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Barking up the wrong tree

My Mix-Breed "Extra Fluffy" 
happy as can be
Entered in the "Dog-Gone" trials
Just one of eighty-three

Some as big as horses 
some as long as trains
Some so smart they spoke to you
You'd think they had our brains

The judges they were different though
The scoring one two three
For each performing act they did
they all received a "three"

Pretty soon they narrowed it down
then narrowed it down some more
Some dogs were none too happy now
they didn't even score

Terriers didn't stand a chance
Dalmatians faired the same
When a pure bred Poodle took the gold
the Shepherd went insane

How could they do this to these dogs?
was it cause they aren't the same
The judges? Mostly poodle breeds
you think they were to blame?.....

Copyright © Pete Yuhas | Year Posted 2016

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Silly Christmas Cartoon

Once again the cat was in the cradle
and I didn't even have a silver spoon,
my master always at work leaving me with this loon,
always standing there stiff like with those sticks,
yesterday my tongue getting frozen as I tried to lick it,

Maybe I should be a little more bolder,
since I'm getting tired of him giving me the cold shoulder,
me a jack russell terrier with a ton of energy,
I didn't understand why he wasn't being very friendly,

My staring and whining at him certainly didn't do the trick,
because he just stood there staring back and didn't flinch,
finally with all the gusto I could muster,
I jumped high in the air and barked "take that buster!",

Finally grabbing the stick that I wanted him to throw,
seems like he started to dissolve a bit and take a bow,
I started chewing on the stick and dragging it around,
the frozen loon slowly dissolving and still not making a sound,

Couple of days later the frozen loon was almost all gone,
that is till we got yet another snowstorm,
my workaholic master making me yet another frozen form,
saying this one will last longer since its an abominable snowman,

This time this particular form was even taller,
making me feel even punier and a whole lot smaller,
and instead of waiting for the form to throw a stick,
this form had branches that were like 6 inches thick,

Since my past experience with the other looney form,
this time I got smart and was filled with cynicism and scorn,
thinking if this loon thinks I'm going to wait to play fetch and freeze,
well I'll just tell him he's just barking up the wrong tree!


Copyright © cheryl hoffman | Year Posted 2016

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You Know Nothing About

Dark origin behind the dawn of life
Dumb souls laugh far-off stream
A chip heavy on shoulders
Crash with thunder storm
Generous thoughts from heaven
Fall like cold dew in a pail
Walk with a profound heart miles and miles away
Thoughts prevail every time with no answer
Often lose action with single que, how absurd?
You get trapped in the same web as spiders do?
Then you’re off on the wrong foot
Just give a slip from yourself, long to soar up the sky
And fly as high as a kite, leaving the cruel world behind
Let others stroll and wade up to the shore
For you desire no more pleasure
The need for fresh air is all in demand
Is this how necessity became the mother of all?
You will hear people spin tall tale not one but many
The ridiculous cock and bull story from the attic with a cry
Keep your chin up and listen till the end
You can’t escape from loose cannons around
The world carries Hell in a hand basket
Every rose has its thorn; still the flower grows on pins 
There will be horrid little lumps within but don't crush the bud When you know you’re barking up the wrong tree, 
Float down the running stream to know your rope 
stamp hard feet down and see you appear bold on them
Carry yourself safe in the dark-dark night
Bold sense of vision hidden from the bloody sight 
An untimely resignation is traumatic, true! 
But every cloud has a silver lining
Stumbling blocks or stepping stones throw possibilities open
It’s time to pull the plug and aim for the best of both worlds
You need an eagle's sight to fight against the feeding frenzy
In fact, there are no mistakes, only experiences
No problems only challenges, the ultimate spring of survival
One day, you will find your feet fixed on the right ground
Ready to explore the beauty of new space
Dare not give umpteen excuses or never justify wrong
Some are irreversible!
Life has been kind, sometimes harsh, but mostly fair.
But think positive! Is it that simple?
Do billion good thoughts mean billion actions?
So many questions but answers too
Now, you might doubt about fear and sorrow
But not about life, love and death!
Is this what we call mere symbolism of deeper reality?
You know nothing about...
But know that your Lord has got you where you’re now! 
Will be taken there in your own time and reach that extra mile, Be you and teach to learn!
Count blessings no matter yours or mine!
Today, I stand to be a little more aware
My life is still trying to teach something that’s worth a try!
You know absolutely nothing at all...!

Copyright © Hussaina Azgar | Year Posted 2017

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a dog called: eagle

There are a lot of different breeds of dog,

A dog is a very common four legged-animal
That is often kept by people
Or used to guard 
Or hunt things 
but this female dog
Is a forensic dog
compare with Einstein
According to National Geographic channel
and other genius
mix with Dobermans
was used in Panama
as founder
of Noriega mass graves.

When  ferocious barking up the wrong tree
is always
reward by her mon (a woman)
 is a great holiday spender,
eats lot´s of pizzas
and can replace
men in his job.

