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Inside The Mirror

                       Inside The Mirror 

Mirrors are the biggest liars in our world,
   You don’t want to look them, when you are old.
I will break everyone, they show an old man, 
   The man that was full of youth, as some have told. 
Can you see what was there? Now all it is gone.
   There is no more fire in life, it’s just cold.
Tell me what do you see when you look at me?
   A pile of rust that was once as good as gold.
I wish my mirror is showing what it was,
   Now is too late and I’m too old to behold.
What is this life that you don’t know, who you are?
   Until you wanted more, when gone and it’s sold.
I sold my youth for what, some bricks and now pain,
   Tell me “Haloo” how this journey, will unfold.  


The Painting is called Inside the Mirror or reflections. It is acrylic on canvas.
This Poem is in the form of Ghazal without refrain with 11 syllables in each line. The rhyming of Ghazal is always aA, bA, cA, dA, eA etc. 

Copyright © Pashang Salehi | Year Posted 2018

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Simple cliches

Testing the waters 
of this undeserved fame.

As this life as we know it,
really isn't much more than a game.

Theres nothing left to lose.
No more to soon gain.

What you bring to the table,
isn't much to many.

And if silence is as good as gold.
Look forword to what your future can hold.

Copyright © Johnny Scianna | Year Posted 2011

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' Constructive - Criticism ... ' ( An Oxymoron - For All, But A Few)

‘ Constructive-Criticism … (An Oxymoron, For All But A Few) ’

Constructive-Criticism Is Good, It’s True
But, I’ve Only Seen It Used Properly, By A Few …
‘Cause, One Thing I Know, That I Have Seen
‘Some’ Use Criticism, Just To Be Mean …

Then, The Term Should Be:  Destructive-Criticism
‘Cause, They Ain’t Even Getting Paid! … To Spout Poison In ‘Em
I Know Then, They Want To Abuse, in Jealous-Individualism
So, Maybe, They Need An Enema, or Have An Embolism 

Coming Up (or while under Construction) I Was Told
And The Engineer-Advice, Was As Good As Gold
‘ If You Can’t Say Something Nice, Don’t Say Nothing’ At All’
So, I Don’t Bomb Somebody’s Building, Just To Watch Them Fall

Constructive-Criticism, Don’t Sic That Dog On Me
Take It and Go Bark-Up, Somebody Else’s Tree
Take A Look At Your Own, Before You Tell Me What’s Wrong
You Know What You Can Do With That … (and The Horse You Rode On)

And In The Words of ‘Tom Snyder’,  (The Idea I Relate):
“Just ‘Cause I Think Somebody’s Trying To Kill Me … Don’t Mean They Ain’t!”
And, If You Don’t Like My Building, There’s The Door, Walk Away
I Don’t Need You Cutting Down, My Structure of What I Say

And If Negative-Criticism, Is Under Construction ... That’s A Front !
When Have You Ever Heard of Something Negative, Building-Up ?
Maybe Somebody Dropped Them On Their Head As A Child
But That’s No Excuse To Criticize, Somebody Else, or Their Style

And that  ' True ', for A Few, I Meant at The Beginning
Here Are The Ones, I Accept Their Condescending:
GOD … Loved-Ones … Close Friends … (and Me)
‘Cause I Am My Own Worst-Critic, You See …

Constructive-Criticism, That’s an “””Oxymoron”””
And Look How That Word Is Spelt … Hon

(I Prefer The Term:  Commentator ( Cause I Love to Comment ! )
   ‘Cause I Want To Polish Your Metal, Without Leaving A Dent

Copyright © MoonBee Canady | Year Posted 2009

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Poetic Virtues and You

P is for the passion in our pursuits and patience in our frustrations.
O is for originality, open-mindedness, and optimism in a world of pessimism.
E is for the enchanting elegance of simplicity, empathy, and energy in expression.
T is for truth where your word is as good as gold and trust replaces doubt.
R is for being real and respectful for the words whispered from the soul.
Y is for yearning, and yes, always believe in poetry, dreamers, and you.

Copyright © James Ranahan | Year Posted 2015

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Hurry Christmas

Christmas Day will be here soon.
It’s my very favorite time of year.
If I’ve been good…I have you know...
Then Santa Claus will visit here.

What will Santa bring for Christmas?
That’s all I want to know
Or even think about until he comes
With his reindeer, through the snow.

