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The Silence Is Deafening

Poet's Notes

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I can only imagine what it would have been like to have been
in Jerusalem the day that they cruicified our Lord!  He came
to die, die for us and our sins that we might be with Him for
an eternity!  The Lord gave me this poem and I cried while
I read it.  What a God He Is!


The Silence Was Deafening

The silence in Jerusalem and surrounding areas was
deafening; where just a few hours ago voices were
raised to a fevered pitch!  So many demons from Hell
were released in order to secure the death of the Lamb
of God.  

Not only were there foes of this Blessed Savior shouting
for the shedding of His most precious blood but also
former followers of His just days before.  It was as if they were 
caught up in the fervor of the moment but now they were
hiding in their homes and their businesses were shut as
the fear of Almighty God swept over the area.  It was as
if they knew that God Almighty was listening to every
word they spoke or even thought about.  No one was
speaking to one another as shame covered their faces.

Their young children ran away and hid from their parents
for the fear of them now strangled the love they had for them.   
The children loved Jesus, He was so loving and kind to them 
and they heard their parents join with the crowd shouting for 
His death!  

Oh yes, they got what they thought they had wanted, 
after all, when He was alive His mere presence convicted
them of their sins.  One look from His beautiful brown
eyes and they knew that He could see what they were 
doing in secret.  But how could One so mighty have been
killed in this way?  How could One so loving and kind die
in this manner?  But it was as if he chose this, could that 
be possible, they wrestled with these thoughts in their own
hearts!  He came to help us get free from Roman tyranny, 
didn’t He?  How could we be so foolish to believe He was
the One we were waiting for.  He didn’t even want to pick
up a sword and help us to get free!  His words were one of 
forgiveness and He was teaching us to love our enemies and 
forgive them!

But, we wanted…  We wanted… We wanted…No, how could
we be so wrong?

Now what do we have?  We have nothing, we have no hope
again!  We have a dead Messiah, we have fear and shame!

How can we live with our shame for our actions, shame for our 
quest for His blood, shame for how we shouted for His death in front 
of our little children?  What about our shame because He healed 
and delivered some of our children?  So now what!  What do we have 
now we are so confused?

Most of the businesses in the cities of Jerusalem and surrounding
areas are closed for the day or days,  closed for fear of showing their
faces as they felt that the word, shame, was written across
our own foreheads.  What do we do?  We don’t want to starve
to death if this continues and, we don’t want to do what Judas 
Iscariot did, some of the men had found his body hanging
in a tree and he was dead!  What do we do?

But, now three days have passed since He died and…..
What is this?  The whole area is being rattled and shaken by a
huge earthquake, I just heard some building fall not far
from us and I hear people screaming outside!

Now I hear shouting and screaming outside in the streets near 
our home but, this is not the same type of screaming.  Some
women are shouting, “He is alive, He is alive! He is Risen
just as He said He would!

Now, we are starting to remember what He said, that He
came to free us from our sins not from the Romans! Oh
my, now I know, He is the Son of God, He is Messiah!  

Praise God I….ah just got a glimpse of Him!!!  It is true, He 
has risen from the dead, HE IS ALIVE!!!

God bless, 
Written by:  Marilyn S. Jennings
July 2018

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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