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A Reason to Hang Around

Well you haven't given me much of a reason these past
few seasons to put my whole heart into this so-called
relationship...well I need to know if you still love
me or not...I Need A Reason To Hang Around I don't 
know what you expect from me anymore and it's been a
long, long time since Heaven could be found...I really
don't want to leave you but you haven't given me much
to stick around for...well I Need A Reason, I Need A
Reason To Hang Around...I used to think you cared and
maybe you still do but we're like strangers livin'
together and for years that's not been anything new...
I used to bend over backwards for you but when it comes
to me it's like an inconvenient when I need you...well
I'm getting tired of you treating me like you do and I
don't know how many tears I can seems as tho
you think you got me where you want me well baby I’m
this close to saying goodbye...Heavens no more to be
found and I Need A Reason, I Need A Reason To Hang

Copyright © Bo Lanier | Year Posted 2016

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Sunshine After The Rain

Sunshine After The Rain

The hours pass and I find the time
To straighten out everything in my mind
No one can know what I’ve put myself through
Not even you understand 
The depths of my love for you

Yes, all I’ve seen and all I’ve come to believe
Lost for a time in the clouds
So the dream couldn’t be perceived
But after day comes the night
After every storm a ray of light
Sunshine after the rain

I look for ways to ease the load we carry
I long to give you strength when you feel weary
I bend over backwards
Turning the world inside out
So that I can stand beside you
Just to love and stand beside you

…After day comes the night
After every storm a ray of light
And I’ll give everything I have for you
To see the sunshine after the rain

Copyright © Michael Domaracki | Year Posted 2012

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Special Girl

Special Girl There is this Special Girl, She makes my head twirl, I’ll love her all the time, I wish she would be mine, I would hold her in my arms, And show her all my charms, I would bend over backwards for her, If anything were to occur, I would write her a letter, To try and know her better, I would give her a rose, And then get close, I would give her a kiss, I know I won’t miss, She looks like an Angel, From any angle, I see her in my dreams, I think I know what that means, When I hold her tight, I think “Gee she’s a beautiful sight” I would do anything to make her happy, So I would be like by her pappy, She has that special touch, That’s one of the reasons I love her so much, She’s smoother that a dove, I know I in love, When I’m around her I get so sigh, If she left me I’d probably die, So when I die, I’ll be in the sky, Looking down making sure she finds the right guy, When she finds him, He better treat her with respect, And if he doesn’t, I’ll send a lightning bolt to his neck, She better get all the love in the world, Because she’s my Special Girl, I’m not playing games, So I won’t name any names, This is how my Special Girl would be treated, And I’m not going to repeat it...

Copyright © Raymond Tarin | Year Posted 2010

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Creatures of the Dark

The creatures come out in the dark.
One after the other,
They drag their fat bodies,
In front of the moonlight,
That shimmers with dull
One after the other,
They display their darkness.
They wiggle and crawl,
And bend over backwards,
Clawing at the walls,
And scaling the ceiling.
Sometimes there are flashes of red,
And blue,
And black,
And a tint of a yellowish purple,
That sprinkles the walls,
Like a confetti of emotions.
One after the other,
They endow the room,
With their whimsical display.
Their folly,
The things of nightmares,
And dreams,
The things of joy,
And tears. 
And as the sun rises,
One after the other,
The creatures retreat,
Back to the small crevice where they,
And, you can almost see them smile.
Their reflection looks quite familiar.
Almost as if,
it were your own.

