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Saints and Demons on Halloween

On the eve of All Saints Day known as Halloween
We've a night where nothing is ever as it seems
Abraham, Martin and John hosted a grand ball
In heaven’s huge castle, a white marble town hall
Dancing and singing just like every other day
One old soul grew weary of celebrating this way
She found nothing special in the harps and trumpets
A more exciting venue she had come to covet
St. Peter partied, his gate was unattended
So to a room below the bored soul descended
A place where heavy metal was all the rave
Deadheads converged to stomp violently on graves
She was tempted to join in their revelry
As demons eyed her with curious envy
One grabbed her halo, howled when it burned his hands
Others confronted her with obscene demands
Only then did she recall escaping this place
When God sacrificed his son, mortal sin to erase
Although hands of the wicked tried to hold her down
She struggled, pushed forward and made her way uptown
Fearfully she cried while knocking on heaven’s gate
St. Peter found her in this emotional state:
“Why didn’t you learn to resist temptation,
During your tenuous Earthly incarnation?”
At a loss for an answer, she pled for mercy
And Peter felt inclined to deem her unworthy
But the Master heard her prayers, granted a reprieve
He blessed her and uttered, “Welcome home again, Eve.”
Her departure from Eden seemed so long ago
And now most certainly one thing she did know

She should have stuck with Adam when he first said, “No”
Instead of bobbing for apples with the demons below

* For Tony Brooks' “Halloween Hustle” contest

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire | Year Posted 2010

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HAIKU # 25




Copyright © Sean Kelly | Year Posted 2008

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All Saints' Day, France

Walking down to cemetery
with their pretty chrysanthemums,
the people talk their way to graves.
They hang out, if they want, all day.

With their pretty chrysanthemums,
they do make a pleasant picture -
one for Selfies if they have brought
cell phones up to cemetery.

The people talk their way to graves,
but they don't have to be sad words.
A jolly time - convivial -
cemetery jaunt, if you will.

They hang out, if they want, all day,
and headstones will be polished clear.
Lovely backdrop for the flowers!
(My small survey of All Saints' Day.)



Contest - Shall We Retourne

Sponsor - Debbie Guzzi

A win

Copyright © Julia Ward | Year Posted 2015

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All Saints Day Nov first

Today’s feast is All Saints day.
Do you have any friends there
With whom you’d like to pray?
Ask them to say one for you.
They will, you know.
They always do.
They know where we’re at .
They’ve been there too.
They’d love to give us a hand
And guide our way through.
Today’s feast is All Saints Day.
Got one batting for you?

Copyright © Robert A. Dufresne | Year Posted 2011

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holidays with a change in the weather

     Holidays with a change in the weather

      It starts with a chill in the air.  January the first day of the first month. A new thought of expectations, a new way, a plan to get in gear, a perfect way to start a new year.

      February the month we confess and show our love with a quote, some flowers, some chocolate , or even a love note. This month is for couples to show their love with snuggles. It's Valentine's Day the most affectionate month to let the other know we care. The only month with a leap year. 

     March the month where it is all about four cloves, leprechauns, pots of gold, and green beer. St Patrick's Day the greenest holiday of the year, it's the arrival of a new season saying bye to the snow and watching the start of new things to grow.

     April's first day of tricks and jokes on different folks.  Easter Sunday, children hunting eggs of color under rocks and tall grass hiding under cover.  Knowing April's showers help grow May flowers.

     Its the month we celebrate the first day of May, then onto the 5th Cinco de Mayo a Mexican holiday. Then we celebrate Mothers and Memorial Day, thank God for their wisdom and the men and women for our freedom.

     The red, white, and blue the flag with 
stars, stripes celebrated in the month of June. The month we pay tribute to our Fathers along with the first day of summer. It's time for the end of school and the start of playing in the pool.

       I pledge allegiance to the flag, when the Rockets set glare and bombs bursting in the air.  The 4th day of July a time for barbecues and bottle rockets to fly.  Thanks to our forefathers the time our Independence was signed. 

      August when it's the hottest month and it has National Watermelon and S'mores day. A month with out holidays. Summer is winding down and the start to school is coming around.  

     September's Labor Day, the working men and women's holiday, we give thanks to all you do. Then the most terrifying day when our men and women's lives were taken away, 911 the remembrance of our loved one's in a horrible way.  As summer sneaks away  autumn is on its way we celebrate grandparents and Native American day.

     October, Columbus found out the world wasn't flat but actually round. The leaves fall from the trees and cover the ground.  Halloween, tricker treat smell my feet witches and goblins on every street going neighbor to neighbor  collecting and filling their bags with sweet treats.  

