked the Gods to follow them

The Gods lamented because the men and Woman were more like their brothers and sisters to the Gods and not children

From the Gods point of view their brothers and sisters had died because their memories of the Gods were no more
From the point of view of the brothers and sisters the Gods had abandoned them because they had lost their memories of the Gods

Disharmony and disunity was in both heaven and earth
But in time and after a time
The Cause created the effect

A clarion call went out from the Mother of the Gods
She sang a beautiful song
A song from the center of the Universal Harmony

The song was heard from the heavens and went down into the Earth
The song caused the Earth to quiver and shake
The song awakened The Aquarian who forged a new path of fiery flood waters

The Gods had returned to woman and men
The Bridge of Light was reformed in their minds and hearts
And the Gods of Ancient times lead the woman and men  
To their rightful place in the Universe of Things

Copyright © Mel Brake | Year Posted 2016

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Love Makes You Stupid

Love makes you stupid.

It makes you wait
by the phone, 
praying that it rings.
It numbs the annoyance, 
‘cuz when you hear them,
it’s all worth it.

Love makes you stupid.

It has you commit
before you know all the facts,
you just want to be theirs, 
so it’s no looking back.

You’re madly in love, 
and you’re never mad long,
with them you feel joy,
more than you had when alone.

Love makes you stupid.

Things will end
when they need to, 
pop back up
when they don’t,

have you fighting
the hard truths,
like “you loved all along”.

You never did stop,
just got better at hiding.
Took big steps
in denial.
Told yourself
you weren’t lying.

Love makes you stupid.

It has you
writing these poems.
How many ways
to disquise
in words
that you love him.

Love makes you stupid.

Suspicious behavior.

Doing things,
breaking “rules”,
not thinking twice,
pushing full speed ahead,
got yourself on that ride.

Both of you smitten,
with a love open ticket,
blind leading the blind.

Love makes you stupid.

the proof, 
was all in that sigh,
but I know,
you’re far gone, 
off riding that high.


It’ll do that to you.

Copyright © Joy Nicole | Year Posted 2016

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Living Under The Weight Of A Label

The blind leading the blind, what is seen is how its heard
the thoughts that make the story are lost behind the words
do you see it as you view it, or take a deeper look 
do you read into the narrative or judge the cover of the book

Is the figure cold and dirty, the shell of what he's made 
or the unforgiven soul, that is waiting to be saved
does that body clad so poorly hold more than what is shown 
or just another mannequin, that has reaped just what was sown

Did you spare a dollar this morning or was your vision blind
or was that lonesome beggar just in the shadows of your mind 
you see that youth with his hooded clothes and jeans hung round his waist 
could he be a high school scholar or does his style not suit your taste 

That girl there, with the pushchair, yes she has a name 
does she love the child she carried, or did she play a foolish game 
And that solemn face behind the bars,the prisoner to his crime
Or the broken life held captive and the victim of a lie

That woman in the wheelchair, animated by expression
does she really have no hopes and dreams or are you too deaf to listen
that classy car, the modest tie, the briefcase at his side
is there a dark deceitful truth, buried deep beneath his pride

no life ahead with a dead end job, shoveling gruel from a grease filled tray
or the maturing child of a broken home, paying bills 'mum' couldn't pay
two babies need to find new homes, is it proof she couldn't cope
or could she not make the perfect life so instead she gave them hope

So they live on a rough estate, they're deviant thieving 'yobs'
and see their buttoned shirts and ties, they're private school 'snobs'
do you just see flecks of peeling paint, view this canvas as a whole 
or define each stroke of the artists brush that reach right to the soul

If opportunity played a fairer game and made judgement realise
then possibility could do its part, allow wisdom to remove disguise
yet with judgement passed and truth unseen, realisation is unable
to protect our children and ourselves 'living under the weight of a label'

Copyright © melanie jennings | Year Posted 2013

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Diminished sight, hearing, reasoning ability;
If one should show signs of these,
Old Age must take responsibility!

Can't see further than mah nose sometimes,
'Specially when it's dark or cloudy,
But from last night's shows on TV,
I learnt blind folks could learn to get by.

This reminds me of the blind leading the blind,
Along a path full of sorrow.
For they go without first checking,
Where or how to follow!

Diminished in finances by going
Into your own Recession, Repression of funds 
You expected from past stow-always to enjoy
A life-style worth living, in a moderate sense.

