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Two Ordinary People

This is for all of you who found your "true romance" and are still living "happily ever after."

You were no Cinderella at the ball,
But, then, I was no Prince Charming, I recall.
Just two ordinary people
Who fate and chance had brought together,
But by the time the dance was through,
We'd found romance, and we both knew
That for two ordinary people
It was like a fairy tale was coming true.

Ensuing years have proved that life is not a dream,
And all that glitters is not gold, as it once seemed,
But when two ordinary people
Vow to join their lives together,
Then all the ordeals they'll withstand
If they face them hand in hand.
That's how two ordinary people
Make the magic work without a magic wand.

I'm not a prince and you are not my princess bride,
And I couldn't slay a dragon if I tried.
We're just two ordinary people
Who kept a vow and stayed together.
But when it's blessed by true love's kiss,
Ordinary can be bliss,
And when I think of me and you
I know some fairy tales come true,
And even ordinary people
Can have a happily ever after ending, too.

Submitted to Richard Lamoureux's "People" poetry contest
May 5, 2018
Sharing 1st place with Charles Messina in Richard's contest....thank you! (6/10/2018)

Copyright © Jim Slaughter | Year Posted 2018

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Look at the floor of heaven 
Laid with patterns of bright gold
For us they are but little orbs 
But in his motion
Like angels they sing
So many songs of harmony
To the souls of immortals 
And while this muddy vesture of decay
Does gross in them
We mortals cannot hear it.
Hold your fortune for your bliss
A gentle scroll
A diamond ring 
All gone
Loss upon loss
Life upon life
Death upon death
Pain upon pain
A man of the people
The villainy the beasts taught him
That he executed
Until things fell apart

Judge him not
And mourn him a legend
For whose sake
The Arrow of the gods granted justice.
Christopher Okigbo called them beasts
David Diop called them vultures
For me 
They were weeds on our soil
Colonial masters 
Who awakened our sleeping lions

Achebe threw the bomb 
And died before it exploded 
This cooled his friends
And awakened his enemies
They laughed at his losses
And scorned all his gains
He seeked not revenge
Yet his silence scrapped all nations
Thwarted their bargains
And with two heads of fools 
He repaid them for one
And then There was a Country

He chose not what many men desired
And rejected the barbarous multitude;
Crystallized the inferiority complex
And fought back to back 
For Africa.
No ill-luck stirred at first
No tears but of our shedding
No sighs but of our breathing
Various creditors sprang
Enemies arose
Yet he'd give up nothing for the wilderness of monkeys
Nor for the generation of wolves

An ambassador of love rarely seen
His pleas were for the taunted and corrupt 
And with his graciously seasoned works
He obscured the shows of evil

What damned error!
But some superior would bless and approve it with a text
Hiding the grossness with faint ornaments. 
Look on beauty
And you shall see
It is purchased by the weight

Often have you been told
That all that glitters is not gold
Farewell, the hope of Africa
For now your suit is cold
We love and miss you
But our prayers with you shall be

Oh lord
Arise and await
For his gentle spirit 
Unto you dear god 
Commits itself to be directed
The Beautyful ones are indeed not yet born 
But the born indeed are most beautifully precious
Adieu Albert!

Copyright © CHIOMA ONYEKABA | Year Posted 2013

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The grass is always greener on the other side: says who?
It may just be perception not necessarily the truth
Ugly is not bad neither is beautiful necessarily good
It may be just perception
You see my son with wisdom you will begin to see in between the lines,
Of seemingly complex issues. 
Thinking a river is shallow might be wrong perception.
In times of trouble never be in a hurry to take decisions just like the wrong, misconception of a river being shallow.
In the same vein don’t hurry to jump into every matter with your mouth first,
It is a foolish act.
You see when the spirit man is well fed you perceive differently
Eureka! You begin to see opportunities everywhere. 
Impossibilities become impossible.
How dangerous it is for a man to use the binoculars of- 
flesh to view the supposedly greener grass on the other side
All that glitters is not gold as the saying goes,
Even in the spiritual Satan parades himself as an angel of light.
Perceive rightly and you are in for bliss  
For wise choices and decisions will always be profitable
So what rules your sight?
What do you see?
Are you optimistic?
Who are your friends?
 These we ponder over as we journey the earth
Heaven or Hell bound are all destinations
Heavenly supernatural perception remains king in this fallen world
The only recipe to win the battles of life
Even as we bask in the glory of Jehovah

Copyright © felix gbemudu | Year Posted 2016

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All that 'glitters' is not gold

They thought he was a harmless fool.
His hair dyed black
And eyebrows pencilled in,
The silver outfits -
Shoulders huge -
And platform shoes.