Copyright © juana Guillen | Year Posted 2008

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The relationship between us began to thaw,
my thoughts tumbled in my head, 
making and breaking alliances,
 like underpants in a dryer without Cling Free.
Talking and thinking became to me,
 like the open page of a monthly magazine.
Your picture is silent, standing before me
 like a little statuesque figure.

I fell for you like my heart was a mob informant,
and you were the East River.
I deeply love you.
when you speak, 
I thought I heard bells, 
as if you were a garbage truck backing up.
After you dumped me, 
my heart hung heavily,
restless as a blue-bottle fly on a warm summer's day.

Your kisses was the flowers of love in bloom,
your laughter was the music of my soul.
My heart swelled with a sea of tears,
my dreams were flowers to which you were a bee.
I know that I have barking up the wrong tree,
But please excuse my French.
You left me with silence that seemed heavy and dark, 
like a passing cloud.

Your charms lay like metals in a mine and 
you gave me such chill embraces,
as the snow-covered heights receive from clouds.
You left me with vague thoughts,
that stream shapelessly through my mind,
like long sad vapors through the twilight sky.
Your name cuts into my soul like a knife and left me,
like a wounded snake drags its slow length along.

I am in so much pain!
I hate the fact that at least I didn't have a chance to see you, 
to talk to you, to look into his eyes,
and to hug me.
I never imagined I can feel so much pain and disrepair. 
All I want is to see you and touch you one more time.
I don't know how long it will last all this pain,
but I am sure it will be a long way on my way to healing.
Tears, photos and memories - all you have left...

Copyright © Yuhi Musinga | Year Posted 2016

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The way that it goes

I awake to find it is raining today.
As I sit down to write what shall I say?
Sometimes it feels like I’m barking up the wrong tree.
The rain keeps on falling and I can hardly see.

Sometimes it seems I can’t get out of my way.
The fabric of life appears tattered and frayed,
I reach out to grab on to all I can get.
I can see the top but I’m not there yet.

Many times my life feels like a ball in the tide.
Drifting out further no matter what I try.
Other times it feels like I’m drifting downstream.
My life feels much like a perpetual dream…

There are times I really don’t know which way to go.
The more that I learn seems the less that I know.
Life appears like something from a picture show.
Life a snowball going downhill, it continues to grow.

I try to find sense where there’s none to be found.
The past sneaks up on me without making a sound.
I’m still on this Journey yet where am I bound?
Life flies right by me why are you still around?

When I feel hungry and my soul needs to feed
Still, I seem to drift much like a tumble weed.
Blowing in the wind the leaf falls from the tree.
All it really wanted was the chance to be free.

So I just start again as I take to the road
It is the way that it goes, so I am told.
I try to buy back the soul that I sold.
Not all that wiser yet another year old.

Copyright © Mark Russell | Year Posted 2011

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Isn't The Same Old Spiel


Be careful what you ask for
Next thing you know it wasn't all that great, or you want even more

This isn't the same old spiel
I'll tell you something real
Everyone has an 'Achilles heel'

Speaking the truth, life is rather short
Don't be a poor sport
The ball is in your court

You are really barking up the wrong tree
If you think you're godly
Compared to everybody

Only here once
No ifs ands or buts
All eventually bite the dust

It's not all make believe
From A to Z

Others will always meddle
I don't care if you believe in god or the devil
Better grasp the nettle
Instead of trying to always settle
If you want to reach a higher level

I'll hit the nail on the head
Don't get misled
We all wind up dead

I'm going to call it a day
But not going to throw it all away

Copyright © Dalton Ogletree | Year Posted 2017

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You Say... What About Me

You say you need your space, room to breathe
You turn completely cold, I begin to freeze
You now smile and yell I am finally free
You say... What about me
You say all these years I have trapped you and held you back
My heart is now the train that has gone off track
You say it's over and that I am barking up the wrong tree
You say... What about me
I tell you forget it, my feelings aren't important enough to share
Even though you are here, you are no longer there
You say you want me to beg on bended knees
You say... What about me
You say you have nothing left to give
It's time for me to move on, learn to live to love or love to live
I will no longer experience emotions cutting so deeply
You say... What about me
I feel as if three years have been wasted away
Our stage in life is a tragic end to a disappointing play
You say you've found the right man to ignite your heart's fire
You say he will fulfill your innemost desires
You say we have grown tired of one another, to this we agree
You say... What about me

Copyright © Eugene Carmen | Year Posted 2008

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I wanted you

 I  wanted you to come to me and refresh my soul. I wanted  you to be the dream of this night owl. I wanted you to come to me and sway my belief. I wanted you to come to I,and set me free. May be I was barking up the wrong tree.

Copyright © bahram sediqi | Year Posted 2016

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The Roads all Travelled

A wave of depression hit me down in Hope Street.
Hair stood up on end, on a shortcut down Barber's Lane.
Got a no-go from a cash machine, brooding in Bank Street.
Bought some pharmaceuticals, trippin' down the High Street.
Caught a nasty virus, browsing down Microsoft Way.