Why did't you be like most Tom Fools,
Heading for sprees, curses, gambling
And other follies in a gain less ventures,
Until all are gone, 
Waiting to see what Tom Sensible put
Away for a rainy day!

Copyright © Rainbow Promise | Year Posted 2016

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My Philosophy

My Philosophy

let me loose in this here caboose
 Sucka's going to see me before I go pee pee
 Buggy down to the sock's just as the famed Scott Lerock
 I'm the man with the plan with this mic in my hand

 Ain't it a pity when you hate the city 
 Gotta a combover homeboy for president
 so, a long time ago let the truth be told
 you will do as you are told until the rights to you are sold

 Listen to my dream no people scream eating some ice cream
 I visual eyes with my own two eyes
 the lost will be found a sound
 of laughter filling the air not a care

 it's easy don't you see the love feast of reality
 yet it seems where falling apart at the seams
 We got heads in the street spitting out lies
 Does this all come at a big surprise

 No it's foretold from the good book of love
 nestled with humble brevity from up above
 so six feet under on a dead man's chest
 the social unjustice is in quite a mess

 it's the blind leading the blind and soon will fall into a ditch
 wait till I get a hold of my brand new pitch
 many rappers today just want to diss
 this I clearly dismiss cause a winner in life is but another loser

 But gets up and gives it one last try
 for this I cannot lie...
 Remember Death Row still looking up to the sky
 got gangster rappers just free stylin

 Night club days are all over
 two many thugs that want to punch you on the shoulder
 still I'm here undercover as I turn the system on like Stevie Wonder

Copyright © Mario Vitale | Year Posted 2017

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Light of the way

Into the warmth 
of a bleeding heart 
A chain of daisies grow 
Around the soul kiss heartbeats 
The willows silver tears turn gold 
daffodils dance warmly flowering 
On petals of your loving touch gently 
flutters with the butterflies dream 
Leaves  a warm footprint forever softly caring 
bitten in the long grass I stroll alone with hope 
Birds in many airs mix tunes so sweetly with grace 

Picking a dandelion smiling thinking of the roar 
Looking of into distant sunsetting faraway wonder
Golden the sky orange to gunbarrel grew clouds 
Life is loving every minute gifted with purity 
Because feelings of you don't disappear 
Must be a dark shady path at night 
Blind leading the blind trips 
Into chaos check in 

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2016

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funny man on the moon

heres how i see it
and heres how it is
living in this world where half of it is advanced
with indoor plumbing
cell phones
and a huge chunk of the globe is not
part of the world still has a hole in the floor for a toilet
and we say ignorance is bliss
oh funny funny man on the moon
the joke you really meant in the Hollywood basement
of one giant step for man
and one leap for mankind

Have we not clued in yet?
Do we not live blind leading the blind?
Am i the only enlightened who realizes
that we were in space probably 70 years before we made it public to the world 
and Nasa is full of it
oh funny funny funny man on the moon
why is society so gullible to think
that the governments technology hits the mainstream market
before they use it for years and perfect it and work out all the bugs
and then hands us something that just looks faulty
and we fall for it hook line and sinker

give me a moment
funny funny funny us
half the world buries their waste
and we flush it away
half the world has technology and half of it is in the stone age
and yet we seem to think
that whoever invents these things has no ties
or affiliation to putting us under their thumb
i mean come on do the math
they landed on the moon
how they tell you they send sattelites into space is a truth within alie
they made up 50 years ago
and were falling for it today

let me play
i get it 
society is dumb
I'll write something yesterday
say i wrote it today
no one will know what to believe
I'll even put a cowboy hat on
I'm sure those cowboy western movies
they had just as many cameras and cellphones
but didn't release them in the market

consider yourself a fool
if you don't think they don't have something in their pocket full of tricks they are 
working on right now
they're going to sell to the future
and no one gets the famous joke
the man on the moon told to the mensa geniuses
but a hush fell over the crowd
and I'm sure there was consequences for laughing
and chances are even they were blinded by the bling
life and blind leading the blind
such an easy concept to grasp
and man on the moon
your a funny funny funny man!