His lyrics less than lyrical,
Chanted, shouted
At his concerts;
His hits always played at parties.

A has-bean humoured,
Perhaps patronised,
His antics tolerated.

But Gary Glitter had a dark secret…

Jack Horne for Nette's Glitter contest

Copyright © jack horne | Year Posted 2011

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All That Glitters

Atomic number seventy nine,
A precious metal that sure does shine.
Sought by many, claimed by few,
Prospecting was the thing to do.

Found and used in all forms of life,
Sealing the bond with my dear wife.
It is noble and so versatile.
Some is visible when I smile

Symbol Au, from its Latin form,
Aurum, meaning shining dawn.
Used in food, E one seven five.
Olympic aim for which to strive.

A brilliant alloy, carat by measure.
Worn by ladies, gives them pleasure.
Lots of jewellery, plenty of bling,
Some find it attractive, that’s the thing.

Given to Jesus by three wise men,   
A gift to treasure now as then.  
Please remember what you’ve been told,
All that glitters is not Gold. 

Copyright © Colin Coates | Year Posted 2012

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The Lewis Trap

“The Lewis Trap”
Well, of course he's misanthropic He’s a Misanthropic Man The Devil’s in the details Buried deep under the covers Of bedtime stories, slithers ‘neath loose sand A Liddell bit of cake A Liddell bit of julip Sweets for a sweet pretty thing Brings her closer, his lovely little Alice This trapped butterfly makes his tired flaccid dreams sing A leering Feline that can be trusted Hides invisible, comes and goes as he pleases The Caterpillar offers her his peace pipe The Smiling Cat, he gently teases A Liddell bit of cake A Liddell bit of julip Time it races, it is fleeting, she is small enough Before too long, too big with petulant airs and graces To fit his mind, the House of Cards And it’s dark spaces, he is clever, he is cunning He’s hidden everything ‘tween the seams of his pockets Gold coins jingling sweetners rhyming, he is moving, the unleashed Serpent’s slithering. A best seller, he is camouflaged A shining shooting star, he’s so brilliant Plots escape route, he’s exonerated He weaves his story’s sticky web Unleash a monster, he writes in a Red Herring He’s elated He’s not retreating A Liddell bit of cake A Liddell bit of julip Her clothes fall off before celluloid She is shrunk to his best fit, now’s the time not to avoid His dire crime, he appraises, now’s the best time to commit She is complacent, malleable and easy, every Liddell bit-by-bit Like a Quiet Doormouse He’s perceived by her Mother as unassuming, empathetic Sweet and Kind, not one jot a bother She leaves her Alice and her sisters in his care Who simply adore all his childhood bedtime stories He is writing for mankind, to be fair… She walks off to her engagement, smiles and surmises, “He’s such a true gentleman, so charming, genuine, kind and rare”. A Liddell bit of cake A Liddell bit of julip How should he erase this evil mess he’s cruelly stripped, conscripted for inscription Return her back to normal Return the stolen prize he’s taken Cheshire creates a worthy monster, for young Alice to embowel Right before his very sorry wondering eyes, he can’t contain his thrill a sweet to swallow greedily she's all his, his delicious secret bitter pill All that glitters is not Gold A story of a Mad Hero, one that walks by her side he unfolds There is a monster in everyone He laughs and then he cries The Secret of this matter, oh what fun! He turns, then he denies He now is the Mad Hatter A Liddell bit of cake A Liddell bit of julip Eventually his misdemeanour will be uncovered There are strict laws for his mistakes He gives birth the romping Jabberwocky Needs to kill it just the same Give her back all the glory Take away all her loss and all her pain He places his Sword of Truth within her Liddell hands To plunge deep within the Monster’s heart Cut the hair from Samson’s mane. A Liddell bit of cake A Liddell bit of julip A story of Great Love What better could there be? Make her fall into the arms of the much loved, misunderstood Mad Hatter, that is he? Not the Cat who purrs watching over her, invisible in dark green trees – “’Tis Done!”, he thinks He’s saved from villainy A Liddell bit of cake A Liddell bit of julip She sits at a Tea Party in the Autumn of Her Years He is dead and buried, there are no more bitter tears She looks to God in her Blue Sky A hint of Love’s reflection in her tired cold dead eyes A Liddell bit of cake A Liddell bit of julip Maturing, now it’s her Winter Season if you please She turns the pages, buries The White Rabbit and his blasted fob marking time Closes Chapters, turns the dry and papery leaves, She thinks it is all a bit too late for revenge in a good rhyme Sits down at her table with her feeble hands A Liddell bit of cake A Liddell bit of julip Closes her eyes slowly, final sleep, walks through The Gate Last sigh is very deep Purring invisible in the Trees Cheshire's watching her, he smiles and then agrees. (Lovejoy-Burton/March 2018) for the 3 Liddell Sisters & any other child with a Lewis in their life
“And hast thou slain the Jabberwock? Come to my arms, my beamish boy! O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!” He chortled in his joy. “
2. 3. “Jabberwocky” 4. “The Secret World of Lewis Carroll

