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For His Pleasure - Adult Content-

It’s sticky and it’s sweet
Limp but I’m sure I could get it to peek
I will linger on it and give you that sweet release
But all in due time, let’s play hide and go seek
I fumble around searching for my prize
I wanted to play but please don’t run and hide
I pout and stick my dewy lip out
You chuckle enjoying the ruse
But never forget you’re the one that got me to sing the blues
I start to search for that impeccable throb
Finding it hiding deep like a cob
I gleam with might
Licking my lips with anticipation and delight
Resting my hands on your thighs
I lean in retrieving my sort after prize
Soft and sleek at first working my way up your peeking birch
A hiss seeps from your clenched teeth
Giving my tongue the accolade it seeks
To run it up and down from thick base to throbbing tip
I let my teeth come out and play 
Grinding them up and down your intrepid bay
Feeling you throb and pulse with pleasure
Pushes me on until your length is all I can measure
Gagging on the sheer size, feeling your hands weave and pull with surprise
Pushing and pulling me back and forth
Feeling you quiver yearning for what only I can fulfil
I let you have it and give you the drill
Yelling out my name like it’s pure ecstasy
You let go and pour out your sweet yearning for me
Letting me lick my lips and swallow with glee.

Copyright © Aimee Garside | Year Posted 2012

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As life has a way of letting us know,
There are two destinations of which way to go.
Should we follow our hearts and dreams?
Or let them flow away like a beautiful stream?

Who is really in control of here and now?
Your feelings are strongly beginning to prowl.
Professing your pleasurable inner cravings,
May not satisfy your wishful tastings.

To remain silent may be the ultimate shame.
Dare one say?.. Or should one dowse the flame?
With no intentions of destroying any life.
Oh, how struggles intrude to the extent of strife.

Perhaps share your mind and love will soon follow.
Allow the knowledge so we may indulge and wallow.
Will they be willing with their arms wide open?
Or will they remain in the life they have chosen?

The decision must find a way to be tranquil,
For both deserve happiness and bliss of ample.
All in due time will we commence that walk.
While minutes go by...tick tock...tick tock...

Copyright © Maggie Mae McAfee | Year Posted 2011

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(Dedication: For my PoetrySoup friend Funom Makama.)

Faith anchors well
Fond feel that tells

Hope knows a sight
Where faith casts light

Love hints and calls
In rise and fall

Dare find the way
To walk each day

It's plain to see
What yet may be

Dare venture far
With love on par

Let faith bring hope
Where love sculpts scope

Live journey trip
Dare fashion grip

All in due time
Chimes sync with rhymes

Leon Enriquez
21 May 2017

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2017

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I Went Dark Today

I Went Dark Today

I went dark today
anger has taken over my mind,
I'm not very loving or kind, I'm ashamed to say
it not a very pleasent time.
I'm angry as hell, and I can't control it in any way.
of this I will say.
My love did treat me rough,
and for that I hate her so much.
I don't want to say one word to her
I'm locked up like a giant clam.
It's going to be a while until the love in me returns,
all in due time,
Perhaps tomorrow, hopefully by noon
When rainbows will make a path
I have gone dark,
A shadow cast over my soul
I hope it does not last for very long.
I only know that I feel like crawling up like a ball,
And roll myself into a big hole.

By Marc Acrich

Copyright © Marc Acrich | Year Posted 2018

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Old Jambu tree
Still bearing fruits;
Generous delights