Did Santa read the list I mailed?
Could I get a stocking full of coal?
Gosh, I  hope not.  I’ve tried all year
To be just as good as gold.

Oh, the Happiness of Christmas…
I remember my own glee.
Momma!  Daddy!  Look what Santa left
Underneath our Christmas tree!

Older now, I still love Christmas;
But certainly for different reasons.
More important now than gifts
Are Peace & Love & Giving…
The truest message of the Season.

Have yourself a Very Merry Christmas,
A safe and happy New Years too.
Rejoice the Holiday Season!
That’s my Christmas Wish for you.

And as we celebrate this Christmas,
Enjoying merriment & mirth;
Pause to be thankful for God’s Greatest Gift,
Our Loving Savior’s Birth.

Copyright © Robert Candler | Year Posted 2015

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Heaven Shower Me

Heaven Shower Me
By Nate Spears

Tell me something good
Email me if you would
Rather than take a minute
Take my heart 
In a second 
If you could.

I’ll go through hell to reach you
Thank God and the heavens
For letting me meet you
God All Mighty
Lord knows I’ve been seeking you

You’ve been a blessing to my soul
Your heart is as good as gold
Where have you been all my life
Me or no one else knows

But you’re here now
 And I will always adore you
The magnitude of a good woman
Will bring sunshine to any mans morning
I’m just blessed to have had 
The Heaven’s Rains
To shower me on you.

Copyright © Nate Spears | Year Posted 2013

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I have come to the crossroad, parting two paths
Contemplating, pondering, reflecting
I hear voices of falcons in a melodious tone
I came to a stop, which direction should I go

Every movie has an end
Every race has a stopping point
Every beginning has a conclusion
Every journey has a destination

Are there dangers ahead
And how will I avoid them
Will I be fearless and bold
Is the road as good as gold

Many are on the road to nowhere
Greener it looks, a road most traveled
Many go down the road with plans
On a journey they don’t understand

Travelers couldn’t travel both
The road leads where the road leads
A road without hope, a path without light
Many journey on this road, dying every night

They couldn’t find the felicity they desire
They couldn’t find the riches they longed for
They choose the wrong path they sought
And never knew true riches can’t be bought

I keep my eyes on the road as far as I could
Not needing to worry about people’s opinion
But giving Him my utmost life and attention
And reflecting for His guidance and direction

Copyright © Gideon Foli | Year Posted 2015

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I Did It My Way

I Did It My Way

Nay they say, that simply will not ever do
  look here for a wife that's so very true
Those foreign gals are only after your money
  to a broke guy like me that was so damn funny!

Friends gave me a list of all the bad that exists
  temptations so false yet hard to ever resist
Those women have it in buckets, baskets and spades 
  only ever good for prostitutes , cooks and maids!

The negatives stacked up like many rows of firewood
  the why not's , the don't ever's and you never should
Many a curse cast upon those women from foreign shores
  vile lies about stealing, killing and being whores!

Despite it all , went ahead and I did it my way, My Way
  trusting in the good Lord , kneeling nightly to pray
Decade now with foreign wife , son , sits a very happy man
  I did it my way, rejecting such lies , tossed into trash can!!!

  06-05-2014, Contest entry--- "I Did It My Way"

This write based upon my life!! After two brutal divorces I wanted
 a true wife. One that understood faithfullness , honor and 
love! So I decided to look the entire world over, not limiting
myself just to the USA. Immediately I was told how foolish my quest.
Told how awful, bad and evil those "foreign women" are! I refused
to listen to such tripe. 
I did it my way and glorious bliss landed upon my life!
Found true love, beautiful and faithful wife . Now we have
a beautiful 7 year old son. All because I knew the hate cast at me
 was intolerance and deceit, based upon lies and conceit.
My filipina wife is as good as gold. Ten strong years of pure and
 ever faithful bliss!
Such they sought to make this man miss!!
Yes, I did it my way......

