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About Me - p.d.

Born a full blown Libra to a scale of blind justice
My hair & eyes are brown as can be
I come from a large family
Don't like to be called a princess 
every now and than you still find me climbing up a tree
My daddy paid for my expo ride
My favorite color comes in green
In my hometown I join the women baseball team.
I still own a lot of Mardi beads
I love boxing in my own back yard
I dislike when people think I am very brainy
I no longer care of the Physics of my stare
Funny to think I once knew that the mass and energy,
is related to the famous equation E=mc (tiny) 2....
c how I love the speed of light, gravity do to motion due
m &o are like the m&m of the mass related to the observation of me
LOL : - )  I still have a bit of physics dumb minded skills
Ask me this tomorrow and I will forget every # of square root
Yikes to geometry I want to c light when it comes to v for my velocity,
changing and walking to a straight direction to my four walls of dimension.
That is me not so nutty but a little crazy
With an IQ, to mix and match & play it out.
I love the challenge when I'm standing on my own high horse
Ask me to many questions you will get a beat around the bush
Who really needs to know the truth about being confused
I love to passion out my color pink.
I alway come across to many eye blinks
Get caught up in puzzles that help me think
Yes I love video games Just got done playing "Halo"
M.K. Liu K. is all I got to say/// me play Guitar Hero? hmm? ;-)
My spirit does not let go of the cartoon phase.
When it comes to favorites, I place my son as # 1
How about my favorite niece, she my only true buddy
My favorite all time poet, not many care for his dark eyes Mr E.A. Poe
Emotions to feel it all, why not let it show.
Do not give me coffee, I will over expose my silly charms.
I love my dog, hate his fleas, I keep him away from the birds and the bees
One thing I can not go with out is to solve a mystery when in doubt
I guess sometimes I can't even figure myself out, 
Why some one would say I can be a role model?
This is just a bit about me, ooh yes I forgot to mention 
I love the slamming world of all kinds of poetry.

Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2010

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felt like i did before thats how i know i missed ya
if i could then i woulda grabbed ya hugged and kissed ya
bachelor for eternity missing the bigger picture
you i barely knew, appearing on every vista
i appreciate the support, but what i need is love
tho truth may hurt, better than all of the above
i trusted you cause you represent something ive never done,
who knew that two can prove to be better than one or
first in a place, never won a sum,
bygones gone and a couple of puns
we let the honey run till sweet enough touch
beat around the bush, no rush
it got hotter but the wetaher didnt change 
not a cloud in the sky or a drop of blame
no need for a why whenw e had an x
we gotta where we wanted then decided what next

no matter where i go 
over land and sea
id rather have you cause one is lonely 
keep me company
three not necessary
feels real comfy
has since february

february march april may june july august in a day
the longer we go the more we grow
feeling better each step of the way

if theres a problem we can talk and double check
nothing we cant solve with an embrace and kiss to the face or neck
i love you more than ode and penelope. maria odb
or lil kim and biggie
thank the gods we aint in a greek tragedy
or sometime before 19 sixty
for what is feminin
sent me to my questionin
i quickly collected evidence, respect
exactly what i expected, experiencing the extension
my seconds, perspective as my lessons
i remember when im stressing
to fit into my senses, lower my defenses
soothing if theres tenseness, leaving room for suggestion
did i mention that youre precious
a gift of personal appreciation, when we regard eachother
in highest celebration shared by lovers, so more than any i thank you
for willing to get as close as you do
i hope for you the complimentary is true
im sure if it wasnt we can talk it through its coo
right there is reason why i call you boo

no matter where i go 
over land and sea
id rather have you cause one is lonely 
keep me company
three not necessary
feels real comfy
has since february

february march april may june july august in a day
the longer we go the more we grow
feeling beter each step of the way

Copyright © Davin Payne | Year Posted 2012

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warm milk and cookies

deep down you want it to be different
you want to wake up in the morning with the evidence of your 
imaginary friend
right there, in your hand, for all the world to see---
let’s not beat around the bush,
because we both know 
you want to take that evidence & run to the top of every hill & proclaim to all those who 
doubted &
that yes,
it was all true & that he will be coming back soon,
just like he promised
(you want soooooo bad to rub our faces in it & subsequently watch us burn eternally in your “hell” for not going along with the rest of the sheep)
to kiss the heads of all the good little devotees who spent their whole lives
proselytizing in desperation,
waiting for a fictional character to come to life &
fulfill all the promises made in his name,
so that 
everything will
make sense.

i have put the toll house squares in the oven
(not gonna waste too much time on your comfort) & 
set the milk on the stove at low heat---
now, promise me,
when your world comes crashing down & he doesn’t show,
don’t put the shotgun barrel in your mouth & 
blast yourself till’ sunday---
have some warm milk & cookies &
cry the night away,
for in the morning it will all be better
without him.