Copyright © Leanne Lovejoy-Burton | Year Posted 2018

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Poor orphan

Orphan you poor thing
Orphan you poor thing,
So you are all alone now, no mom, no dad, just you
I know dear, I know that in this point in time life seems meaningless
I know you feel rejected, unwanted,
Could it be because of the people around you?

Orphan you poor thing,
There you are sitting in a dark room all by yourself,
Swimming in a pool of salty water from your eyes
Wishing mommy and daddy were there with you.
You sit there alone, you fear the dark, and you fear the night, 
Each night brings you a new terrible reality of nightmares.
Out to hurt you? Out to rip you off you who know? They just might.
Child, you know by now that all that glitters is not gold,
People you thought loved you, will live you out in the cold,
The love they had for you when your parents were still alive,
That love has suddenly grown old,
And like all the old things, the love will vanish into thin air without a trace.

And in no time, they will even forget about you child,
Worry not my dear, weeping only last through the night,
Happiness will come in the morning
Soon you will forget that you too were mourning.

Poor Orphan
When the sun rises, go out there,
See what can do, deal with your fears,
Wipe away those tears,
And see what lies ahead
Use your head
Think, use your brain, use your intelligence,
That my dear is something they will never take away from you.

Poor orphan
You will work hard and build you old legacy
Stop feeling sorry for yourself, hard work surely pays.
When they see fruits of your hard work, they will be in pain,
They will remember all the bad things they said to you, all your hard work wont b in vain
Beyond their expectation, you will be successfully rich,
Then they will call you names, among others, they will say you are a witch.
But worry not child more insults will come, so will more accusations.
They will call you a thief and say you steal,
But worry not child for you will heal.
You will heal from the low self-esteem, low confidence.

Soon you will forgive them because a great future lies ahead
Don’t stop working hard in every possible way
And you will see poor orphan things will go your way.
Remember Poor Orphan, you are not going through this alone
There are millions others going through the same worldwide,
Self-pity won’t help. 
Get up and work hard.

