What ever happened

What ever happened to people, 
who really cared about the poor and needy in my beloved
country? The current Presidental The administration would like us
to go away.  Why not pray God will have the final say!

Yes, rising stock market is good news.
But what about the poor people
trying to make it month after month.
Rising rents are higher than most
people's incomes. Where is
all of their extra money supposed to come from?

When a franchise owner of a local Denny;s
on Evergreen Way, in Everett Washington,
had to close down his restaurant.

Why, because the greedy landlord
raised the rent much higher than
he needed to.  It was located
not in the high rent district of Everett.
When is enough really enough!

A President of the United States of
America only cares about the wealthy.
And really wants to forget about
the rest of us.

Cutting Social Security,
Medicaid and Medicare.
While lining the pockets
of his wealthy friends.
What a terrible trend
this country is headed in!

The people of Saint Louis
are facing severe wage cuts.
When is enough, enough?

The current administration does not
really care whether care or not
his people breathe fresh air.
Having pure water to drink,
or fresh and healthy food to eat.

He does not care if the poor
and the homeless line
city streets. Does he really
care? President Donald
Trump maybe would say,
"If they don't have any
food to eat, let them eat cake!"

Yes our nation's infer structure
does badly need repair.
He cares about repairing bridges,
and free ways.  Maybe he
even cares if the workers
get paid!

Love as always!
Roxanne Lea Dubarry
Roxy Lea 1954
July 17, 2017

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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