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2014

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Like a Man

I live by such simple logic actions 
this only seems to you science fiction 
left brain grows my people interactions 
my male strength burns from a deep conviction 
the fight for what is right my ambition 
in my armour I take my lady’s plight 
I will always be your saving brave knight 

please do not judge me for being so hard
I feel I need to guard my love’s equal 
our love's safety held in highest regard 
as a man I live to fight all evil 
I wear scars from a fight medieval 
recording my loves struggle for my bride 
my love and fight for you  won’t be denied 

when you neglect me I am also hurt
what I need is your heart as good as gold 
be faithful to me never be a flirt 
when we walk home at night in icy cold 
my arm is the one that you choose to hold
I will hold your hand till the breaking dawn 
when all your fears are now real and born 

I hold your honour in highest esteem 
this births my stress over our love future
I sacrifice for you as a life’s theme 
all this while keeping my sense of humour 
when our daughter’s heart has gone all lunar 
her father will teach her to be love smart 
this wisdom is what I hope to impart 

when times in life bring on the very tough 
this is when my vows and love commitment 
ensure I fight for us to have enough 
no regrets, this is a life fulfillment 
my love for you will always be consistent 
I chose to be your faithful loving man 
I love you, like a man, that’s what I am 

-for Linda and Jean-

Copyright © Just James | Year Posted 2016

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With Reckless Abandon - Part 1

Many years ago and many tears ago
When bills were just something our parents worried about
When first kisses were still yet to be experienced
And summer days actually meant having a vacation

Back in the days when our parents didn’t worry about where we were
When we could leave the house before breakfast and come home again after the street lights came on
Back in the days when pinky swears were as good as gold
And cross your heart secrets were never told …
We rode our bikes, lit our farts with Bic butanes,
Went to swim team practices in the early morning mist
And played tag in the woods behind the Richter’s barn

And, in the way we played tag, our personalities and persona shone through
Some ran through the woods timid and slow and were always first to be tagged
Some were smart and cautious always aware of the best hiding places
Always knowing who was “it” and who was to be avoided and to stay away from
Some always followed others, hoping they could show them the way to avoid being tagged
Some always were the leaders, showing the way and helping others not to get caught

And then there was Doug

Doug, the son of the family who held on to their land, house, barn and homestead
One of the last remnants of an era passed
An island of farming family values surrounded by the suburban landscape springing up around them in every direction
The reason why there was still a patch of woods that we could run through playing tag

Doug was fast, though perhaps not the fastest
Doug was quick, though perhaps not the quickest
Doug was cunning, though perhaps not the smartest

But, what Doug was most often was … the last to be tagged

Doug would run through those woods with reckless abandon
There was not a sticker bush he would not run through to avoid being tagged
There was not a tree he wouldn’t climb
And then jump out of from the top
To avoid being tagged
The was not a ravine he wouldn’t jump
A mud puddle he wouldn’t splash through
A risk he wouldn’t take
To avoid being tagged

Many a boy, of which I counted myself often, was left holding his side in exhaustion
Watching the back side of Doug making his get-away once again

Doug was not one to hide
He could easily be found
Constantly on the move
Just never to be caught

And, that is the way I pictured Doug running through the woods of life

Never hiding from trouble
Never afraid to take risks
Constantly on the move
And, never being tagged

Copyright © Joe Flach | Year Posted 2012

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like, as

i never saw the doornail die
never caught sight of a fox that sly

i didn't cure a dog so sick
didn't steal a glance of thieves so thick

i can't walk tight a rail that thin
can't see some sight as ugly as sin 

i didn't ever take any punch so pleased
or been flashed by lightening that slippery greased

i can't light bituminous coal so black
or pointedly aim as sharp as a tack 

didn't touch a witch's tit so cold
- i'd feel it's not as good as gold

i can't squish in any mud so clear
or finger a lobe cute as a bug's ear 

folks shout i'm as deaf as a post
in fact i'm even worser, than most

i can't hear a fiddle so fit
in fact i don't give a - damn

a simile is as cool as winter's rain
so i utter them like, again, and again

true, i'm as buzzed as a bee so busy
but i don't think a bee's like a simile, is he?

© Goode Guy 2013-03-06

Copyright © Goode Guy | Year Posted 2013

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In my deepest darkest hour 
There is no one to talk too.
No one understands and the world is too busy to care!
Lost and confused I write these words in fear
I live in a heartless , cruel world.

My children believe their dad is as good as gold.
But at nights away from their innocent eyes,
He conceals a deep, dim , deadly secret.
A secret that plaque his soul, 
Terrifies his victims:
A victim of which I am.
a bully is he!

The monster within that torments and surpresses my very soul.
My family and friends think I am hallucinating,
If you knew him you too may think I am crazy.
To the human eye he looks humble 
Violence may not be of his nature
But you are wrong he is scary!
Violent is his character.
Your children will fear him ,
Their dreams will be awaken,
The monster that lives within has no compassion.