Copyright © Lebohang Mokitimi | Year Posted 2016

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And to all those I have wronged
I am remorseful
For my life is an enigma
And at times I lose my way
Like a mad dog that goes astray
Enslaved by tribulations
That fails to go away
And reason becomes an absurdity
As my sanity fades away
Like a stallion
In the misty wilderness
Who comes back at dawn?
My mind awakes
Replenish with life with the warmth of the sun
And rejuvenates like a new born
To drink from the lake of life
And to start another sojourn on earth
To get what is left to take
And remember those I shall never forget
And those I shall not forsake
Dreams unfilled
Living a life that is less thrilled	
Ruled by plutocrats and kleptocrats
Who served the god of money
He takes your soul in return for a drop of honey
Friends come and friends go like the autumn wind
It s cold
So is life
For all that glitters is not gold
Standing on principle is worthless in the land of lunatics
Where religion is used as a weapon
By the raging fanatics
And freedom is used to enslave you more
For the oppressors we see
Are worse than the oppressors we saw
It is worthless for a bleeding pauper
The world sees not those who suffer
Except those who bask in the euphoria of wealth and stupidity
And who disgust those who live a life of humility	
For the puppet master still pulls my strings
He is the god we see 
Who controls all that life brings
And those artificial things
But time will vindicate the righteous
If you are true indeed so
When it blows
The wind of change
Everybody knows
Sound of chance
Fills the air
And ends your despair
Time servers and sycophants will perish
So will all that they cherish!	
And relish 
Hidden secrets locked away in the chest of the truth
Now unlocked
And I regain exuberance
Like I have bathed in the Fountain of Youth
For I have vowed to speak the truth
Parasites and worms that feed on the dead and the living
But never care for others because 
They are never giving
Kings and nobleman were born of slaves
They are blind when they hold the mantle of authority
They fall because they know not the meaning of prosperity
A divide house can never stand
So let us unite

Copyright © Olusegun Akanbi | Year Posted 2012

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All that Glitters is not gold.

Soaring into the air,
strafing the  clear blue skies
traversing  land and moutains high,
the eagle flies, a bird of awesome size.
 It's wings, huge bellows trapping air, 
send tiny creatures into spasms with fear.

Stooping low,  talons  drawn 
scoop  up unsuspecting prey
an innocent  hare  out to  play 
then lays its find in a nest on high
food for another day.

Birds in the air tremble and roll 
  at the flap of its mighty wings
that slice  through currents of air, 
a powerful force on course 
to  a distant  shore.

Silent like the wind that blows,
the clouds that float,
it sweeps the highs and lows
a haughtier bird we'll never know
nor witness allure so rare. 

With  feathers  of winking gems, illusive hues
teased by playful rays of the sun, 
 It streaks accross oceans deep
turning waves into defensive ones
that hope the eagle will not stay
 but continue on its merry way.

Despite it all, man can only
 stand in awe, so rare,so wondrous  a sight.
 With oohs and  ahhs he stands agape,
 transfixed by  a beauty untold
yet  remembers too the sayings of old
All that not gold.

Copyright © Margaret Okubo | Year Posted 2007

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All That Glitters Is Not Gold

I-mage is just misleading, 
S-ome things appear so nice; 
A-ll that glitters is not gold, 
B-eauty deceives our eyes.
E-verything that glitters is not gold, things might look worthwhile; 
L-ater we shall find ourselves dismayed without a smile.

D-ay six October morn
I-n our view is a calm river; 
A-nother zone of serenity
S-ilences those talking louder.
A-llow not eyes to judge a thing, 
N-either new one nor old; 
T-ry to sense the inner part, 
A-ll that glitters is not gold.

Copyright © Bernard F. Asuncion | Year Posted 2017

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As she approached we met eye to eye
I was awed by her beauty as she strolled by
I tried so hard to get her attention
This stunning example of feminine perfection

Her hair was long and freely flowing
Her lips were red her eyes were sparkling
She was pure symmetry in every respect
Nature had blessed her  absent neglect

I thought  she’d make a trophy wife
To have  this beauty for the rest of my life
She dresses immaculately nothing is missing
Those juicy red lips I yearned to be kissing

Our children would be proud of her as a mom
I’ve got to meet her but need to stay calm
She paused then sat down at an outdoor café
I sat down beside her and said   if I may?

