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Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely by Makama, Funom

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You may think me mad for saying this, but I know this to be true for sure.
If we are truly to evolve into a higher specie, money must go the way of the dinosaur.
What should motivate us all is higher morality
and not the pursuit of gain monetarily, 
which only serves to cultivate greed ultimately.
Greed then goes on to pursue power eventually,
and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
What's the solution? I don't know my friend truly,
but I believe that People Helping People is the key.
All People Helping People Universally
will be at the heart of our newly evolved spiritual currency.

Copyright © Billy TheKidster | Year Posted 2010

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Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

Benefit for all is converted for the use of a few their pockets are included in national budgets and their wants, top the country's priority list. Even the Cock's raw corn is highly coveted by the Cat. An old plantain tree, preventing its suckers from growing or a father, who frustrates the welfare of his family is exactly the hell, created by these money and power mongers The political system is all about a game of cards. A particular clique fixes their huge pipes as the fatherland shrinks under no mercy. Leaders they call themselves, yet they invest on the hunger of their people profit in the poverty of the land and trade on all forms of artificial instability. Acquisition of a generation's sustainability turns out to be a hobby as they still fight for the crumbs with the weak and go for the meat, no matter how hot the soup is disregarding those who cooked it. The same citizens who once lined up to give their confidence which has now become a fatal sacrifice are gradually reaching the wall. So know ye this! A hungry man is one that is angry and when millions of angry men unite nothing can stop their quest. A people once treated less than animals will hunt like vengeful kings taking what is rightly theirs marking a restoration, stained with blood. Blood, far from innocence and purity!
Dedicated to African leaders, especially Nigeria!

Copyright © Funom Makama | Year Posted 2014

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Why Does Hatred Exist

Why does hatred exist I don't believe I have ever hated I have surely disliked but hatred is an extreme It is certainly not something to be proud of It is something to avoid Nothing should ever be a reason to hate Most wars are caused by evil men Wanting not only their fair share But that of their neighbours And their neighbour's neighbours It's never ever enough Where does it end Greed is a major factor Control is another The craving to be king of the mountain To rule, to enslave To conquer at all cost The lives of many are no obstacle An entire nation, a whole race of people It matters not... power corrupts Absolute power corrupts absolutely None of us living today Will see a world where total peace exists But this fact shouldn't deter us To throw up our hands And say “It's impossible” Nothing in this world is impossible If the will to succeed is present I have always had faith That man will always do the right thing I still have that faith! © Jack Ellison 2014

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2014

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I pledge allegiance

Counterfeit in politics a prerequisite
For sale by owner, got cash, you can buy
Their influence
God Bless America and all the Capitalists
Starting vanity wars, to the public's pleasing
Forget humanity, we don't need a good reason
You've got a resource, we'll exploit
And criminalize all you endorse
Comply or die, our foreign policy
Ain't about's about me!
The American dream..
Forget about your culture 
Cause it's about to get raped
Your new God's the dollar
Won't assimilate?
You just took your last breath
Suckers thinking about escape
The hypocrisy of democracy
Disguised with the mask of liberty
Cause ain't nobody here truly free
The only saving grace
Of infiltration to western waste
Is absolute power corrupts absolutely
Even residents of an establishment
For the people by the people
Have become blase
Sitting and thinking about
What would our forefathers have to say?

Copyright © Scarlett Crittenden | Year Posted 2011

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The Demon Wins Again

The demon always wins.
You love thus you live.
You fly until death,
then the demon has fun.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely
Your fun is forever gone.
As if before was a fargone memory,
Now your curse has continued on.

Demon has taken my heart,
tearing my soul apart.
If it were an art,

I am doomed...

Copyright © Thomas Brown | Year Posted 2010

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Thieving Without Conscience

Thieving Without Conscience

There are thieves, and there are thieves without conscience. ..
Woe to the average Malaysia, of the latter are our elected politicians....

As the US treasury did put it so succinctly that there can be no doubts...
Malaysia as a sovereign nation has been robbed in broad daylight......

By our exalted policians entrusted to uphold our country's economy and its ideals..
By blatantly treating 1MDB as a vessel for securing  immense sovereign funds...

And chanelling those funds into privately  owned bank accounts...
Colluding with third parties that involved of all things, a so called Arabian prince...

Makes you puke just to think how our corrupted political bigwigs hasten to band together..
Just so that they can cling on to office and indulge in more misuse of power and  plunder....

A political purist extols, Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. ..
That sums up nicely the gang of thieves who somehow determines how Malaysia is doing...

Malaysia has the  dubious record of being the biggest kleptocracy case in American history...
The sheer magnitud of which involves billions and billions in US currency....

Those who have been following news about the 1MDB imbroglio since a couple of years ago..
Will recall the many evasive statements and misleading answers from 1MDB the vessel...

Through which billions of funds were raised only to be mysteriously siphoned off...
Involving convulated financial transactions that moved chunks of money across nations..

Poor Malaysians, we are still saddled with corrupted politicians and their cronies...
Hoping fervently that the big brother in the US Department of Justice will invoke some miracle...


Copyright © KENG CHUAN SENG | Year Posted 2016

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Do You Get the Picture?

How can a day last for so long
and a year go by so fast?
I'm racing for the future
with my wheels spinning in the past.

If the rain never stops.
How come the wells run dry?
I feel I can cry a river 
but there's not a tear in my eye.

How come we only call on God
when we're in trouble, jail, or prison?
How can we hear what He says
when we're to busy to even listen.

If the laughter never stops.
When will the crying begin?
Everybody is looking to heaven 
while we're still living in sin.

The clock just keeps on ticking.
How much time do we have left?
The Lord's heard so much whinning
that He's probably gone deaf.

I found a needle in the haystack
after I was blinded by His Son.
I'm going to smile when I see Jesus.
Maybe you better run.

How can it be so quiet
when the music never stops?
Who made all these rules
and who's policing the cops.

If you never question authority 
are any of us truly free?
When did the land of opportunity
turn into the land of the fee?

Why do the poor always pay 
while the rich get richer?
Do you think the presidents poor
or do you get the picture?

How can we all be so damn poor
yet we still buy into all their lies?
Absolute power corrupts absolutely
and all our freedom dies.

Copyright © Allan Granstrom | Year Posted 2009

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the god killer

hi how are you there
if you listen you will here
there's a whisper on the wind
a cry to heaven you send

god whispers in the winds
to you a message he sends
he there but hes not
in one two many dots

evil he would smite
a glorious delight
bringing the deserving there tie
but absolute power corrupts absolutely 

that path go to where evil fears to go.

Copyright © john tanaskow | Year Posted 2009

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Politics in Bangladesh II

Power tends to corrupt
And absolute power corrupts absolutely
This is so true in the political arena of Bangladesh

The ruling party has made the justice department 
And anti-corruption commission a hoax
They forgive the criminals on political grounds
And withdraw all corruption charges against themselves
By hook or by crook

Politicization is taking place in every sphere of the country
Votes are being bought and sold like commodities
In competitive markets
The criminals are becoming leaders
Because of their black market money and liaisons
The mouth of the civil society are being gagged
By large amount of hush money

People who are trying to eliminate poverty from the country
Are being called bloodsuckers by the so-called patriots
Whereas the real bloodsuckers are in disguise 
Of the heroes and heroines

Copyright © Asif Andalib | Year Posted 2012

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Absolute Stupidity

An old proverb says, “absolute power corrupts absolutely” A new proverb says, “absolute stupidity corrupts stupidly” First name of Don Middle name John Methinks this new one describes things quite suitably

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2018