Copyright © Sam Villegas | Year Posted 2015

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Words from a paintbrush

Do mental somersaults and backflips to establish a message
Invisible thoughts of madness rebuilt no blemish the wreckage
And this impression of subconscious stability holds many debts 
So aggressions like monstrous in a degree to pay respects

Removing pain built partitions without the builders permission
Recreating brains dimensions now more sculptured the decisions
Verbally breaking down the encryptions of the mind
Purposelly making sounds for descriptions to the blind

Trying to humbly bend over backwards let fly not innocence captured
Supplying calmly hand when their awkwards confidence easily fractured
Instantly universalise languages throughtout cities, villages and any mountain range
Mentally solidify the dangerous so they physically make the boldest change

If I could artistically revitalise this world of woe
The colors would stay but division would go
When my brush touches canvas there'd be words such as these
When these seeds dust the planet there'll be better trees

Sha'ntez Jefferson

Copyright © Sha'ntez Jefferson | Year Posted 2012

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the only problem with me is im not you

i should do this
not that
control control control
i should be this way 
not like me
sucks to be me 
i'm not you

I should be perfect and kind and sweet
such a double standard
i should be a loser jerk idiot
useless as it is to be that useful

i need to figure this out
need to figure that out
write obsessively to overcome your hate speach
figure out your art of conversation to fit in
i should bend over backwards for that person
i shouldn't like that one
i should, i could, i do
fail at being you
sucks to be me

i should write another letter to the prime minister
i should call the premier again
and not get through
i should call the secretary of defense from a concentration camp
forget it just call random police stations overseas
until someone clues in
but forget it they won't
stuck on stupid
and glad not to be me

i should live like this
spend all my money on that
do this that way
and not forget
to never getting a compliment
no job well done
no thank you for your selfishness
just selflessly fit into your stereotype
have the torture victom known as the terrorist
id rather suck at being a terrorist
than be a stool pigeon mole sabateur like you
thank god i'm me


Copyright © Troy Jeremy Nelson | Year Posted 2010

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Forgive and Forget

As the tears run down
my pillow at night,
I keep trying so hard
 to get everything just right.

I bend over backwards
and go to the moon and back,
But you still there is
something wrong, something I lack.

Your never happy
your always mad at the things I do,
Leaving me crying
leaving me blue.

I try to forgive you
almost everyday,
But to say I can forgive you,
there just is now way.

We exchanged our vows
to have and to hold till death do us part,
You started breaking them
right fromthe start.

Something here
it needs to change
before our love for each other
becomes out of range.

I know I have to forgive and forget,
This will be hard
but I will,
your not something I regret.

Copyright © Faith Simotwo | Year Posted 2015

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The Vagrant

See the cogs cranking above you?
Predetermined moves, pre-programmed cues -
You think you chose your status quo?
Look down beneath your shoes!
The red carpet's trodden brown,
Mass-produced, regime-induced,
Samples shred after use,
And forgotten, tossed asunder -
makes one wonder has true consciousness
simply gone under?
That scent of chainy coffee is drifting across
But unwary nostrils don't flare,
Instead they only adorn the ornamental face
Of worker in workspace,
Striving for their temporary place.
Is here really where you want to be?
Content woven into the tapestry,
Threads of fallacy cross inequality,
It's you - you're the conspiracy!
Complicit to the incorrigible sanctity
Of man, wife and child,
And those that strain these parameters
Are simply born wild,
Exiled by those beguiled
By the - I'm not gonna say "system" -
The lunatic said that and they dismissed him -
My case is grave, my perception lucid,
I'm given this clarity not to abuse it,
But to prove it,
That this place is corrupt and putrid.

Why would I ascribe to a number?
You can take my name and call a blunder
But there's no wonder -
I'm not a friend or valued customer,
Don't bend over backwards to leave a honeyed taste in my mouth!
We're ones or zeros, pariahs or heroes,
You can perpetuate trends and live to fear those
Who charter your course
And inexorably force
You to consume, pause and resume until you expire -
Your diet, your oxygen - monitored by those higher!
But you are happy with no drive to inquire;
"Why is their income five times higher?"
Look at the bureaucracy,
Replete with hypocrisy,
Clenching their banknotes or blinkered profligacy,
While lives around them wither away,
Scrimping for scraps with nowhere to stay.
How can it be that two disparate lifestyles
Can unfold the same day?
Irreparable chaos, no hope for justice,
The longer we comply, the more it will cost us,
This world is trustless -
I'm going now beyond the compass,
Consider my fight,
Re-evaluate what's right,
Join me off-grid if you might -
Restore your sight,
Acknowledge the plight,
Climb out of the dark,
I'll be in the light!