Copyright © Troy Nelson | Year Posted 2007

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Spy versus spy versus spy

If looks and money are what your about
your not getting very far with me
If you believe we use sattelites in space to watch television
you have to be kidding me

One happy victom
center of attention of the brand new dance
teaching his mentors the set up
and allowing them to practice
unbeknownst to the hardcore satanists
we have been watching them all along
practicing our own genre of miracle play
and plotting to trump the hole in their plot

Now they believe in magic
as the media strings them along
i am soo easy to get to
since i am the blind leading the blind
practicing the perfect act
to get away with the perfect crime
this is the leash around your neck
and suddenly it has become mine

Center stage of a plot
where they carry out the joke of me
never understanding my subtle warnings
never fully knowing
there is a hole in the plan
for the world does not revolve around you
and your twisted desires
we did what was right
and will continue to fight fire with fire
Act 1 scene 1 practice makes perfect
act 1 scene 2 an act of our own
act 1 scene 3 deadlocked and now you know

The life around me, fitting me like a glove
a practiced routine
waiting to be noticed so we can play our trump
Spy versus spy versus spy
and in the middle the blind leading the blind
the story of a century you cant afford not to pay attention to
but miss out on it all the time

We told you it was a group effort
to do your bidding mr. powerful renegade
this choke chain around my neck should remind you something
something we have in common
but you didn't know i was refraining from pulling the chain
it's getting harder to breath this unbreathable air
it's getting more difficult to handle the constant lies and drama
I will be fine
just pull this chain
choke you back
we will switch shoes
and welcome to my cult classic

Spy versus spy versus spy
soo many people playing yet too many oblivious for their own good
i could keep this up for your best interest
but thats not suiting me anymore
so we watch you practice your routine
wait for the hole in your plan
and prove it
we are deadlocked
no way out for all involved
I step to the side
you get whats coming to you
i get to move on

Copyright © Troy Jeremy Nelson | Year Posted 2010

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School run

Sat in the car outside the school 
Wait for the bell you grown up fool 

Have to be there 45 minutes prior 
Why is the parking really so dire

The parking problem stresses me out
All i want to do is scream and shout

If people car shared it would help all
It would go smooth like an elegant  ball

No pressure no stress to put on my mind 
No longer the  blind leading the blind

A place of fun where children learn 
Not a place I  want to burn

The parents need to remember this
Learn to park and remain courteous 

The playground is for frolics and meeting
Not a place parents do thier bleating

All cliques at school should be banned
School is part of this great land

Copyright © Gordon Alexander | Year Posted 2017

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Game of Life, Psychological attack of the midlife

blind leading the blind of psychological holes in the plot
which tag to follow
can't tag the butcher
ignorance is bliss
as the game of life gets more complex the more we go
forgetting to keep it simple

A useful idiot
made out of my mistakes
ahead of myself
got sick trying to care
the target audience, we dont tend to
to make ourselves feel better
cares for themselves by tending to the story
i came to be
nurturing and mothering until we are unable to give
slaves of salve
and the laughter of bliss
what am i forgetting
the have no problem from their distances helping me out

tables of perception
everyone who cares is going to get sick
love is a battlefield
and caring now a days subconciously we know to be dangerous

a soul train
of poisoned prayers to be answered
and look in hindsight of what you accomplished 
without any help
you did it for you
enabled them
so they could start on the first level of how we all belong
and do it for themselves

Away in this manger
the trespasses
and how and why they will be forgiven
what we learn through our mistakes
the art of balancing body mind and soul
to make ourselves a miracle out of the walking contradiction
the spiritual sacrifice
a story of a king
condemning innocence
man's plan to take their power back
we don't see the train coming,
for the reason even the trees cant help but laugh
the game of life
from the confusion of sex and diamonds
woken up to their treasures to find
the soul train about to go off its tracks

there we stood drawing lines in the sands
searching for a needle in a hay stack of the delivery of this message
instead of a line its a bridge serperating sands
the messenger a vehicle of thousands of controversial mediums
geared for this one purpose
no one will be forgotten
my turn is over
one foot forward, backwards to the last person who never made it over
the bridge behind me burning

thousands on the other side

there is another way
all of you shouting in unison to save the day
what we would have never seen
if i would never have gone back to lend a hand
take the long way home
and by then the message and messenger will understand

