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Plant the seeds you wish to reap. I have planted my seed in the soil of my people. I have no home, no earthly land, I have no food sometimes, sometimes, I must find the white spot in my life; That only innovators understand. It’s likened to a used piece of tissue; That was needed for one more desperate wipe.! Today I have my words.I have my faith. I want no pity, nor expect it. I have humans in my life that care and Even some that love me. .And many that don't understand, I am poor, unheard of, and old.? Loyalty or love is something That cannot be bought. Yet, people can hate you, Because you are poor, or black, Or beautiful or ugly, or skinny, or fatter. People can choose to hate for any matter. People can love you for the wrong reasons As well as love, you because “they just do” What if they love you because You're rich and have more, That concept deems you poor". Or because you can sing- and they can't Or because you hate, what they hate.? Or that you love, what they love.? The measure of true love can never really be weighed. Though, hate eats away at the core, It's the hater, not the hated that gets devoured…. Yet, I wonder, why do people hate? Let us examine hate, self-worth, and shame. Where does it come from? Hate comes from The feeling of an imagined threat, this threat, Which has now turned into fear, and then manifests, And develops into more aggressive actions. Starts with the character assassination Of a people or a person That brings about unworthiness. So, whatever happens to this person Is now his or her own fault, and no one Should care nor be held responsible For the victim’s befallings. I have been a hated person and never knew why. What threat, do you perceive that I may propose by speaking truth? Remember, someone else’s assets Or talents are no threat to your own. Never compete nor compare. I instead, draw from, from them;or learn. People are always an example of either “What you aspire to become, or Remind of what you can't become. Or “what you do not want to become. Yet, still you become afraid, and may have feelings that you do not want to acknowledge, This person makes you realize those feelings, or face them. People, come in octaves just like notes on a musical scale. So, should middle C, regret high C? Or do all the notes adore each other as they blend, And compliment to make beautiful music together.? Stop being silly, hate is nothing but jealousy, envy, and fear; Example president "D.T." is now sitting;Yet for eight years He has spazzed out from hate, and now has become hated. His hate is combustive, and are now hate spores. Landing everywhere. All this time his heated brain has been frying ..." "How can an African American outdo me, And become the president first "? "How I”, me, with all my money and Assumed power, be outdone”.? “how could they allow this mulatto to "beat me out”?”? “He has so many flaws” – "I now must bring him down to size".! For eight years’ (45), has stewed In his sick emotions of hate. Now, he is unable to function normally. His reality is his alone, delusional illusion and confused - So, to right his wrongs they are now trying to make "Right be wrong"-and ''wrong the new right''.! Even it's been said, that his undignified crass behavior Has become acceptable, As he feels the president before him was too refined, And appeared to be "too dignified": So, since 45 knows nothing of dignity; He goes for what he knows. He states that OB was too soft and cool. President 45 has a hardened decor, his stupidity, His barbaric behavior has crystallized into an opinion or idea; That has become fixed and definite, in D. T’s mind, and he has Managed to crystallize these feelings into the minds of too many ordinary Americans! A Poet's job is to offset and cover what he does not know; He,has become the new mindset, and now civility will not rest in his soul. So, “yippee”: ... "We can all run around in the nude"," grab genitals", "Drop nukes “destroy the planet earth, and demonstrate our hate openly... Ignore global warming, “ignoring truth, thus the meaning of ignorance". Don’t comply with the nonsense,"fuhgetaboutit". Be happy with your own success,measure your own success based on “Goals set, and goals met” yet, never use the measuring stick of a fool! Vicki Acquah aka mama Oladeji (the mother of poetry). Copyright © Vicki Acquah | Year written 2017

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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Date: 12/4/2018 2:51:00 PM
You pen the truth so well, Vicki and someone had to say it all. The country doesn't seem to be the same one that I grew up in; the hate, blame, paranoia and offensive behavior that is exhibited these days is not where America should be. It seems that we are regressing back centuries. That is the beauty of poetry and writing; we can at least try to wake people up to reality, in the hopes of progressing instead of going backwards in time. Well done dear poet.
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Acquah Avatar
Vicki Acquah
Date: 9/17/2019 9:35:00 PM
YOUR COMMENTs/CRITIQUEs are empowering ... THANKS.?