NDP crowd
Massive tapestry;
Community celebration


Each passing year
Affirms our country;
Diversity in oneness


We celebrate
Our little red dot;
Gratitude remembers


So much to see
So little time;
Familiar complaint


Fireworks display
After The Pledge;
Poignant philosophy


Politics means action
Mere words concede;
Happy results count


Propaganda campaign
True to life stories gel;
Go beyond good intentions


Today is
Another day;
Celebrate well


Doing well
Sparkles fine zest;
Learning outcomes tell


Live telecast
Nation on parade;
Our thanksgiving prayer


Rainbow colours here
Yellow, brown and black;
Many shades and tints abide


Here lies
Our hopes and dreams;
KPIs fashion


New happenings
Here and there;
Changing vistas


Demand feeds supply
Expensive real estate;
Living costs escalate


Rumour mongers
Offers of high returns;
Just before a crash


Irony joins cynicism
Reality check puzzling;
Market trends deceive


Moody mindset
Reverse psychology;
Groggy outcomes


Growing old
Can be worrisome;
Living expenses skyrocket


This little island home
Where dreams still thrive;
God bless Singapore


Uniquely different
Quirky tempos preside;
Famous since 1965


Oh my country
How do I love thee?
Face, maze and grace


All in due time
I hear your ancient rhymes;
Especially the road signs!


August 9th each year
I join with my friends;
Celebrate homecoming here


Wherever I go
A Singlish word spurs
Feelings of home


Once I was in Las Vegas,
Diner at a Chinese restaurant;
Felt good at Singlish overheard


Home is where heart
Lives with love: Singapore --
Always in my heart


Leon Emriquez
09 August 2014

(Notes: Jambu = A local fruit that grows all
year round; Jambu is the local Malay name
for a species of Guava fruit common to
Singapore and Malaysia.

NDP = National Day Parade in Singapore;
Each year on August 9th, Singaporeans celebrate
our country's independence.

KPIs = Key Performance Factors are goals or
benchmarks to measure performance in scales
that are measurable, especially to chart progress.

Singlish = A local coinage or dialect that borrows
from English and other local mother tongues to
derive a local colloquial slant known as Singlish.)

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2014

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Let grief be brief, let cheer live here;
Let joy fill ploy, let mood be good;
Feel and believe, feel love sincere;
Feel and enjoy, feel sacred woods.

A path you see, a road you take;
A way you route, a bend you turn;
Glimpse fond beauty, glimpse make or break;
Glimpse glee that shouts, glimpse truth that churns.

Dream bits that fit, dream poise that trends;
Dream a big dream, dream actual tense;
Now shape your wit, now shift thoughts grand;
Now sculpt your theme, now work sure sense.

All in due time, all in due place;
All comes to be, all plots bring ends;
Do frame your chimes, do prime your space;
Do charm and see, do chart your plans.

Leon Enriquez
16 Feb 2014

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2014

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June conspires
Sun and rain and wind;
Equatorial somnolence

Ways and means
Cluster of conflicts;
Confront life's business

Down winding roads
Cityscapes retreat;
Highrise dwellings clutter

Bus ride to nowhere
New estates emerge;
Road map carbon copy

News flash and highlights
Routine monotony presides;
Celebrate gratitude then

Order in sure fashion
Odd ball roller coaster;
Jolly simplicity

Next year's birthday thoughts:
Celebrate 50 years --
City-state nation

Forged from uncertainty
Precarious transit pains;
Here we are now

Ageing population
New age crisis;
Opportune reminders

The years have been kind
To one and all here;
Confront crises head-on

No need for complaints
There is only one way;
Move forward always

Attitude counts
Work on your gripes;
Excellence takes effort

All in due time
Evidence speaks sharp;
Discern lessons well

Talk feels empty
Do it with aplomb;
Results surmount obstacles

We start, we end --
Let gratitude mindset
Frame sure attitude

Despite constraints
We get along;
Common courtesy works

There is no other place
Beyond our fringes;
Here ample lots farm

A cityscape where
We co-mingle, interact;
Live a common agenda

Home is where
Heart lives sure spark;
Touch weaves new songs

Leon Enriquez
04 June 2014

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2014

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A New Beginning at the End

"A New Beginning at the End"
by:  Eric L. Boddie

Throughout this journey of Life we will....Find
Signs of Love and evidence of hate all in due....Time
Either lemonade or sweet tea underneath the shade tree allows us to....Unwind
The Gifts And Talents Given By Him only mean that we can each....Shine
All together as one, a unified front, there is no greater way to....Be
Whether we argue or agree, I will make you see that I will Love you even if you hate....Me
Now we can be friends, I really like that....Or
I can show you tough Love by ignoring every advance from....Your
Evil intent you could possibly invent, but you won't define my....Destiny
My eyes are on Forever, and that destination is only....Heavenly