Copyright © Troy Jeremy Nelson | Year Posted 2010

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truth of

life's split personalities refusing to be held hostage by mass destruction
the truth of everyone alive is deserving of living a good life
a global conspiracy for global disarment where no will not be an answer
blind leading the blind if this you dont see
get ready to bounce
slide the prophet
pass the note
switch the slip

society held hostage by the constant fear of this nightmare
of mass destruction
your turn is over
life is telling you to stand down
with a promise to slide into the 11 lives he doesn't plan to keep
to comit suicide in your body and not cry
practice makes perfect

lies of liars lieing about other liars lies
our nightmare is over
or die trying to keep hell on earth
your turn is over
the entire planet agrees

marble my spoon
color the triangle
count the circles
the blessings being mastermined as we rob our own miracle
to replace the negatives with the positives to win in a big way

blind leading the blind if you do not see we were born to live happy
not die in terror of ourselves in confusion
take sometime to prepare yourself
to humble yourself to a god
or die for the hell you are bent on

this is a threat life promises to you
my nightmare ends
life is too short for torturing ourselves this way
lead to your demise by sex and chocolate
our demonstration of sex and diamonds
a one track mind laying the rails
all aboard on this soulbound prayer
the locomation coming your way

Copyright © Troy Jeremy Nelson | Year Posted 2010

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Love Is

Love is....
A ride on a secluded mountain road, to a vibrant crystal lake, graced by a rainbow of wildflowers, evergreens framing the boulders below
A granite rock, an obstacle to overcome, yet worth it when the peak is reached on a hot summer day, the view of the top of the world
A song sung by the golden aspens in October, the veins of each leaf holding stories of complete surrender and forgiveness
A trail, hard and fast, the ascent hurting at times, back-breaking, the blind leading the blind, to reach the inevitable at the end
A seeker, stuck in a place of wonder, wanting to be released from the misery of the suffocating pines, yearning to create a masterpiece on the other side of the clearing
A river leading to nowhere, the coastline so beautiful, eyes cannot grasp what they are seeing, knowing they are lucky to flow along by the grace of the mountain spring
A map, outlining many different destinations, a route stands out as "the one" but it appears awkward, non-traditional, a roundabout way to reach nirvana
This is love.... These things plus much more. It's not in another, it is in the gift from the universe, it is in you.
You, who took the ride on the secluded mountain road, to climb the granite rock, with a map showing you "the one" with the hard route outlined on your heart.
You, who traveled down the river on a raft made from your own hands, seeing a rainbow of wildflowers along the water's edge, while the song of the golden aspens played against the backdrop of evergreens.
You, who will create a masterpiece in your life, one only you can create, if you love yourself enough to live your truth.

Copyright © Michele Leach | Year Posted 2015

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When I Grow Up

Living in my troubled past
I ponder the road not taken
I thought I'd found my way at last
Only to be mistaken

The wayside holds my fallen dreams
But yet I can't turn back
That's the way it always seems
Never finding what I lack

Regret is now my shadow's name
He follows close behind
The two of us become the same
The blind leading the blind

Hope's become a foreign place
A place I cannot go
No plan to fix the things I face
I wander to and fro

"When I grow up I want to be"
These words never seemed so real
Without a purpose I didn't see
That I'd be standing still

Copyright © Larry Belt | Year Posted 2012

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The Truth Behind A Smile

The Truth Behind A Smile

Your used to strength that can break a thousand walls,
strength that wins no matter who calls.
You stand and fight for its all you know,
but the buzz inside now gives a painful glow.

Confusion, pain, addiction, to talk of a few,
feelings of emptiness, despair, and loneliness too.
you want to stand tall and face with a grin,
but the enemy’s inside and you cant get to him.

You run for help and describe your pain,
to any that will listen for selfish gain.
The advice is given by the few you trust,
like the blind leading the blind you regrettably adjust.

Colours of the rainbow now all fade to black,
years will pass and force you off track.
All hope you had will start to fade,
with eyes and mind racing when you head is laid.

When all you have is threatened by the demon inside,
you cant stand tall so you escape behind pride.
Your head is buried so very deep,
anything you had all feels cheap.

But this is not your fault why did this happen to me,
all you want back is the nice place to be.
But still no light and your undoubtedly ill,
and you think its all down to a white coats pill.

But on i will walk like so many times before,
and i will stand and brawl until opens the door.
Up i will get, brushed away with the dust,
for i am the strength. i must, i must.

