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The world according to me

Forget age as a tool for ignorance; relationships for conquest, position for respect, wealth  for social gain and all else forwarding the current rottenism of living, pursuing, presenting and im-prisioning all others u deemed unfit. Correct your corrupt prowess of impersonal persecution; there are too many people in the World for it to be viable and all things sustainable. All things indiscriminate lead to all endeavors dead, purposeless and wholesale. Plan, not have, wonder, be surprised, just do, chance, bebewlidered, I had no idea, Blame, reconstitute, lie, beg, sorry for, foster, forget, filter, and ultimately rationalize a pointless point of views all ill-conceived, in more ways that infinity plus 1, releasing yourself of any myriad of false female milk morals of a peanut butter legs love philosophy, combined with a ne'er do well Neanderthal nitwit whose love exists not in his heart of hearts, but in his loin of loins; any educated ejaculate will felltellyou exactly the opposite. I have live to com to believe these and many other life facts of us and energy and living with some purpose other than all of the sociodomestico prose we have been force fed by every means of begat-gatting from before time began; illicit, burdening, incapacitating, illigetimate in it's origin and devilishly destructive in all emotional extent; high, low and all in between dis-creating a hopeless, intricate system of human carnage via, labeling, categorization, infiltration, substantiation, widespread, uncontrolled, aimless, boundless, sick, diseased, counter-productive, loveless, antipotential in it's ultimate function to raise the status of all on Earth. WSe are undermi n ing all things emotional and to our connection to every living thing to which we are related. We are all present in one another and to all living entities here. There are no separations of function or personalities as such that would separate us from each/one other as we exist in any form. Only from within, without consequence can we ever begin to promote a minute difference of molecular character in finding conclusion with any cosmic core energy that may slightly spark a soulful speck of immediate and corporeal permission to even possibly think of existing. I hope I can rate at least a cells worth of universal recognition with a small tombstone donation of wisdom, truth, love and empathy indeterminate, a post script pin dot of hope on being human in an illiterate world.

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