Copyright © eric boddie | Year Posted 2015

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Know then the truth that sets you free:
Love is sure proof for you and me.

Joy flings fond cheer in peace we see,
Watch faith draw near that hope may be.

Come let mind know what heart feels right,
Live that fine glow in profound light.

Each step we take in journey map,
Goes forth to make sense of odd gaps.

Seek to know bliss in hidden sense,
Glimpse that sure ease beyond mere tense.

There is a place beyond all space,
Here waits a face, the source of grace.

The tree of life in sublime state,
Calls beyond strife at that far gate.

Here where we live in ventures brief,
Discern and give love despite grief.

No need to reach with hateful gall,
Love is the peach for each and all.

Purge evil thoughts that seek to slay,
Purge angry plots that forge decay.

Strive to be good with humble heart,
Control each mood where evil starts.

Think loving thoughts as action shows,
Gather fond lots of love you grow.

Journey with peace that lives within,
Set love at ease with truth that wins.

Joy shows the way where love funds proof,
Cheer floods each day with ample truth.

Seek now to be a man of peace,
See what you see in love's increase.

God waits for each to ask for sight,
Seize then to reach the path of light.

Love comes to call with faith and hope,
Joy feels no gall where grace funds scope.

All in due time the higher road,
Forfeit blur rhymes and bear grand loads.

Leon Enriquez
23 June 2016

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2016

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Introductory highlights
Paragraphs and blah-blah-blah;
Final period


Sad eyes
Staring a straight blank;
Tear tinged mascara


On this mountain
A scenic panorama;
Valley undertakings


Warning signage:
Do Not Enter --
Police investigation


Young couple
Fleeting distractions


Sorrow and pain
Etch good paintings;
Come let's create


All in due time
Echoes shout;
Chaos configures


Harsh reality
Nothing nice to say;
Live and let live


Joy in your eyes
Posture of bliss;
Hunger manifests


Going on a trip
So much to do;
Discard anxiety


Love speaks
No words needed;
Touch and glimpse


Joy sings
Sorrow weeps;
Life unfurls magic


No words
No pictures;


Song for my soul
Words incomplete;
Vibrant music


Leon Enriquez
23 April 2015

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2015

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Jest works the best
To heal the quest

Look beyond deeds
To soul that seeds

Needs and wants come
To usurp sum

Be beyond need
If you must feed

Dare do more good
To meet your moods

Rise up each day
To fund bold play

Words tell on you
In steady cues

Be bold and brave
For goodness saves

All in due time
Each soul sets rhymes

Laughter speaks best
In this life quest

Laugh often now
For wit endows

Do all you can
To live your plan

Yet in the end
Death forfeits trend

Laugh even more
For laughter spores

He cannot die
Who knows fond highs

Leon Enriquez
23 February 2016

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2016

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(Dedication: For my relatives at Christmas.)

Once a year tends this party mood:
Just fancy then the lavish food;
Saturday spice and all things nice,
Christmas so dear with food and cheer; 
Family prize and sweet surprise,
Joy feels brisk steer right now and here; 
Precious the day to gather round,
Party of smiles in annual fare; 
To share fond ways on happy grounds,
Delights worthwhile in love we share;
See how quickly the day has flown; 
Hearts know briefly the kinship grown.
Here's to a great year with blessings grand,
Hopes and dreams swirl with heart's desires;
Live with wise cheer both kin and friend,
Breeze through this world as love inspires.
All in due time a blaze of change,
In range of chimes the end looms strange!