Copyright © Edward Micheals | Year Posted 2015

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Mirror rorriM

theres a demon running towards me
 in the refelction in the mirror 
and the closer that he comes 
his intentions becomes clearer 

as the shadowy figure draws near 
with every step he makes 
the rythmic beating of my heart pumps fear 
with every breath i take 

like the devils tools and instruments 
i hear a drum and violin 
because in my ear rings influence 
for all i've done in vial sin 

and as this cup i drink becomes and overflow of shame 
each thought that i think manifests itself in blame 

but who am i but a tainted soul 
who has not yet tasted life 
a coward growing very cold 
a sinner with a heart of ice 

the world can never understand the thoughts that i create 
because my thoughts are simply not for man but somewhat more for fate 

many put on a facade 
and play the role of being nice 
i find that very odd 
using deception to entice 

can i defect from this world of lies?
or must i go with the flow?
no one answers my question why
but everyone "seems" to know 

they are just as confused as chickens without their heads 
the blind leading the blind into the land of the dead

Copyright © john castro | Year Posted 2012

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Prescription Tweakers

By Laura 
June 25, 2015

When did these amphetamines become the better part of me?
Masses strung out high above the labels we blindly believe 
Crazy are the ones who drop the speed and slow it down
Foolish are the ones who think that ADD gave up the crown

There are no cures behind the trusted labels in the pharmacy
We’re tweakers, junkies, stoners; high on complacency
Ignorance is the pipe we smoke our haunted spirit of lies
Bliss is the drug we greedily pursue without our tired eyes

When did we stop looking for the answers to our questions?
When did we start believing in false prophets inside the sun?
We pray, we love, we consume without direction of any kind
This life of mine is starting to look like the blind leading the blind

I’m strung out these days on lies insurance companies buy
No search for the cure when the addicts just want to cry
Too much money at stake for false prophets to step down
They would rather play king while the masses slowly drown

Until the day we all will drown
Until the day we burn to the ground

Copyright © Laura Dee | Year Posted 2015

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In Descrimanent Love


When a Mother gives' Birth
She give's it with Love
She sore's to the High Heaven
To the Christ,
Fore She is giving birth
A gift from above...
Such a complication device
Devised by God
In order to herd His children
For that traipse to eternity
And only Heaven knows
When that will be.....
For they are awaiting
Their return...
To that honorable place
        Among He
Yes, the Mother gives' Birth
A gift to the World
Rather it be a baby boy
Or maybe,
A baby girl...
Their love is so innocent
Innocent and free
Shaped and molded by
The like's of you and me
Yes, they are our
Hope's and dream's
For the next generation
Marred by frustration
Self-loathe and indignation
Yet, they do follow threw
To start a new nation
A nation to be
A nation of one
One where people
Shall be delivered
All soon to become One
Where the Will of Christ
Shall be done'
For this is their Heaven
And this is their Earth
Fighting twin evil inclination 
Just awaiting the time of
Where the lineage of time
Is their only Salvation
Another simple case of
The blind leading the blind
In hopes' and dreams'
In contemplation 


Copyright © Gary Fields | Year Posted 2011

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Teaching the students

Significant one?
The blind leading the blind 

Copyright © Jaquay Atkins | Year Posted 2016

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Play by play the story shows
Fashion steps that help us grow

We do our thing and churn tastes
Our dwindling earth goes to waste

A new world order forfeits
A gentle grace for conceit

We obsess just what to do
Discard old treasures for poo

The pursuit of "happyness"
Drives so much crazy madness

Wild crisis humanity
Playing dice with destiny

Watch the blind leading the blind
Falling into whims unkind

So then, what do we do now?
Is wise change too late somehow?

Leon Enriquez
29 January 2015

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2015

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People Not Prolific During Neolithic

People Not Prolific During Neolithic

With some subjects can be able to concur
Then regarding others may not be so sure
For instance human and world development
And why from God all of this had been sent.

For our creation what was it God had in mind
If we did it would be like blind leading the blind
Maybe in the Bible there is much more to obtain
Without and Abel could there have been a Cain?

Of course, at times, we must start to realize
After tries and tries by us may be a surprise
As information grows that we collect and garner
About agricultural activity and life of a farmer.

People were never prolific during Neolithic
Times as well as period which was Paleolithic
Would people prefer to be called Cro-Magnon
Or perhaps Australopithecus and on and on.

Paying a tribute to current events of the day
We are all here still wondering which way
How each of existences eventually arrived
And though all the ages we still survived.

I just woke up at two in the morning after
I had dreamed about writing this poem.

James Thomas Horn
Retired Veteran and Poet
RiverSea Plantation
Bolivia, NC

Copyright © James Horn | Year Posted 2015