Copyright © Shay Deeny | Year Posted 2017

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asdg jkl'

lets say perhaps perchance
in to have a nice day searching your on second thought
kiss off
and go bend over backwards doing it

Copyright © Troy Jeremy Nelson | Year Posted 2010

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I want him dark
In the white house to start
Holding as he lets go the troops
I can see the GI’s take off their boots

Sexy colors really matter
Bring out the smart guys
Give me the sweet life
With you I will melt
As I turn to the Vice
To hear her explain twice

Color is more than that
You need to follow the path
Get on the crazy track
Find out the sweet facts
As you put it in my pack

Being A president takes time
Are you ready to loose your mind
Doing all you can
Will you win or loose again
Not to be on his back
Never hear the please
As I bend over backwards
Trying to go forward
Am I white or black or Oh mama
Let’s get going with O’Bama

By: Shawn Jones  11/10/08

Copyright © shawn jones | Year Posted 2010

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In which way Imagination excels Knowledge

Imagination is the natural ability with which every human being is endowed.
Therefore, it is conceivable to say that everything will become allowed 
by completely envisioning the unforeseen-yet things, that are going to be wowed, 
while the barrier of the impossible, over time, will have been cowed.

Not only is the gist of creativity is one of its settlements,
but also the-spur-of-the-moment inspiration provides movements.
Besides being stimulated by some memory fragments.
All in all, these are all its sediments.

Breeding ground is the mind of whose is a blue-sky thinker
As well as, silent people have got the noisiest mind ever.
By using their illusion, they are like a winged-horse rider,
which flies high to obliterate the adamant never.

Low hanging fruits are not listed in its dictionary,
nor even dare to think about the ordinary.
Because in a stark comparison to the ability for the extraordinary,
this is downright basic and non-visionary.

Every step taken deep into the field of imagination 
is like a wide-opened golden gate for a world of creation.
On the other hand, knowledge is inflexible and stuck on the limitation.
Similarly, the boundaries are not transcended due to its condition.

For instance, Einstein once said: imagination is better than knowledge 
So, let's bend over backwards to acknowledge
that, by imagination, the General Theory of Relativity was created
And so far, its accuracy has been absolutely unrefuted.

The paramount importance of the imagination in our lives
is the onset of an all-brand-new avant-garde Era that arrives.
Wonderful as It seems, it will be a world full of surprises.
Furthermore, it might be breathtaking outright in our eyes.

The endeavor of imagining is likely to be rewarded for the greater good.
Consequently, there will be cutting-edge cars, technologies, remedies as well as enhanced food.
Not to mention about a thoroughly new sort of other things that will enchant us.
From my standpoint, imagination is a high gift in which will make our world be marvelous.

Copyright © Fabio Negrao | Year Posted 2017

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Hope is all we find and hope is all we get!
In failure and in success - in
all the ups and every single down,
and under duress to even begin with,
hope is all we find and hope is all we get!

Hands that held on, may turn cold and fidgety,
promises made - no more novelty
and may have turned about in entity!
but, there ain't any scope in losing hope,
cause, that's all we find and that's all we get!

Bridge to bridge the gap, may have gotten rickety,
the path you strode all along
may have turned against own faculty,
so be it - a judgmental error, no losing hope,
since hope is all we find and its hope is all we get!

The world around may have - expressed hostility,
where humanity became frosty
not extending aid to own fraternity
not to lose sight, but, to hold on to hope!
as, hope is all we find and hope is all we get!

Attempts to sabotage effort, by the high and mighty,
evident cowardice - resultant calamity,
take a deep breath, you will find your berth,
as you bend over backwards to make ends meet,
keep in mind, never to lose hope and that's all that you get!

Darkness may envelope, with ever deep propensity,
we sinking into, issue's enormity,
not finding out - a single streak of light,
even with gasping breathe, in pain as we writhe,
never ever lose hope, as that's all we have and we ever will!