Leon Enriquez
04 January 2016

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2016

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Here and now be the truth you know,
Yes you can see grand outcomes show.

Align and sense energy here,
Intent frames tense with profound cheer.

Go with the flow of Feng Shui poise,
Live ample show of vibes that voice.

Charm knows fond choice if you but see,
Filter the noise with geomancy.

In-sync with buzz of primal space,
Know in deep trust the feel you ace.

Movement feels good as you align,
Watch fragrant moods forge happy signs.

All in due time sense poignant ease,
Affluence funds rhyme with heart at peace.

All that you need now comes to you,
Ample gifts feed all that you do.

Leon Enriquez
31 August 2016

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2016

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Keep truth on sight when darkness falls,
Reach a still core that guides your way;
Invoke a light that soul can call,
Sense peace fund more in trance and sway;
Here for a while with trust and cares,
Note how you live each moment's poise;
Ask grace to style the woes you bear.
Abide and give your soul firm voice,
Seek then the way to devotion,
Cheer heavy heart with faith that shows;
Embrace each day kind compassion,
Now dare to start to live love's glow;
Death comes to each all in due time,
Seek what you reach as truth marks chimes.

Leon Enriquez
28 April 2015

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2015

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Mad is the man
Who schemes and scams

Desire now plots
True empty lots

Be shrewd and kind
Find peace of mind

Do not delay
Walk middle way

Ego and pride
Fatal joyride

Poise follows choice
Utter firm voice

All in due time
See the end rhyme

Prepare your grace
To greet each face

Such is the way
Survive and play

Leon Enriquez
29 June 2014

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2014

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Do that and this
Opt for warm bliss

Fashion grand style
That grooms fond style

Loiter and see
Sensuous beauty

Now, here or far
See your bright stars

Joy and peace fill
Love now reveals

Glimpse a calm face
Love charms with grace

All in due time
Reason knows rhyme

Line after line
Words work out fine

In thrills and spills
Abide free will

Go beyond fact
For heart must act

Look to the way
That true love plays

Time follows time
Till death breaks rhyme 

Until that day
Discern the way

Leon Enriquez
14 April 2015

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2015

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See how times flies like hourglass sand,
See sighs and highs in poignant trends. 

This ageing year is ending now,
With tears and cheer that wrought endow.

These weary feet of passage sought,
In faded streets of place and plot.

So swiftly gone in sudden flash,
Those morns and dawns shaped roaming flesh.

Time seeps away as events stroke,
To this last day as old year chokes.

So many rhymes in memories,
Sacred those chimes of sanctity.

Rhymes and reasons to feel deep grace,
Through all seasons with love in place.

With grateful heart and treasured soul,
Watch year depart with kindness whole.

Welcome the light as new year comes,
Now set your sights on cheer that sums.

All in due time let happy play,
Reason can rhyme good feel that stays.

Do what is right to bless and heal,
Dance in the light of pure goodwill.

Start the new year with peace of mind,
Seize grand good cheer with joy sublime.

Style then profound each smile you give,
Love sets the grounds for all you live.

Joy and peace show a fragrance bold,
Go with the flow each day unfolds.

Leon Enriquez
31 December 2015

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2015

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Hedonic Treadmill

Insatiable thirst and hunger
A bottomless materialistic pit
Always something for nothing
Prop your feet up; you’re the ****

Narcissist lazy behavior
Spoiled childish attitude
Snowflakes; everybody’s a winner
Except for people like me and you

They want it all
Dedicated to useless social tasks
Judgmental of others 
Sluggish and fat

Passion for wealth
Absence of worth
Fickleness nature
Self-esteem at its worst

No goals intended
Overwhelmed and tired
False-self dominates
Tranquility expires

Choked by emotions
Drowning in desires
Wicked ambitions
Self-indulgence on fire

Lost in luxuries
Blinded by hope
Delusions of adequacy
Tempered by dope

Literary studies
Lost thing of the past
The perception of knowledge
Builds up real fast