Copyright © andrew delapruch | Year Posted 2011

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A Metaphor Is Such A Bore

A metaphor is such a bore,
When it is overused,
And words that rhyme are out-of-line,
When they are so abused

And those cliches are 'here to stay',
And drive us all insane,
But we continue using them,
And so we're all to blame.

It's like 'we're on the same old page',
Or 'talking to the wall',
Don't mean to 'beat around the bush',
So please don't 'have a cow'.

A 'screen-door on a submarine',
Is such a useless thing,
And when I rant and criticize,
I'm 'going out on a string'.

For many disagree with me,
And say that I am wrong,
And then they 'go their separate ways',
And 'sing the same old song'.

A metaphor is such a bore,
When it is overused,
But I have trouble finding words,
So please have me excused.

Copyright © David Pekrul | Year Posted 2017

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My Favourite Kind Of People Are Women

Women are my favourite kind of people I drool at the one's in bikinis Getting a stirring, you know where I mean Some might call it my genie That's not obscene, kinda cute don't ya think I tell it like it is dear friends I've never been one to beat around the bush Really not concerned by the trends Come out and say what's really on my mind No confusion or mistaking my point It sure would be better if we all did the same No mixed signals around this joint So getting back to young girl's in bikinis No finer picturesque work of art So the drooling us males are known to do Is a testament to the joy in our hearts © Jack Ellison 2015

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2015

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The sky is a limit

I am going to write about the sky is the limit
Or is it?
There shouldn't be any limit
God is an unlimited God
So why should you deserve anything less?
You should always be striving
for the other side
Lol not
You shouldn't be striving anyway
God is going to give you 
what He is going to give
But he will not give you limits 
I know that
He will tell you not do
And it is up to you to obey
But do you consider that a limit
if you know what is good for you?
God will always give you what you want
And if anyone tells you otherwise
It's a bunch of baloney
The Bible said "He will give you the desires of your heart" (Psalm 37:4)
And sometimes He will you more than what you desire
Because He an unlimited God
Don't expect Him to stop
For a time I was tired of He is always changing me
But I found that He changes me for the better
And I gave up
He can just do whatever He is going to do
Up to no good
Or is it?
Who knows?
Depends on the day, right?
But I do know that He will continue to give it to you
as long as you obey
and there is no blockage
What is that?
That is when you do something wrong
and there is something separate between you and God
Don't let that something separate you
Correct it
Do whatever it takes
God will correct you
That's no worry
God will show you exactly what you do wrong
so you can correct it
He doesn't beat around the bush
He beats it on you
I am just kidding
You'll know it anyway
as you wouldn't be here
Now I am really kidding
But I am not kidding about....

Copyright © Toquyen Harrell | Year Posted 2015

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is some on your mind
i see the  sign
am not blind
don't be a tush
say it
do this
don't beat around the bush

Copyright © kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr | Year Posted 2011

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crocodile hunter, shaman's apprentice

i gather my sticks and stones
beat around the bush
facing East, then West
bow three times

scrape my knees on the doorstep of persuasion
the attic is filled with cobwebbed intrusions of domesticity
but nothing seems out of place,
the basement leaks with water under the foundation
and the walls shout with time cracking through the lifted iris
you purr like a selfish house cat, smug and twitching his whiskers
with pensive appetite,

i'm off to save the world, the sting ray in my pocket,
a jawbone on my shoulder,
dragonflies are busy dodging mouthfuls of distress
my croc is ticking out his schemes on a Tuesday afternoon,

you could do worse than read this poem.
you should have read the riddle I left for you.