Copyright © Ram Ram | Year Posted 2017

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Musings of a Victim

Let's play a game, shall we?
It's a fun little number I like to call
"Do I miss you because I love you,
or because you're my brain's scar tissue?"

Let's review the facts, shall we?
You're a spoiled NEET who took pleasure from my pain
From making me bend over backwards
And watching my free will vanish

Like a parasite, you latch on to everyone
Begging for gifts and food like a child
Passive-aggressively plotting when you don't get your way
And everyone gives in to get you to shut up

By all accounts, you're a horrible person
So tell me why, tell me why
Why do you still haunt my dreams at night?
Why does the thought of losing you still hurt me so?

You're like heroin
Because man, doing lines of you through the night
Was the greatest high when the trip was fine
And the comedown was so fierce

So here I lay, sweating yet freezing
Dope sick and hungover after the greatest afterparty
Craving another hit to feel the ceiling again
Gently gnawing on my twelfth step chip

But you weren't always that way, you know
The love we shared was once pure
And each day was a blessing that I'd give so much to return to
And I think that's the you that I miss

But hey, that person died two years ago
You wore her skin so well that I didn't realize
That I still had a body to bury
Before you skinned it and wore it

More often than not, it's the pure memories I recall
When I'm clutching my phone with my thumb above the send key
And another withdrawal pang hits my temple
And jolts my thumb to the clear key

So where are you now?
I can't imagine I'm in a much better place right now
Eating my fourth cup of cup noodles tonight
Poring over a broth stained essay

It's comforting to share a pitiful existence with you
Because in a weird way, I feel more connected with you than ever
Sharing a loving, tender kiss across time and space
As we both scoop the last shrimp from the bottom of the cup

But each cup leads me closer to my dream
As you stagnate at home
Self-actualization is a difficult concept to measure
But your NEET dream dies with the last of your savings

The sun rises and the glare from the screen hits my eyes
Another frosty December morning
Through the sight of the rising sun and the scars you left behind
For now at least, you and I are forever intertwined.

Copyright © Derek Chos | Year Posted 2016

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Cuz your amazing,
and I say this from the bottom of my heart.
You turn my world upside down
and change the colors from gray to a neon rainbow.
Cuz your amazing, just the way you are.
You give me a feeling I've never felt before.
It's like every dream and every wish I've ever had, has been fulfilled.
When I'm with you, I smile and smile,
and when were apart, I ache.
Every second were not together,
I can feel my heart break.
You know I love you, you know I care.
Why can't we just make this fair ?
I've told you once, and I'll tell you again.
I think we just simply seem to blend.
I'd bend over backwards, take a bullet for you.
You're my world,
so much more then you could ever imagine.

Copyright © Macey Close | Year Posted 2010

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[Verse 1]: I know at times when I acted as if it was my time to shine I did some 
things that was wrong that would hurt you But I will never treat you like dirt And 
when we used to argue just as soon as I was about to hit the door I miss the way 
you tugged on my shirt I remember when your feelings start getting hurt but trust 
the love we make it isn't lust You're my boo and Im your ma Always stay down 
ain't nothing changed just look over your shoulder and there's your start because 
I can't continue to see us apart

[Chorus repeat 2 times]: I know I did some messed up things but come on baby I 
want to be your lady and I know apology isn't enough but boo sometimes in life 
things get rough, its tough because I'm doing this alone the person I was 
missing is you

[Verse 2]: I remember how the phone would ring hoping its you clues after clues 
knowing you wanted to leave but I know I can't force you to stay Singing love 
that has to do with you and sometimes its hard to get through cause I don't have 
you my heart I put it in your hands we didn't take us for granted But yet and still I 
stand here alone

[Hook]: You know sometimes I don't know where to begin I don't want our love to 
end Bend over backwards for each other love so close you could call us kin Even 
though I been around the world boo I'll bring it all back to you because I care 
"Us" is the love I want to share

[Chorus repeat till fade]

Copyright © Deneshia Bryant | Year Posted 2007

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My wish - unrequited love

Oh, how I wish I could not feel this way.