His heart is as cold as ice 
His hands lay heavy on your throat
Legend I call him many is he,
Your daughters may know him,
His scent may possest them.
Who am I to warn you?

I am only a victim crazy you may call me, 
A fool I maybe,
Safe I am no more.
No corner, no closet can hide me
This demon devours me,
Death has a hold on me ,
Sweet angel release me.


Copyright © Patricia Garcia Howard Bramble | Year Posted 2011

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My Tom Cat "Ponch"

My tom cat Ponch can be a gentleman
In many more ways than one
He’s a lean, handsome, riotous
Unassuming and street smart
His word is his bond you can be sure
He speaks his mind on time
He has no patience for pretense
He purrs and purrs until I stir
So cajoling he can be

My tom cat Ponch can be a wild child
With a gift for verse and prose
He lights my furnace and melts my heart 
He serenades with poetic words
He’s romantic and full of passion
And though not rich, yet I still will keep
His heart as good as gold
‘Cause he purrs and purrs until I stir
So obliging I want to be

Copyright © Annalise Brigham...a.k.a. Audrey Haick | Year Posted 2010

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Da Kurlzz

You're smart and funny
You know what you're doin
I love your curls
As good as gold
Cuter than anything I've ever seen
You scream so loud
And talk very proud
I love you Da Kurlzz

Da Kurlzz is from Hollwood Undead, My FAVORITE band of ALL time!!!!! ^_^

Copyright © Ali Matheny | Year Posted 2008

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JD blues

Heart is as good as gold.
Tragedy darkened the soul.
Distancing yourself from hope.
Loss and fear taken hold.           

When you gonna step to Me.
Let me be the man you need me to be.
The man you helped to get back strong.
You know I'll never do you wrong.

Don't need to do this alone.        
I'll always be on call.
Just dial I'll pick up the phone.
Come save you from further fall. 

You're everything I ever dreamed of.
Fulfill everything I fall short of.
Complement each other clearly.      
Clearly care for each other dearly. 
Let me come lighten the load
I know it's gonna be a long road.
Will be forever patient. 
In time will all make sense.

Copyright © David David | Year Posted 2016

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Her Words

At times when life is hard,
Her words can help me through.
She held me close and said,
‘My boy, I’m proud of you.’

It’s been so long and yet,
My memory’s as clear.
I hear her tender voice
And see her face so dear.

My Gran was loved so much,
Her heart as good as gold.
I stoop and touch her name,
But granite’s hard and cold.

Her grave is grey and still,
Between the elm and yew.
I leave a rose and say,
‘And I was proud of you.’

Posted just too late for Carol's contest : )

Copyright © jack horne | Year Posted 2011

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Like the sun,
Mandela rose
To shame the darkness
Unveiling the close.

Like the great  tide,
He touched high and low
Impacting a print
Like the stamping blow.

Like the roof top,
He guided his home
In acts and words
He kept a tone.

Like a poem man,
He wrote the woes
Of steal of honours
So, he fought the go.

Like the parrot,
Mandela spoke
To the high and mighty
Without a stroke.

Like Iroko,
He stood so bold
To storm the weather
In the hot and cold.

Like the fresh air,
As good as gold
An helper he was
A smoother of road.

Like billion rosaries,
You can't count his goals
Paddle and saddle
Long still, you'll throll.

Like the lion,
He deserves a throne
Crown him forever
With words and owns.

Like mandela,
Let my little  grow
To make things better
That the world may glow.

Copyright © adelaja olayiwola | Year Posted 2013

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No ifs,no buts or whys or hows,
mum says just do as your told.
But why? I'll try if that's your cry.
Well I don't want you catching a cold.

Catch a cold, do as I'm told
with no ifs or buts as you say.
At six years old I'm as good as gold
if that's why and how I should play.

If mum.


But mum.


Why mum.


How am I going to say
I'll not catch a cold, I'll do as I'm told
and I'll stay in the house all day.

Copyright © Patricia Lawton | Year Posted 2017

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As Good As Gold

A-im is as good as gold, 
M-ove on toward your dream; 
I-mmeasurable joy is like
E-ndless flow of the stream.

A-llow your arms to reach, 
L-et your both hands hold; 
O-n the fifteenth of September, 
G-low is as good as gold.

Copyright © Bernard F. Asuncion | Year Posted 2017