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gates closed

I was on here before, bill gates put me offline, for, to upgrade my windows drat... so i lost me words an chat.... i'm bloody sure, of that:( rhyming here i bloody see, casting spells so eerily, bedbug to wevil it will be, in my new incantation... Re: Russel Sivey "My Conversation" Don

Copyright © DON JOHNSON | Year Posted 2012

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The Bedbugs Come to Call

The Bedbugs Come to Call

By Elton Camp

All my life I’ve heard of this pest
In filthy houses they come to nest
Bed bugs you will never detect
Where people have self-respect

It seems now, that’s no longer true
Several things we may come to rue
First of all, we have no way to tell
Who stayed before us in the hotel.

We must take the greatest care
Bed bugs can be most anywhere
On spreads or sheets they like to hide
On upholstered chairs they’ve been spied

Maid brings them on the housekeeping cart
Or aboard the luggage carrier they may dart
So when we leave the Marriott,
Sneaky hitchhikers we have got

In the dressing room of the clothing store,
Must never lay our garments on the floor
Use the hook on the wall
Coat, clothes, purse and all

In doctor’s waiting room never dare
Sit on cloth cushioned couch or chair
If we dare to buy from any yard sale,
We must wash the garment without fail

Be certain to use water hot as can be
To insure that you stay bedbug free
Don’t think it can’t happen to you
It really can, despite all you try to do

But even if the pests we acquire,
They cause no real illness dire.
So now try to have a restful night
Please don’t let the bedbugs bite.

Copyright © Elton Camp | Year Posted 2011

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I hate waiting.
I don't like going
anywhere either.

Patience is a
virtue that some
one else got;
cause it's all
lost on me.

Smiling is a googly 
face on a cardboard
with raised eyebrows
so it looks like we
might all be smiling.

Foolish fools is a form
to flee.  Something we
don't want to be;  like
a bedbug or a dying elm
tree sign this here we
don't want to stop what
nature has started or was
that something humans 
have done?  Oh it's so
insipid.  Maybe it was 
the sun.  Who's talking
here anyway, I'm still

Copyright © Gisele Vincent-Page | Year Posted 2011

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bedbug rut

Follow my voice make your
breath fail
Hips drive and
pump the air
Cylinder falls; choke and stall.

Fall in love
for a first kiss
A battle scar across your lips
Burning kerosene against 
the thin moon
stinging, weltered
rubbing alcohol in a wound

Yoke together under simple
God's ugly celebration
In a bedbug rut
the thaw.

A dog with his fleas
a forest of oily pine
and dark green night
silent, curled together on the floor

Copyright © Paul Sylvester | Year Posted 2005

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Flowers and fruits to a mango tree
Are her beauty and class.
A show of her fertility,
An exhibition of her products.
Fruits, love it when they hang on the branches
Like monkeys playing as kids
To the delight of their parents.
But, there comes a time when
There beauty attracts a passerby,
Especially the one they love,
Then, the wind of love blows them down
Into the palms of the passerby,
Who eventually becomes a family member
By the art and science of agriculture.

Uncle, those memories of you and I,
You and us, though old 
But they are still very young
In the skeleton of my thoughts.
We still love and cherish you 
But someone who does a bit more
Has come into the picture,
The picture we pleaded heaven for.
My love for you, our love for you
Is still attached like the strings of a guitar,
But here comes a better guitarist.
She who can strike the right chords in you,
The Juliet that can bring out the Romeo in you.
The Queen that can bring out the King in you.
Words may fail me but my alphabets 
Of great wishes for you still flows
A waterfall of goodness.

Many have brought there present and presence
And will be going home with souvenirs.
But my present to you is that 
You stick yourself to the Bible
Even as the bedbug hugs the bed.
God is love, love is God.
For you to be the best husband,
Then, love God and your wife will be a jewel.
The only souvenir I need from you 
Is to be a "sweetheart" that your wife will be proud of.

I love you, Uncle.
But at this point, she loves you more.

Copyright © Otatane-oso Andrew | Year Posted 2016

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Life is worthless
I am valueless
Everyone despises me
He said....

He got a rope
Around his neck it went
Then unto the tree
In the remotest part
Of the jungle...

His lifeless body was found
By passersby
Who stumbled upon it
On their weary way
From their farms...

Such is the tale
The world over.
All commit it
The greatest of crimes
Against oneself...


Why will I 
Want to kill myself?

I am poor
My boyfriend jilted me
My bank is after me
I am in a deep mess
My self esteem is lost....
All and all and all...
Is why they go for it...

Whatever you face
Wherever it hits you
Whenever it comes...
Suicide is never an option...

The bedbug told her kids
Whatever is hot
Must become cold
It's a tide...
It will wash off...

The greatest crime
Of all time....

Copyright © Adesina Idris Dolapo | Year Posted 2013

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A Bedbug And A Flea

Greetings bedbug - said a flea
Let me rest my head
In this lovely bed I see

Welcome flea - a bedbug said
For the night here stay
You will very well be fed

Not one bite I’ve had this day
Was the fleas reply
To a body lead the way!

Not many I’ve known so dry!
Said the host of guest
From a lady came a cry

Help! I’m bitten by some pest!
Husband get the maid
Or tonight I cannot rest!

Heard the flea and was afraid
I must go!  it cried
A rapid escape then made

The bedbug was slow to hide
And soon was no more
For that hungry flea it died

From a bedroom hear a snore
Saying clear and loud
To slumber this bed is for

Said a bedbug - on a cloud
Two is company
Three ( if one a flea )
Is sure to be a crowd

Copyright © NEILL MOCKETT | Year Posted 2009

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That was a nice move you just made
to get yourself crowned prom king
But now you’ve graduated to playing chess,
and you can’t just jump the queen
You can’t jump her Amazon bones to win,
like you did silly Susan back in grade ten
Those clumsy, bozo moves
ain’t gon make no self-respecting woman buckle
Your amateurish pick-up lines
will only make the opposite sex wanna chuckle
Always trying to woo some stranger
into your bedroom
Never getting close enough to her heart,
to make her wanna jump the broom
You’re just a natural born loser,
in case you didn’t hear what she just said
Her and her friends
are gon sweep you off the board,
and under the rug
Then squash your fragile ego like a little bedbug
I see the bulge in your fleshy pipe of lead just went dead, 
did it now ...

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr. | Year Posted 2017

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Mr. Bedbug

There is currently an increase in bedbug infestations 
due to an increase in foreign travel.
Bedbugs, hide during the day to feast at night.

They inject an anticoagulant into their host 
to keep its blood flowing as the insect feeds, 
as well as an anesthetic agent 
to keep the host from feeling the bite.

A number of products can control bedbugs 
but the difficult part is finding the bedbugs 
so that they can be effectively treated.

Due to bedbugs desire to avoid light 
and fondness for tight spaces
they are often difficult to detect.

However political campaigns 
are always  a good starting place 
in finding such blood-suckers. 

Copyright © Mike Samford | Year Posted 2007

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Nun of the Above Supplication

I do not like how bed bugs prey
They feast upon us night and day
Praise God be kind
Grant peace of mind
And blow those blood-suckers away!

Copyright © Rico Leffanta | Year Posted 2018