The Ivory Castle II

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Once upon a time, there was a castle made of pure ivory. Pillars pale and barren holding a surface of grace and elegance. This castle was the home of a mighty unicorn named Stardust. She was pure white with a black beauty mark in the shape of a star above her right cheek bone. Her horn held the color of a rainbow. Stardust held the honor of being a princess. Her mother’s name was Cashmere and she was also beautifully white but had a long silver silky mane reaching her shoulder bone. She adopted Stardust when she was in her youth. She grew up in a very scary village called Dark Province. King Ebony was the ruler of the land and had the pleasure of being her father. He had a pure black coat with deep black eyes. Stardust had two friends, Bo Bear was her mighty Golden Retriever and Missy Mae was a fairy. These three always had amazing adventures together, as all best friends should. Stardust was a gentle unicorn, you see. She was fearless yet full of innocence and beauty. One sunny afternoon Stardust, Bo Bear and Missy Mae went into Fantasy Fairyland where Missy Mae lived. It was full of rainbows and beautiful flowers surrounded every corner. Little gnomes lived in mushrooms and they were all lovely little people. The three of them talked and decided to go on an adventure to Dark Province where Stardust once lived. So, Missy Mae held up her wand and pixie dust flew up in the air and sang this song, “to Dark Province we wish to go, up rises my pixie dust to and fro, take us to the land of darkness and fright, so we may have an adventure tonight!” Just then the rainbow appeared leading them into Dark Province. When they opened their eyes, they couldn’t believe it. Stardust saw it hadn’t changed a bit. It was still muddy, dusty, dark and scary. But the three trouble makers wanted to see what they could discover. Just then an ogre appeared and screamed loudly, “WHO ARE YOU TO COME TO THIS LAND!” The three fearful friends stopped suddenly full of fright and Bo Bear whispered with his voice shaking, “heelloo? We are juuust hheerre to discovver a neww land, that’s all sir.” The ogre screamed, “YOU SHALL NOT COME HERE UNLESS YO HAVE TAKEN AN OATH OF DARKNESS! FOLLOW ME, I WILL BRING YOU TO THE MASTER OF DARK PROVINCE.” They all followed him through the dark woods and saw the Master. He was old and had a nose one foot long with hairy ears and long finger nails. His face had wrinkles and his feet were just as long as his nose. He was basically the scariest thing they had ever seen! Master looked at them and thought, “who are these three beings who wish to enter my Province?” He sat there tired and crabby and just stared at them. The ogre screamed, “OH MASTER! I FOUND THESE THREE LURKING IN THE WOODS AND THEY NEED TO TAKE THE OATH.” The master looked at them and said, “rough beings where are you from?” Stardust replied, “Fantasy Fairyland, sir.” Master replied, “oh, now I see, you think you can come over here and pretend to be nice and really want to spy on us?” The Master has caught many beings trying to destroy Dark Province in the past and thought that’s why they were there. Missy Mae replied, “no sir, we love adventures." Stardust grew up here and she was curious to see what it was like now.” Stardust was scared at what the Master was going to say. The Master then spoke, “you are Stardust the princess of King Ebony and Queen Cashmere?” “Yes sir”, Stardust replied. “Oh, sweet child you are welcome here anytime you wish. King Ebony and I have been friends since he was a wee little boy. He was my mentor and I have always looked up to him, even though I am eighty years older than him. Ogre, there is no need for an oath from our new friends! Let us all enjoy a good meal!” So, they all sat down for dinner at the Mater’s table and enjoyed each other’s company. After dinner, the ogre walked them back through the dreary woods and Missy Mae threw up her wand and the pixie dust flew up in the air and sang a song to lead them back to Fantasy Fairyland, “to Fantasy Fairyland we wish to go, up rises my pixie dust to and fro, take us to the land of love and light, so we may go back home tonight!” They all landed back home safely and went to tell Queen Cashmere and King Ebony all about their adventure. King Ebony was not happy at first, but he knew the Master well and seemed to be relieved when he found out they met him and didn’t run into all the other monsters and goblins in Dark Province. Luckily, the ogre saved their lives and ended up giving them an adventure to always remember! Stardust, Bo Bear and Missy Mae sure were three best friends that will always have fun together. After the day they had they realized how blessed they really are to have each other. Missy Mae returned home for her slumber and Bo Bear and Stardust snuggled in their soft and comfy lodge they always slept in. Friends come and go, but these three were family and would be forever. God bless family. "Once upon a time in an Ivory Castle, Princess Stardust lived in no fear- she galloped and pranced all day, with King Ebony, Bo Bear and Cashmere." ...and they lived happily ever after... Fairy Tale For Children March 5, 2017

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Date: 3/14/2017 1:57:00 AM
Congratulations on your win.
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Date: 3/13/2017 9:32:00 PM
Loved the traditional happy ending, congratulations Laura...
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Date: 3/13/2017 6:54:00 PM
Congratulation on your win, Laura, I want to thank you for entering my contest. I love the story... Hugs Eve
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