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The Lizard Man

It spread its grizzly legs on the whitewashed wall
Firmly baked in the early summer heat 
Spitting perspiration dripping from the white crisps ceiling
While I cling onto a sensational feelings
Night has casted shadows upon night
With images twisting around the bend
Reaching out courageously for a friend
that has never denied my company
Days have passed and nothing seemed to materialize
Every day I have to put up with the same fight
The day before a nightingale landed on my southern window
Looking for a way to get through
It wasn’t singing the customary love song 
it was as if something terrible had gone wrong
It cried out loudly as if someone had just died 
and it scampered  on top of the window trying to get inside.
The sound resonated deeply in my head leaving many things unsaid
It brought me instantly to my feet 
and give rise to a peculiar heart beat
I threw out my hands and it flew away 
and landed thousands of miles away
Just when I thought it was over later in the afternoon
One more nightingale showed up on my northern balcony
reciting the evening Eulogy   
I rushed toward the back to find out what it was about
But it continued to bellow out
I rushed it away with my hands 
and a shout and it flew away screaming the painful Eulogy
Night thundered down the roof with a scroll banner 
And there it was peeping from the corner 
Budging its eyes and waiting patiently for a brawl 
Its strong legs grips tightly on the wall
It camouflages itself and absorb the rhythm 
from my love song playing in the back ground
I didn’t feel it, I didn’t see it and I didn’t know that it exist
It curled up quietly and  cunningly behind the curtain
Looking at me with protruding eyes
And scheming out a plan on how to get the upper hand 
But since then many things has led my mind astray
The lizard man in the night peeping at me from its throne
And barking at me with a horrible sound
I was just about to go bed 
when something on the wall kept wiggling its head
It squealed at me with an echoing sound
It was angry that I turned off the music
This nasty thing has been feeding off my spirit
And I was determined to get rid of it
A few months ago it escaped in my bed room
And I haven’t seen it since then
And all of a sudden it appeared in the study room
I grabbed the spray and sprayed it but it  escaped
I looked everywhere for it  but it disappeared 
The lizard man mocked me with a horrible scream and forced me
To run around, shaking out clothes
And have me digging into my blouse
I looked in curves and corners 
but the lizard was nowhere to be found
And the sound suddenly died down
I had a restless night it’s as if I am always putting up a fight
Day break and an uneasy feeling came over me again
Mosquito bites  spread all over  my skin 
and I had an uncomfortable  feeling s within
So I put on my sneakers and went jogging 
in the little stadium in front of  the basket ball court
It was early in the morning and hardly anyone was around
I could breathe fresh air and pranced about everywhere
I did a few laps around the track and out of no where
A tall young man with long horse feet sprint in the track
number one that I was running in
He cut me off  and I immediately I read into it 
and decided to do something about it
I allowed him to pass me than I walked across the football field
And stepped out as he crossed the path 
he stumbled and continue around the track 
but I was determined to get him off the track
I walked back up to the entrance 
and stood in lane number one that he was running in
He didn’t dear to cross me this time 
Instead he exit the stadium and walked away
Then other women in a blue shirt continued running
I walked up to box in the gallery and I could see everything
Mountains standing on top of mountains
Sky dancing with skies and the clouds romancing with the breeze
Oh what  an awesome bliss.
the morning suddenly welcomed me with a passionate kiss
Sending fresh air through my lungs 
and I could hear the trembling sound of the congo drums
I could see everything from the box
Eight lanes on the track
One person running in lane number one 
two people running in lane two and three
And one running in lane number seven
I could hear the shouts and screams 
as I waited patiently on my dreams
my vision is embolden and my mind is opened
I looked across the distance  
and waited for the silence to be broken.
I hurried back home and felt lightness all around
I sat at my desk and something strange caught my attention
A little creature with white belly and four legs s protruding upward lie dead
I turned it over on its back and reflected on the young man on the track
The same color white shirt, white belly 
It was the same comparison
 I looked at the new chair I got three days ago
White exterior and black interior and
And the lizard’s back turned black
The lizard man that hunted me was finally dead
Its tail was gone and it tried to clung desperately to life
But everything was finally over
I scooped it up and flushed it down the toilet 
And finally end the mysterious saga.
The lizard man is dead!

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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