Copyright © Anna Ruiz | Year Posted 2011

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The Other Holmes

Dear Doyle,

Why have you not incorporated me further into your work?
When I found out I appeared briefly, in just three stories, I was hurt.
You made me smarter than Sherlock himself,
but, alas, you did not find me worth the ink.
And no, my dear friend, no simple explanation will suffice.
We are both men Arthur, let's not beat around the bush like mice
You'll meet me tonight, eight o'clock sharp at the Reigate Squires.
Do not send a wire or put it off a moment further. This business is dire!


The Other Holmes

NOTE: For those who aren't familiar with the stories, Sherlock Holmes actually has a brother. His name is Mycroft Holmes (and Doyle actually made him much smarter than Sherlock... though Mycroft was too lazy to put his talents to good use). He was a very interesting character and I was sad to see him in so few stories...

Copyright © Timothy Hicks | Year Posted 2013

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Speak Street

Speak Street
Written by: D. Collins 12/16/14
To law enforcement, law makers, and all knowledgeable men.
There’s a universal language everybody understands.
It has no talking points, nor use for keywords.
It doesn’t beat around the bush, and, is never scared.
There’s consensus in every corner of the globe.
Speak street to people, they’ll come into the fold.
It creates the willingness to communicate.
And, brings down the barriers that causes hate.
Speak street to people before bringing out the tanks.
Give the people reason to give the system thanks.
Stand before them and look them eye-to-eye.
Ask them why they march? They will tell you why.
Alongside the action, mindsets have to change.
Until all are equal, life won’t be the same.
Black mothers are tired of seeing their sons die.
They’ve seen so much pain, there are no more tears to cry.

Copyright © Darrell Collins | Year Posted 2014

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Another Story To Tell

Here I am, late night. Waiting for the train after work as usual in my zone Floetry "Hey you" playing on the phone. This woman sits next to me and I can feel her eyeing me, I look over she turns away smiling ever so gently but it was her classy attire that had me swayed. Now I'm usually the nervous type but I play it cool but I'm shy right. I don't usually approach women cause I feel they really aren't worth my time and sometimes when they open their mouth I see in their lifetime they haven't really opened their mind. So I say you look familiar starting off with lies, she smiles says hi and starts telling me about her day, I say hi I'm Corey and I don't this every day and yeah you're beautiful but behind every smile is a story to tell, every woman's been something and if she says she isn't more than likely at this moment she's probably going threw hell. Anyway I don't beat around the bush so I'm like I would love to get to know you past your beauty and your scars and she says I'm sorry but I'm already spoken for. I say well, the conversation was nice and we both part ways, no regrets at all and that was probably the highlight of my day

Copyright © Corey Ross | Year Posted 2015

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devil for sale

in my nightmare the lights cut
asked a question of wether or not
we dream the realities we are destined and doomed to live
sweeping under the truth of this dirty rug
i ponder to myself
a soul to hold
what would make me valuable

sell my soul
to fool the devil
sell my soul
for the worlds deathwish to become null and void
sell my soul
to give the devil a second chance to reclaim his throne
and plan to fail, but who am i?

and i thought
not worth the fight
can't outsmart the shadows
can't deny the truth
can't run from myself
the reflections will bleed from me one way or another

with my hands clean of this
thinking to myself maybe there is a joke im not telling
a riddle i cant tell
tio make us all smarter
the question that reveals itself in the round about way
we beat around the bush

four leaf clovers
pots of gold
egg cracked open
and in my black coffee
shaking the cold from my mind
weather man lost his mind
never saw this coming
another organised warning
headless blunder

four in the morning
devil for sale
three bells to ring
nightmare of this dream
something to ponder bt never to be
if i sold my soul to the devil
id have a devil for sale
and i wouldnt sell him cheap

a way to put one over the april fool
walking in circles for a wish come true
and pass the pot of gold on

devil for sale
well worth the riddles of every holiday
every constellation
every story on the bookshelf that betrays you
and the muse who reminds you
there was a ceratin way
to sell me
to sell you
a devil
for a dream come true
but i cant remember
i forgot everything

inbetwenn the songs of the whispering winds
the romantic laughter of inner demons
the guilty pleasure of changing seasons
you will find me
not selling the world
but swept under the rug
i have a devil for sale
and here i am martyring you

tricks and the treats
subconcious language of swears
every curse word a truthful confession
nose picking
brainwash gets trumped by the art of conversation
then we swear willingly revealing
what we did in what way
and they say life isnt fair

that's a skippy
one pulled over the april fool
there is a mulligan
a second chance to change your fate to meet destiny
the wheels of fortune to a stacked deck
that foretells my life
and you wonder when my lawyer will show up
and the dance of gabrielles souls
will show you the shine and sway of the stairway
she is building to our heaven