Enthusiasm for fame
Appeal to pointless facts
We’re creating an illusionary world
We may never get back

Chasing a fictitious image
A nightmarish dream comes true
Delusions of adequacy
Creates a facade of virtue 

The traditional view
The path to acquire
Loaded with debt
Bankrupt with desire

Our culture is afflicted
Materialism grabs hold
Misguided expectations
Hedonic treadmill creates a black hole

History has tried to teach us
The pains had no effect
No lessons learned in life
The cards dealt shows a slow death

The comfort of emotions
The greediness starts to blend 
Before we become aware
Here we go again

Funny, how ironic
Human nature can be
Blind drives of biology
Now a destructive quality

New desires will take place
Old compulsions will disappear
Life will be driven
By the avoidance of new fears

A new set of beliefs
A new course in life
Is really what’s needed
For autonomy in our life

Acknowledge our predicament
Self-respect matters most
Virtue and honor
Is what I hope and propose

This generation
Can change what’s been done
We're in this together
We're in this as one

Clarity of mind

And gluttony
Pass away all in due time

The past tells a story
Opportunity to understand; to know
Everything that has happened in life
Was necessary for our growth

Copyright © Kelly Hitchcock | Year Posted 2017

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Seek then the truth in cheer that lights,
Find that sure proof where joy meets sight.

Live each day well in time and space,
Love comes to dwell with faith and grace.

Laugh hope's fond wit as jest greets fest,
Sync happy fit in journey quest.

Come with your gift with passion bold,
Humour now lifts to warm the cold.

End where you start with easy smiles,
Work mind and heart to fund grand style.

Zest floods each play with ample joy,
Seize then this day with loving ploys.

Purge all that dread for happy flings,
Be unafraid and dance and sing.

Feelings help breeze the winding road,
Bear with the sneeze and brave your load.

All in due time great moments come,
Live each new rhyme as prayer now sums.

Leon Enriquez
18 July 2016

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2016

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Stray cool breeze
Plants a calm ease;
Heat wave reprieve


So many laps
Round and round;
Brisk walking spree


Weary worry
Spreads load heavy;
Too much tension


A good laugh here
Marks worthwhile cheer;
Light moments ease


Mall excursion
Goodies galore;
Tempting bargains


Curious wonder
History unfolds;
Vanity confronts


Curious eyes watch
One winning glimpse;
Claims sure credit


Power decrees
Curious claims;
Hypocrisy reigns


Too much, too quick;
Choke on delight


All in due time
Decipher mint;
Sing the same song


Nobody then
Somebody now;
Mental paralysis


Once upon
A yesterday;
Unknown quota


Leon Enriquez
17 August2016

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2016

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Symbols and signs, word craft patterns:
A fine design in twists and turns;
Thoughts now aligned beyond mad churn.

Wonders in print, lines of meaning:
Inked paper mint with craft showing;
Colours now tint with tales floating.

Mystic tokens in sad glimpses:
Light sheds moments in quaint glitches;
Dark brings motions of caresses.

Work devotion in sure fashion:
Sense taut tension in bold action;
Dare live passion with direction.

See the reasons for sure cycles:
Each new season brings fine sparkle;
Bear with treason in mad hustle.

The end begins just as you start:
Start deep within the soul of heart;
See out and in as vision arts.

Love wears each face to cast role play:
Live time and space as words make way;
Align with grace through night and day.

Dust and clay draft this body man:
Bear then this trust a sacred plan;
Do what you must as best you can.

Be good to all who pass you by:
Each face now calls with weary sigh;
As footsteps fall, note how time flies.

Let faith not fear propel your way:
See love draw near to inspire play;
Make focus clear to feel thought pay.

