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The truth defends what's right

Poet's Notes

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this is my replies to attacks

for putting this the first sentence on a newspaper article 

the names i was called and branded for believing every human has an equal right to life 

when i questioned nationality they called me racist 

every name under the sun i was called down to stupid 

religion was cursed as if condemned for being truthful 

even to the point saying i needed a quack 

never witnessed such lawless behaviour towards an honest opinion 

when the judge removed rights in favour of more liberal laws in the north of ireland



Killing the future, where is the humane values in that
poor soul your hate has an unusual way of trying to get of subject
How sad you are and evilly branding a person unjustly 
firstly falsely accusing, says an awful lot about you as a person 
defending the right to kill attacking is all you know 
a bully of the worst kind

Your surname is not Irish firstly get that straight 
I am from the tribes of the north 
a true gale that holds the shamrock 
this is the island of my ancestors, nothing racist about the truth 

A hetrophobic attack detesting a real man 
for none other than standing up for the innocent blood spilled 
speaking the truth correctly cast not this fiction garbage 
your attacking human life and I am a father

God be merciful to your soul I pray 
because there is not a racist bone in my body 
turn it which ever way you want to suit 
half Irish supporting killing, says it all to me 
Ripping little babies to pieces
take a long hard look in the mirror, 
your ancestors would turn in their graves

I pity you with your branding irons
you really have no brain in this 
life begins in the womb knowledge 
has a funny way of separating opinions 
what has religion got to do with it, nothing, 
your beating a dead horse people can see whom you support 

The dark side so filled with hate towards another human being 
calling names amounts to your kind saying it kindly 
if the law where doing their job properly, 
you should be arrested for hurling hate and abuse
Mentally challenged talking about bottles 
every word you have written, is documented evidence 
we see your kind everyday attacking peaceful people 

Every single word you have written comes from the fork of your beliefs 
do not make a mockery of others this foolish behaviour, 
because in the end your knees will bend, 
you should be reported for hate speech 
freedom has different values for some

Copyright © | Year Posted 2019

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Date: 10/3/2019 9:27:00 PM
Oh Brother this one is totally awesome keep writing my friend!!
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Date: 10/3/2019 5:51:00 PM
Hi Liam!:))A very true,powerful poem, you've written here ,my dearest friend Liam. Wow!Abortion is murder!Sadly, we're living in a very ungodly, evil,corrupted world!Lots of hate everywhere! But with God have Love Light Salvation!Very beautifully penned!Awesome!:))It hurts me to hear all you're going thru Liam!So sad, n' sorry!Your pen is truly mighty golden!A 7 + 7+7!A fav !You have a heart of gold!To me you're always the best in everything Liam.So very beautiful,romantic,gentle and sweet.I really hope n' pray a lot that you're okay in everything, Liam.Remember the Lords always with you no matter what!Wishing you always all the very best in everything you do, n' please take very good care of yourself,okay, Liam!:) Please keep positive n’ very strong!Always keeping you in my heart, thoughts n' prayers!Keep your faith in Jesus!Keep your love hopes n' follow your dreams always too:))Wishing you a very lovely week!In His light God bless you always!:))Love n' hugs!xoxox D.^O^
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Date: 10/3/2019 5:21:00 PM
And this is happening here ! Very well expressed and to the point! Excellent :)
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