Sure pal take a load off your feet 
I saw you follow me do you want a treat
For two hundred bucks I’ll give you an hour
Includes the time needed for me to shower

I was astonished by what I had just heard
To distance myself was the action preferred
It was her beauty that blinded my senses
Her physical assets had dissolved my defenses

I had fooled myself without provocation 
I need to expunge this self imposed indignation
I’ll keep baseless assumptions under control
And not forget “all that glitters is not gold”

Copyright © John Arribas | Year Posted 2016

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I Have Failed One Life's Test

Granny and I lived in Bemeyills
A land beyond the hills
On a beautiful thatchy
In a tract of a wild country
She wanted me a life of bliss
So she called me and told me all these

She said event is a great lesson
It tells us whom and what to jettison
That, life most time TEST us
Making things true appear false
And things wrong appear right
Maybe because of their radiant light

She said life has many wonders untold
But all that glitters is not gold
That, many have failed life’s TEST
So I should try and give it my best
And never fall life’s pathetic victim
Instead,be among the victorious team

Many years later,I left the country
Having come of age,I wanted to be free
I had deep longing to taste pleasure
To an extent beyond measure
And those Granny words,that in my heart cleft
Got pressured and they all left

There, I met a cherubim
With such beauty that I ‘ve never seen
Beholding her arresting complexion
My heart beat skipped without caution
For the smooth perfection of her prow
Was like the blossoms of a snow

Of course, I stood still for a moment
Watching her fine hairs that needed no
Observing her white sparkling eyes
My excitement couldn’t help but rise
And seeing those enchanting pearly teeth
Caused a jittery to my feet

I moved and touched her shoulder
Asking if her love was pledged to another
She smiled and said her name
A smile that put even the sun to shame
For me,it was love at first sight
It saved time,so I felt alright

I quickly demanded for a kiss
And she promised me “a moment of bliss”
She again called it a “night of grace”
And I tried hard to unravel that phrase
But I just followed where she led
And in a while,we lay warm on the bed

Yea,we found ourselves in mutual ecstasy
We were in reality,no more in fantasy
I laid that night with Amanda
But woke with a note that tore my heart asunder
For she departed to a place unknown
Abandoning me in the lurch all alone

Deep anxiety rioted my head
As I looked at what the note read
“I gave all my heart to him
But he made me a victim
He gave me HIV/AIDS
So am sorry to say we are now in same case”

I felt the wind blowing and the waters raging
Tears from my eyes were raining
Oh! the glory of my prime has flown
For life has indeed made me a clown
To life’s ill side,I have been made a jest
For I have failed one of life’s TEST

Copyright © Onah Edwin | Year Posted 2016

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An anonymous feeling yet feels so known
Deep inside us within our soul
We cannot Live without even we grow old

We think it’s the only reason to loose or succeed
A Hope that lies always in deep
We never loose it & think its true
Only to realize at the end we’ve been a fool

Sometimes in a dilemma, weather its all true
Sometimes in anger why its all blue
Sometimes in pain while its all bruised

An old man once said all that glitters is not gold
What’s in this saying which makes this so bold
While a feeling yet old, Uncontrolled

People born and die everyday
Some in hunger some in pain
Some die in war while other in vain
For them fate is insane

Asked a beggar he called it life
Asked a husband he called his wife
Asked a mother she just smiled

At the end I just realized
All through our lives we live through
There is always something new to go through

Something to explore ,Something to learn
Every moment is worth to earn
Fate is just a mandatory
A feeling residing for temporary


You can find Distance in my book of poems "labyrinth

Copyright © Mustafa Mun | Year Posted 2009

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Love that was once so perfect.
Disappeared quick like the light being swallowed by darkness.
Laughter and joy that once filled the sky.
Taken over by dead silence beneath the clouds.
That person whom was forever to be mine.
Transformed into a perfect stranger with time.

Love is blind.
That which let to me falling into the deepest darkest trenches alone.
Kisses which were once passionately shared.
Fallen into sour memories before the nightfall.

Promises made...
Good times rolled...
Promises broken.
I now know...
That, all that glitters is not gold.
And from here now, 
My heart will go on to be bold.
Till my arteries cease to uphold.
Our old memories like they were the future.