     All Saints day a Christian holiday. The first day of November  Then on our way to election day. Then we stopped on the 11th to observe our veterans the men and women who gave us life, liberty, and the ultimate sacrifice. We set around the table eating turkey, Thanksgiving a day we are joined friends and family being together. Thanking God for the years blessing and endeavors. 

     December's with the shortest day and winter is here to stay with children sledding and snowman making and counting down to the 25 day Christmas is on its way. The day is here the children hope to hear Santa and his reindeer. It's now the last day its here and everybody cheers on a new year

Copyright © Rowdy Yates | Year Posted 2015

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My Super Hero

Deepavali night it was, the festival of light,
East to west,north to south, the whole of India was lit up and looked so bright.

Empty, dark sky on a new moon night, perhaps the moon had gone to take a nap,
From heaven as a Diwali gift,the moon came down to earth to light up my lap.

All saints Day is celebrated every year along with his birthday,
Yes,he's my offspring,the apple of my eye,my heart throbs for him when I pray,

Ardent, daredevil, optimistic, adventurous, industrious like an ant,
Nothing can stop, none can beat him, he's born to be triumphant.

Powerful and strong, multi - talented, intellectual, amazingly knowledgeable,
Amiable, jovial, innovative in ideas, tender in heart he is extremely admirable.

Unmovable as mountains to accomplish his mission, nothing for him is impossible.
Loyal to his employer, passionate about job, obstacles could never stop or hit,

Boldly he overcomes all hurdles that come his way, after all he's the Best Athlete.
A mountaineer, marathon runner, the super star of his mom.

Super human, super fighter, to you I bless,
Until this Earth remains,thousands of years you live, not even a year less.

Copyright © Manimala Basu | Year Posted 2015

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Three Ghosts on Hallow's Eve

I was visited by three ghosts
Each night until All Saints Day

Unlike Scrooge
I asked for the ghosts to visit
the ghosts were known to me
in life

The veil is thin
on Halloween or the Eve of the Hallow (Holy)

The first ghost was that of a young man and son
He was lost to my world when he was only 24
died in a car crash 

His ghost visited  the day before Hallow Eve
read me a confessional letter that he will prove his love to me
I did not know him because he as been dead for 13 years
But he said that he died on the 24th and his funeral was on the 31

The second ghost was that of an old women and friend
I remember her because she died less than two months
She made an appearance on Halloween

She was having trouble adjusting to death
naked and disoriented
She was looking for her clothes and jewelry
I told her that we thought that she was dead
and that she will take on new clothing

The third ghost was that of a father figure
he played one of his favorite singers who is also dead
Frank Sinatra

“The summer wind came blow-in' in
like painted kites, those days and nights.
From across the sea they went fly-in' by

The Autumn winds and the winter winds,
they come and gone. And still the days, those lone-ly days.
They go on and on”

I was listening to New Age music at work on All Saints Day
but some how I heard the song in the background for 15 minutes

Unlike Scrooge
I asked for the ghosts to visit
the ghosts were known to me
in life

They are not ghosts to me
because I miss and love them but 
“they go on and on”

Copyright © Mel Brake | Year Posted 2013

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October was dying, down of All Saints' Day,
yet we abandoned our dead,
and moved forward into wet snow wilderness.
Fallen city, burning ruins were our only candle
for howling winds, bare branches, pale moon,
and freezing stars made early death visitors.

All of anguish still waited.
It was slowly dying of our being,
like haunting animals we became, 
it was only once again history of lost souls,
it was hovering doubt in the sky,
and mightier than sells, inferno flakes,
silence that kills thereafter,
disguised Cain made us wonder.

It was lost and lonely, old women's able,
on crossing between abyss and mercy,
conceivably someone's grandmother,
or written off soul ready to die,
it was above all questioning heresy of trust, 
when forgiveness was our only gain.

Copyright © Vesna Arsenich | Year Posted 2010

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All Saints Sunday

This All Saints Sunday, names were read,
The newly born, the lately dead,
The names of those who were baptized,
The names of those lives finalized.
God's blessings stamped on everyone,
Lives that are gone, lives just begun.

We must aspire to live our lives
As more than mothers, fathers, wives,
So that each life when lived and done
Has been another saintly one.
On All Saints Day, our souls can stand
And join up with the All Saints Band.

For Brian's "Faith contest"
Won HM in contest

Copyright © Joyce Johnson | Year Posted 2010

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She Was An American Girl

Raised on promises ? Trip the wire where nothing remains...
An east coast orphanage and red coats, fighting for her republic
Dolls in rags their quivering lips these salty tears Eurydice a crazy life
Insidious circles Paul Revere stigmata's, the British are coming offertory's
Communion Alfalfa versing Buckwheat a Shakespearian send'off Monroe's doctrine
Alibaba's all saints day Bluebeard's manifest, destiny Mahican squaws as trails their tears
Longfellow reciting Darla's dreams; love's turn'coat screams pledged of dire shots, ringing out.