People mean an' nasty - livin' down Friendly Street.
Get a lot of funny looks strollin' down Queen Street.
Just a lot of concrete, nothing grows in Park Lane.
Fell down an' hit my crown - slippery in King Street.
My mind went blank, stumbling down Memory Lane.
Ain't got no soul, the residents of Shoe Lane.
Shops are all closed downtown in Commercial Street.
Couldn't get a Doctor - even down in Doctors Row.
Felt so weak an' powerless, shivering in Strong Street.
Don't know if there's such a thing as Easy Street.

Felt a little lonely, solo down lover's Lane.
Heard a blues band playin', blowin' down Tobacco road.
Carrying a lot of baggage, struggling down Porter's Way.
Barking up the wrong tree, down Chestnut Avenue.
I took a wrong turning, heading down the road to Hell.

Copyright © David Flynn | Year Posted 2006

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Love Letter

                             LOVE LETTER by James Edward Lee Sr.

C-My name is Meow and I am a calico cat now
C-And I am not ashamed to say I'm in love with a dog wow!
C-Covered in maimed I shall rise
C-This handsome pooch comes over licks me on my face and eyes

D-My name is Bow Wow and I'm a golden receiver, yeah I'm fine
D-And I'm not ashamed to show and tell the world I luv you
C-I'm a feline and I am also glad to announce that too are mine
D-Come on here little kitty, let me share my shoe wit ya, ma Boo!

D-I'm writing you this love letter
D-With my pen in paw I'm sayN I love my kitten
D-We shall hang out on the couch
D-I may even for you catch you a mouse

D-I will not be "ruff" with you 
D-I'll share bouncing balls and twine and strings
D-You're the cat's meow, my darling
C-And Bow Wow you too are my boo

D-I love you so Meow
D-Your my Calico kitten
C-I love more Bow Wow
C-Your my dog chowder
D-Love you more than Blue Diamond or Purina

D-I will not be "ruff" with you 
D-I'll share bouncing balls and twine and strings
C-You're the cat's meow, my darling
C-And Bow Wow you too are my boo

C-Purrr, purr, and your not barking up the wrong tree
C-I am truly in love with you
D-Come on over so we can chase
D-So when we're done we can embrace

D-I'm writing you this love letter
D-With my pen in paw I'm sayN I love my kitten
D-We shall hang out on the chough
D-I may even for you catch you a mouse

C-This is our story let me relinquish
C-I will give you a lick
C-(this is how we kiss)
D-Catch me if you can betcha can't catch me
C-When I climb this tree
D-Come here kitten
D-Read my love letter

                                     Vocal written letter

FOR CONTEST:  Love Letter
Sponsored by:    Viv Wigley


Copyright © James Edward Lee Sr. | Year Posted 2017

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In Prays Of Legal Tender

Aye do attest
that poetry may not be best
to express whoosh to chest

git a lee till bitta chump change
boot an overpowering literary force
   to pocket earning for a grange
(hmm...who knows maybe 

   formerly owned by Jessica Lange
thence might be within my financial range
even though this har chap
   moo cho decades older 
   than college student - iz that strange?
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Let this dog gone prime mate 
   ova simian sketch out
   his general doggerel to free
unleashing a swiftly tale lord
   of the flies - harried styled 

   brush stroke of strengths
me retracted claws, which might find me
   barking up the wrong tree 
   arf find yarself cat a tonic lee taking a nap 
   in the land of doctor ah zee.

akin to a termite expending energy
   thru wood to bore search sans income
   an arduous slow book king chore 
   thus, i spruce quest per
   my non-conformist poetic 
   je ne sais quois x cell lent

   cover letter de jour 4u2 access and for me
   to entertain as a minimum less or more
and then...whoosh into  
   circular filing cabinet ye will store
this non-formal reap ply, 
   which email will take cyberspace tour.

Pixar could nada pay enough
   for this trainer of apple chomping antz
so i wonder if any chance
   whisker of employment
vis a vis thru this contrived virtual toy story,

   qua ratatouille poetic brew
could materialize opening virtual community chest
   into a likely monopoly winning chance
such an idea generates me
   to shrek out with excitement n contra dance
just in case a glimmer prospect exists

for this self anointed bard, 
   and one who dislikes formality
of zee mainline presents 
   a brief poo whet tick summation
   sans technical skills,
   he hopes to enhance

p'raps earn enough moolah 
   to sight see arc d'triumph,
   Louvre, Paris France, 
   i offer the following poetic expression
   for ye to take a glance

and help this intuitive *****sapiens income 
   to expand and en-hance
which byte size bit torrent humor
   without use of strong arm, nor lance
   might cause ye to soil pants
after misinterpreting mishmash

   as twittering er 
   angry bird raven rants
even part time income exists 
   worth considering, sans positive stance
   a subtle intent worth hiring 2 sway 
   au currant series electronic charge
and ideally affect hypnotic trance.


Copyright © matthew harris | Year Posted 2018