Copyright © Troy Jeremy Nelson | Year Posted 2009

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Sand sifts,
My mind lifts,
The ideas of reflection,
My lack of self-protection,
Is something that haunts,
My mind which daunts,
The strength within,
All my chagrin,
Is spelled across my face,
Chasing the desire to erase,
Every regret,
I’m not finished yet,
I’ll continue to push,
Rather than beat around the bush,
Take my life into my own hands,
Create fresh desires in new plans,
Put aside all this stage fright,
And seek the vibrant daylight,
Light that will consistently drown,
Every notion bringing me down,
I will find peace.

Copyright © Melissa Ross | Year Posted 2011

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This Is Me

Who am I
I don't even know
But I am the type of person
To let dumb s*** go
I don't like to play life games
Or beat around the bush
I like to work hard
But I may need a push
Though I do like drama
I like when everyone's confused
Seeing people in pain
Gets me really amused
I am a trustworthy person
I'm always honest
I don't need to lie
I am modest
I am not judgmental
I accept everyone
The enemies I have
Are slim to none
I am a goofball
I love to have fun
But if you do me wrong
Whatever we have is done
I'm always different
But I'll never change
I may seem off
But I'm always the same
I am lazy & stubborn
But easy to persuade
I don't care for anything
I have nothing else to say

Copyright © Anna J Carroll | Year Posted 2012

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Bus Of Hell

She opened the hell’s gate 
As she put her foot on the bus
She rang her bell’s fate
Hasn’t she heard “hush”?!
She is in the monsters’ estate
They all came out, they sere hidden behind the bush
She opened her hell’s gate
As she put her foot on the bus
She is frightened, never seen a such
Wolfs, attacking her, it was too late
For her they made a dash
Devouring her weak body, a brutality I can’t state
The wheels were on a rush
No one there to tame their lust, there’s no mate
She fought alone, she would them away push
She thought that they used to live in one estate!
She opened the hell’s gate
As she put her foot on the bus
She rang her bell’s fate
She was compelled to hush
But it isn’t yet late
I won’t beat around the bush
Those monsters should be jailed, and decrease the rate
Of crimes and violence , we won’t let ourselves go with the gush
Of the sewage on which we’ll throw them and eternally close this gate
" All against raping"

Copyright © hafssa Aj | Year Posted 2017

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My 1st isnt My Last

i thought that not seeing you would turn my life upside down
and i was right
im happy, im smiling like never before, im laughing and i have not shed a single tear
and here i thought it would be hard
i will admit seeing you (even though it was a picture) brought back emotions i never wanted to feel
the love, the anger, the sadness, the regret, the fear, the pain, the happiness, the laughs
all of that came rushing back and i was stunned for a moment
BUT i realized what i have now doesnt even compare to way back when 
writing this now is getting all of it out so i would NEVER go back 
im stronger now then i have ever been before
hearing your name doesnt pain my heart any more
i dont have to beat around the bush anymore
im sssooo grateful because you've should me what i always deserve to have and i have it now

Copyright © Fantise Mack | Year Posted 2014

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Family is thick, they stick by your every impulse.
They back you up, even if the situation is false.
Water is powerful, but blood is thicker.
If others are laughing, your family wont snicker.

They will stand by your side, and help you when your down.
They will ease your pain, and take away your frown.
Family is tight, they will never turn their backs.
They wont beat around the bush, they will give you the facts.

When you have no place to go, just pick up your phone.
A roof over your head, is something that the family will loan.
A bite to eat, or someone to listen to your grief.
They will give you tough love, with a full side of beef.

Family is powerful, they wont leave your side in a fight.
They will hold your hand, when your scared at nght.
They will save you from evil, guide you through a flood.
When it comes down to it, water is not thicker than blood.