Copyright © Jeremy Street | Year Posted 2014

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A Prayer for Jubilee this All Hallows Eve

God, the children are dressed as wizards and their parents as witches,
A spirit of lighthearted harmony marks our steps as we walk,
And sinister ghouls and goblins are the subject of jovial talk,
And that is a beauty that I wouldn’t trade,
My daughter trick or treating with the other kids her age,
But God you and I know what day this really is,
It is the eve of all saints day or All Hallows Eve,
The night before we celebrate the saints that have gone before,
The night before we celebrate the joy that’s in store,
When we are reunited with loved ones in the great mystery,
And we feel the comfort of being known and knowing as we see,
The saints of old from ages past embrace us with a kiss,
And we repast, in everlast of things from life we’ll never miss,
Today is the Eve of All Saints Day when we celebrate in awe,
Elijah and Elisha, Yogananda, and the Apostle Paul,
And so dear Lord I pray this prayer on this ever so sacred eve,
For the many suffering souls around me who are craving a reprieve,
A reprieve from misery relentless on this All Hallows Eve,
God so many people around me are hurting and wish for death,
And their lives are so miserable they can scarcely tell,
That there is no such as eternal hell,
And most of these people to me at least do not deserve what they feel,
And people keep treating them so badly it is impossible for them to heal,
God bye and large these people owe no more debts than the rest of us, 
But God I ask that you give them Jubilee tonight to restore their trust,
For God, they have been through so much,
Give them Jubilee so they can once again receive this life’s touch,
Give them Jubilee tonight so tomorrow they know they’re set free,
Give them Jubilee tonight so tomorrow they can embrace the great mystery,
That you always suffer with us, so we never suffer alone,
And suffering is never eternal but only lasts a season,
God give them Jubilee tonight so tomorrow they have a reason,
To embrace this life with fullness of hope and everlasting zeal,
Though many of them are closer to you than me, tonight I ask that you show them you’re real,
In a way that they will never forget the truth that you’ve shown me,
That you will redeem all creation over the course of eternity.

Copyright © Woodrow Lucas | Year Posted 2017

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IF YOU PULL A LONG FACE - Part Two - Continued

IF YOU PULL A LONG FACE - Part Two (continued)

     ( for sweet-teeth kiddies )

IF you pull a long face
And that too on Halloween Day
Mascara and rouge will drip on lace
And Mom will take your candies away

If you pull a long face
Not caring it's All Saints' Day
You're bound to continue losing face
If it falls on a hapless holy Sunday

Yet if you pull a long face
All-Hallows-Tide to All-Souls' Day
It matters little which way you face
West or East you'll rue the day

If you pull a long face
While for the Departed you pray
Under your masks to win them grace
Candies chocs will rain down your way

Yet if you pull a long face
Loads of paint the leer overlay
When the date with Fate unmasks your face
None here might remember you and pray

© T. Wignesan - Paris, November 1st., 2018 

Copyright © T Wignesan | Year Posted 2018

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The Broom That Couldn't Fly

So still, so humble, there it lay
                      Cast aside on All Saints Day
A light brown stick, a tuft of hay
                  A witch’s broom on full display

As I approached, I heard it sigh
                     If I can’t fly, what good am I
And then the broom began to cry
                You’ll never know how hard I try

To reassure, I did declare
             Perhaps, your talents lie elsewhere
So many things that you can share
                Stories that could raise your hair!

Could be, you just need confidence
   Some witch’s ointment might make sense
It seems, I have some to dispense
            Now fly my friend and no nonsense

With that, the broom let go the gloom
                      Exhibiting a wondrous plume
It thanked me and began to fume
           I’m flying now, just watch me zoom!

Copyright © Mike Gentile | Year Posted 2018

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Halloween Hangover II

                                   All Saints Day implore
                                  praying away the spirits
                                   drunk the night before


Copyright © Maureen McGreavy | Year Posted 2018

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Never Forgotten

Candles lit to light their way
Honoring loved ones gone away
Remaining through hearts and memories a part of them will forever stay
For the deceased, this is their day

Sugar skulls galore on Day of the Dead
Celebrating the lives lost loved ones lead
Maybe they'll contact you upon sleeping in bed
Offering comforting words dancing through dreams in your head

Festivals and parades with abundance of Aztec marigolds throughout the day
Creation of alters gathering together at graves they pray
Favorite food dishes as gifts and possessions of deceased on graves they lay
On their spiritual journey they help guide them along their way

Some celebrate All Saints Day or All Souls Day instead
Everyone does things differently within their own home stead
Either way we all share similarities in honoring the dead
A piece of them will live on forever as they reside in our hearts and our head

Copyright © Melissa Tracy | Year Posted 2018