All in due time, the moments merge:
Sync craft and rhymes, watch reason urge;
Such wondrous chimes in sag and surge.

Be authentic, simple and plain:
Dare live magic despite life's pains;
Joy and peace flick to show love's gain.

Leon Enriquez
01 September 2014

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2014

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Let vision grow with faith and hope;
Let action flow to chart your scope.

Venture and win, learn as you start;
Keep focus keen with mind and heart. 

Faith lights the way to form the fact;
Hope wins the day, love guides the act.

From thought to deed, the word you send; 
Firm plot now seeds, your own best friend. 

Let love’s pure glow bless and forgive;
Let wisdom show you how to live.

Intent you greet, to forge great plans; 
Success you meet as you sculpt trends. 

Discern and sense just what you do;
In present tense: now act on cue.

A loving heart brings peace of mind;
Let love impart as wisdom signs.

You have a choice: to be made whole;
God speaks, heed voice – spirit and soul.

Go on your way each brand new day
Start, make love pay just as you say. 

All in due time, feel what you feel;
Heed flow of rhymes that touch and heal.

Leon Enriquez
31 Mar 2014

(Note: Original draft circa July 2002.)

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2014

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late night thoughts from the 8th grade

Look, okay,
I didn’t ask for this life.
I didn’t ask for this drama,
I didn’t ask for this strife.
Would you stop yelling,
stop asking of me?
If I put to it an end
and let this world be?
What do you want from me,
sitting tall and transparent?
Don’t echo their questions,
you lackluster parrot.
My heart, it beats free,
to no specific thump of a drum.
My mind doesn’t whir,
it’s a constant dull hum.
My life isn’t ordinary,
it is a constant test.
Do I look good in blood red
or a funeral dress?
The wounds have all healed,
old she is far behind.
Don’t worry, my friend,
when she’s caught I’ll be kind.
It’ll come back,
all in due time.
Maybe when I relapse
I won’t be afraid to try.
But for now, my friend,
my love, my soul;
be kind to them all
and watch out for poles.

Copyright © Ema Kenyon | Year Posted 2017

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Long-Suffering and Kind

Come with me and let us reason together
Let's listen to each other as a woman and a man
We are two joined together to love one another
But there's just one thing we need to understand
Even though I receive you just as you are
And even though you receive me just as I am
We must learn to change together to make things better
Without demanding our own way to be in command

Be long-suffering and kind 
It's going to take some time for change
And suffering wrong some times
We may endure some grief and pain
But then all in due time
We'll see like hearts and like-minds will be gained
So be long-suffering and kind
Cause its going to take some time for change  (Chorus)

Its not that I want you to be just like me
it's not that you desire me to be just like you
Yet we must change to grow and we must grow as one
No longer two on our own, we've got real love to prove
In considering each other before ourselves
We will sacrifice more often than what we plan
In becoming what the other needs we'll be fulfilled
For every grief is erased because we've learned and understand

That if I concentrate on you and if you concentrate on me
We won't push ourselves forward, be self-seeking or rude
For I'm concerned with your pleasure 
And you're concerned with pleasing me
Because you really care for me and I really love you.


Copyright © Leon Stacey | Year Posted 2007

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Each night is the same;like an old carbon copy. Nothing,I mean nothing,has helped
in years. I stay so exhausted,at times I break down in tears. While my mind is
constantly racing,my body is worn and weary. Every night I think to myself,"Maybe
slumber will come my way;that's a joke!" I just shake my head in disgust. After 
all,sleep is a must! While I detest this dreaded insomnia;oddly enough,I love the 
night. The peace and quiet often comfort me. This has been my world for some time
 now.I must say,as much as I hate not sleeping,I create better. Right now,you're 
reading my so called letter! Think I'll go outside and listen to my wind chime. 
Someday,I'll get much needed rest. All in due time...Until then I can only dream;view
the the sunbeam...

Copyright © Christi Palmer | Year Posted 2011