Copyright © Jasmine Cruz | Year Posted 2014

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I Tried to Fight It

Well, this is the difficult life I've chosen
I've been holding on to this heart that's frozen
I tried to fight away the tears from my eyes
You have made your wave of goodbyes

I've been alone for a very long time
It's time to shine, my love of mine
Forgive and forget the mistakes of the past
The fears and cheers of our lives are oh so vast

The winter wind keeps on blowing
The mesmerizing moon keeps glowing
Fade away, darkness from my heart of stone
I'm just a lonely stranger in the woods, all alone

Comfort and bliss should be completely ours
We should have shared our strengths and powers
I should have tried to fight it - the awful feeling of grief
I should have tried to hide it - the remedy of my pure relief

I tried to fight it...
I'm breaking bit by bit
I tried to fight it...
I see your eyes all alit

Fight away the chaotic commotion in your mind
Don't beat around the bush or you'll end up blind 
Good times have made us happier than a reindeer in the snow
Times spent with you is priceless and that's what I want you to know

The trees are dancing in the breeze
The snow is simply glimmering at ease
I am a sucker for joy and peace this winter
I tried to fight the urge to ruin the fun any further

I tried to fight it
I tried to hide it
I tried to will it all away
I tried to sweep it all away
But, the feelings are still there
You are here without a care
I love you, but it's a cold, cold friendship
I adore you, but it's a bittersweet relationship

I tried to fight away the tears
I tried to chase away my fears
I tried, but I can't be in your black boots of sheer sulk
I tried, but your package of sorrows are in a big bulk 

The smell of candy canes and mint fill the freezing air
The wintery night has caressed the snow of despair
It's a wonderful time spent with you in my arms of zealous delight
I'm sorry that I couldn't fight away the agony in my heart of might 

I have been wrong about you
I thought you'd do things you're not suppose to
I tried to fight it, but I let out a scream of "let me go!"
I see your mouth of wit shiver and say "Stay quiet and low!"

I tried to hide it...
But, I must admit
It's a cruel, cold world out there
But, instead of listening to me, you live life without a care
Honey, I wish you the best in all you do 
Sorry - not all midnight wishes come true

I tried everything to cheer you on
I cried these tears from dusk to dawn
Frozen in place, I've noticed that you are gone
The urge to move on is but a gracious hope in heart...a battle not won...

The act of helpfulness is where the heart is
The road to recovery is where our haven-like home is
I tried to fight it - the thought of giving in to giving up so easily
I tried to hide it, but our secrets were revealed hastily

Copyright © J.W. Earnings | Year Posted 2017

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When Jack Fell Down Jill Found Another

When Jack Fell Down Jill Found Another

tom, dick and harry went up the hill
to fetch love with a women named jill
tom beat around the bush
harry frozen on his tush 
dick rose to the top and got his fill

connie pachecho


Copyright © connie pachecho | Year Posted 2017

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Across The Internet

Words spinning in my head
forming a sentence
not what I would like to say
because I should be pleasant
and down to earth
not  to get my feathers 
in a ruffle
and certainly not to start 
a scuffle 
and yet not  to repress 
those thoughts 
just beat around the bush 
and duck the next shot
always keeping the proper manner 
doing what i do 
i've got poetic cander
and my words will be immortalized
across the internet 
as i await the next on-set
you'll be reading about the last 
around the world 
they thought was flat
and that folks is where it's at............................................

Copyright © David Gouse | Year Posted 2007

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A Good Friend

A good friend is really hard to find,
and I've had so many just leave me behind
A good friend is someone you can trust, and talk to
one who can make you smile
no matter if you're down, and feeling blue
A good friend is someone you can act crazy around,
and even if they think your insane
they won't say anything, or even make a sound
A good friend will hold you
when you are going through hell,
and they'll accept your collect calls
if you are ever thrown in jail
A good friend never turns their back 
no matter if the situation is bad,
and when you show up on their doorstep
they're always so glad
A good friend will tell you the truth
about the decisions and choices you make
they never beat around the bush,
or try to be fake
A good friend will call you just to say hi,
and they'll listen to your problems
if you even start to cry
A good friend will always be there
others come and go,
and I've found a good friend in you,
and you make my feelings really show
You're a good friend,
and my best friend that I have in my life
if I didn't have you
things just wouldn't be right.

Copyright © Brittany Nugent | Year Posted 2007