How I wish I could close my eyes at once and wake up to no dismay.

If only minds could be read;
If only souls could be bared;

If only you knew how much your rejection has torn me to pieces;
If only you could perhaps reconsider your decision.

The thought of you shivers my bones and enlightens my soul;
The sight of you knots my tummy and gives me ultimate joy.

I could go on and on trying to make you see 
Bend over backwards showing you how I feel.

But until your eyes are open my time will be wasted
Until You want to see my wish will never be granted

Copyright © Liyema Ngcawe | Year Posted 2018

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That Kind of Love

Love is not one-quarter note
It's a violin concerto set on fire 
Played to a table for two
It’s not half-assed
Or half-baked
It’s the 3 inches thick 
finger licking frosting
with a cherry on top of my cake
It's full tilt 
Take a chance
Bend over backwards
Give it all you’ve got 
Show me the damn cards
Risk layin' um down
Win or lose
Dare to feel alive 
Put your heart in gear and drive
sort of love…
Yeah, that kind

©~Cornelia Mattioli aka Flying Angel~

Copyright © Cornelia Mattioli | Year Posted 2015

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my uncle was married
before he met her
sure it was to his first cousin

My brother was trying to help her
she cried for days about being raped

My grandmother gave her a job
and a place to stay

Friends with benefits
to my uncle and brother
family upset
not realising she is a con artist

My brother and Uncle
kindling a family feud
over a woman who conned my grandma
my brother and then my uncle

I live in the same building as her
after my brother lost his head
and i don't blame him
evicted from a whole village
leaving me stuck here, trapped

she walks into a room
the men bend over backwards
I try to tell her to stop wasting men's time
for their money
lieing about love is a dangerous game
men get upset when they have been conned through sex
when they could have spent that time
with someone genuine

The village in unrest
busy trying to justify her for being the victom she claims to be
In this situation at no fault of my own
I just sit here and wait for her to make the same mistakes
so it will be clear to them what the truth is when i tell them all

she conned my grandma
lied about love to my brother
split up my aunt and uncle
and now shes in a position of power over what people here think of me

Not for long though
the truth will rise
They will all know soon
the black and white of her inbetween the lines
She is babylon to me
a headless beast with breasts

apparently no oone thinks of the situation through my eyes
just easier to use babylon for sex

Copyright © Troy Jeremy Nelson | Year Posted 2010

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Through My Eyes

I saw someone the other day, I think you know who he is,
I don't know him that well, but I wish that I did,

It got me thinking, what if, I don't get to see him again?,
Do you think he'd know, that he's still my best friend?,

He's a really smart guy, he's more selfless than any man I know,
He'd bend over backwards for anyone, he gives people hope,

He's forgiving, and kind, and gives everyone, the benefit of the doubt,
Friend, family, or a stranger, he's not bias, he'll help anyone out,

He's old, with plenty of memories, and fewer regrets,
He'll forgive almost anything, but he won't forget,

I've learned a lot from him, even though, I don't know him that well,
Very pleasant man, and he always has a story to tell,

He may seem tough on the outside, for those who don't know,
But inside he's filled with compassion, straight down to the bone,

Full of advice, and if you don't want it, you'll get it still, he don't care,
But if he does anything, he tries his very best, to be fair,

I'm told he once was a lot different, but it's hard to believe,
Because I've never seen him any other way, since I was three,

That's good though, he's put his demons behind him,
He's found himself peace, now with God there beside him,

No one chooses, how life turns out, or what God has in mind,
But I know if I end up like him, I'll be just fine,

He's my one piece of evidence, that it's true, people can change,
I promise you, Dad, one day, when I'm ready, I'll do the same