But if could have taken a peek into these hours...
My heart wouldn't have been on the platter like it was.
Perhaps i would've evaded this torture.
If i didn't see with what was within it.
Hence my mind is now heavy.
My thoughts are galloping wavily.

But my heart will always pound with truth.
Of what has always being real with me.
From here forth, until the end of time...

Copyright © Tlaishego Morema | Year Posted 2016

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cleansing breaths

Beneath me I see you laying lost,broken,in pieces
I wanted to hold you-to tell you this too shall pass
I waited for you to see the beauty inside that only my eyes could see
Beneath me you lay all your beautiful pieces glittering like precious stones
All that glitters is not gold
Or so that's what we are told
I waited for to see I had the glue for all your shiny pieces
But you never saw me
Never saw the fire raging inside
A quiet place to hide,a soft place to land
Ignored the beauty in my heart
Never once realizing that I'm so much more than meets the eye
Instead u confused me clouded up my mind wasted my precious time
Mistook my kindness for weakness
You played me for a child a fool..decided not to see the beauty in the madness..what's wrong love? Can't swim? Can't get wet?
Couldn't stand a little rain?
Left me standing with what's left of my heart in my hand
All while having the nerve-the unmitigated gall to say to me-i hope you understand
Understand what I want to scream!!!!
That YOU the king of kings has deemed ME beneath YOU,not good enough,lesser than?
Look I have surviver things that would have killed most!
And yet like the mountains-im still standing-stikl here
To top it off-you decided to punish me and rub my nose in it
To discipline me like you would an unruly pit
No relationships or attachments you are leaving soon
All typicals lies all crap all bull
Beneath me you will still lay broken in pieces-i hope the jagged edges cut you like you did me
In did everything you asked played by ur rules-only to end up dumbfounded, bewildered, and feeling like a fool
This is the very reason I won't let anyone close-no one gets in
Time after time...time and time again-i end up standing alone
Watching you walk away with a piece of me in your pocket
Helpless I powerless and unable to stop it
Don't worry-fine I am and OK I will be
I picked myself up straightened my crown-you can't keep me down
Just had to vent,to let go,to release
And let you know just how dirty I felt you did me

Copyright © Jenaea Lockett | Year Posted 2016

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Unnoticed my being grows

Amidst a crowd of crows

Your eyes see me not

That's the greatest blot

Let me remind you of my faithfulness

My journey from being to nothingness

The fault is not yours

Wisdom is not in weak souls 

In your company lots of fools appear

It is high time for me to disappear

All that glitters is not gold

Unfortunately about this you were not told

Copyright © SHAH JEHAN ASHRAFI | Year Posted 2013

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Pot Of Gold

I looked above and saw a rainbow Arched gracefully across the sky Silvery wisps of cloud scurried away The world washed clean and sparkling in the morning light. I went in search of the pot of gold Looked in fallow fields where children netted butterflies, Beneath Autumn leaves lying in mounds of magenta and gold. I followed the badgers as they burrowed deeply, And the dogs digging for truffles I came upon it where sky meets land A pot of burnished gold Eagerly I prised open the lid Empty- and engraved therein tout ce qui brille n'est pas d'or All that glitters is not gold.

Copyright © Cecilia Crasto | Year Posted 2018

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C'est la vie

The greatest story ever told
Begins with men daring and bold
Put to the test
They tried their best
But all that glitters is not gold

Copyright © Rico Leffanta | Year Posted 2018

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Enticing Words

glib talkers weave enticing, eloquent words-- empty their meaning.

Monoku 5: Cliche Contest, Silent One
Quote--" All that glitters is not gold"
6 Jan 2018

Copyright © Franco Gonza | Year Posted 2018

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While I Sleep

While I sleep
Angels Weep
Faeries cry

Wishing for something more
My love is deep
but yet I mourn

This World can be more
But yet hope is fleeting
It takes all big and small

Black is Black
White is White 
and a lie is never the truth

Half is never a whole
The right is never wrong
standup and be strong

All that glitters is not gold
Everything is not to be bought and not sold
We are human beyond price

Love of life is forever
Love of money is a dead end
Where do you put yourself

Copyright © Billy Jones | Year Posted 2018