Copyright © Jesse Jorges | Year Posted 2008

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girl you claim to be my friend,
laughing and joking.
taking my loyalty for granted.
secrets we share.
in your eyes a lie was hard to find.
taking my kindness for weakness.
didn't listen to others telling me it was just something about this 
to perfect no flaws, just in possible in my world.
in my mind not her, she will never do that cause me and her is like two peas in a 
I'll bend over backwards for this
she claim she wanted to see me happy, but come to think of it when she was 
around there was never a smile on my face.
blind, she was a angel in disguise.
she turn my world upside down.
that girl,
was good at what she did.
i couldn't see sooner, the pain she cause cuts like a knife.
took a big lost to see what this,
was about.
our friendship was built on fake ness.
a friend of mines, not any more.
Because things can't go on like before.

Copyright © trisa atkinson | Year Posted 2007

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Love Manual


Bend over backwards
get ya pilates on so you can be more flexible
play ya position break ya neck
know ya place Always hungry 
never full always hungry 
never willing to cook
drunk off 
i like you don't get me wrong
you're cute, and sexy 
i want to work with you professionally not personally
now let me tell you how i felt about that one awkward moment in our "relationship"
if this was a "hidden secrecy" that i'm attached and receiving love frequently 
let me set the record straight
i'm involved from my nipples to my butt cheeks and beyond
got the ring to match even though some ignore that
if i never met my man you'd be more than a friend
but until we can rewind to the moment i met him
you will be a fantasy in my freaky mental roladex 
no offense but your delivery wasn't as smooth as your approach
when that moment came to pass i had to laugh 
i couldn't believe that this was happening and had to get right about what would 
happen next
i just want to let it go
but i hope you didn't get off ya groove
let me say it again

Copyright © Norey Bailey | Year Posted 2006

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holding hands

i held hands with God today
it was only a piece of metal
but God did it his way

riding down the highway
tears rolling down my face
something in my prayer
found Gods unfailing grace

i held it for a moment
knowing it would not be 
the last time
all these years of living
and this i finally find

i knew i could'nt keep it 
to myself
i have to share it with my friends
when you need a friend like God
try to hold him in your hand

try a bible, an arm on a chair
a tree branch, or a cane
when your in a prayerful spirit
calling out his name

it took this long 
for him to teach me this
maybe you can learn it 
in a day

if i can help you worship him
i can save your soul today
just remember when you take his hand
and use what ever words you use to pray

that he is always waiting
and he always cares
that he'll bend over backwards 
for someone who'll hold his hand

Copyright © john loving iii | Year Posted 2009

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I ll Wait Forever

How many boyfriends have you been through
While I stood by your side wishing you were
Mine the whole time, how many times have I
Helped you pick up the pieces of a broken
Heart, break up after break up, you say I can't
Really say I've ever been loved, we’ll all you have
To do is to look deep into my eyes to see you
Are truly loved...
Maybe all you see in me is an old friend and
Nothing more but I’d you'd only give me a
Chance I could love you like you've never been
Loved before...
I guess I'm just too scared of losing your
Friendship to tell you how I really feel about
You, I just keep wishing and hoping someday
You’ll think of me as more than just a friend...
Never would I ever break your heart oh no on
The contrary I'd bend over backwards to make
You happy so if I have to wait forever, I’ll WAIT
FOREVER, until maybe you look at me through
Loving eyes and realize it was always you and me
That was destined to be together so if I have to
Wait forever, I’ll WAIT FOREVER, I’LL WAIT
FOREVER until you love me!

Copyright © Bo Lanier | Year Posted 2016

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Samba Black Sambo

The Heat
that crude oil skin

 Samba, Black Sambo
Go Bananas

Sway them hips
Giggle them thighs
there is nothing that you lack

Do that dance of freedom
baby's got back

And yes, its your ***-sets
which makes you so renowned

Now bend over backwards
split, drop it on the ground

In this animal kingdom
I rank you best
with primordial beauty swelling from your chest

Samba, Black Sambo

Do it all day long
your history, blood and bonds makes you strong

Copyright © SEAN SOLOMON | Year Posted 2017