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Nothing Happen Before The Time

I could see the sun rising in the East
Pulling up something that is very deep
I could see the sun rising in the East
Hanging over the first beach
I left the house at six am
Before the sound of the crowing hen
I walked past the guard at the gate
Fiddling with his phone and anxiously waiting for the day to break
He looked at me with a frown and asked me where I was bound
You see I pay attention to everything because that’s part of my calling
A few years ago it didn’t matter 
but if you have ever lived in America you will hear a lot of chatter
The morning is still recovering from its overnight booze
Drunken men walking down the street coughing and spitting
The dust has surfaced again and women with long brooms
Swept the street while the comrades were fast asleep
I stood at the bus stop sipping tea from my cup 
And watching the early morning hustlers on scooter and motor bike
Swarming the street with boxes and baskets tied to their sides
Strange things happen in the early morning 
Yawning, yearning and warring
I waited on bus number eleven but it did not come
Instead bus number 202 came but the driver was half drunk and lame
He was continuously coughing and spitting and talking about everything
I could not do anything but smile and listened to him intensely 
He was extremely helpful and polite and he said everything was alright
but kept coughing as if he had swallowed something
He explained how to get to the beach in just few words
His bus was headed towards the train station
So I hopped on it without hesitation
Since Sunday I have been plagued with numbers
From the building tour to the statues outdoor the
Number three have been running wild in-front of me
During my bus inquiry yesterday I was told that bus 313 goes to the beach
Then the driver came and said 309 and 303 would take me to the beach
And today I transferred from bus 202 to bus 303 
I am still trying to figure out the number three 
Some things are definitely higher than me 
I have been seeing numbers containing three the entire day
I still don’t know what to say
And so bus 303 landed on the shore
The journey from the train station took an hour 
And during that time my mind cruised with the morning 
looking at the so call scenery and the manmade beauty
Heaven has left a bliss but some people have missed out on it
The giant sun stood up in the sky hanging over me mysteriously
It’s the first  time in three weeks I have witnessed its glory
Vendors lined up on both side of the street selling their delicacy 
The morning made them look grumpy
And with just two passengers on the bus 
I could breathe fresh without a fuss
The passenger got off the bus  a third of the way 
And I was left to travel the entire way
Just me and the driver on the big bus 
No hurry, no worry and I was not sorry
I felt like a giant was walking by my side 
And something powerful moving inside
I wish if you could picture this scenery and wake up to its reality
I reached first beach at 8:00 am and lift up my hands towards the heavens
The big empty beach park laid bare and dry before me
Everyone was still asleep and not a soul was on the street
Just the women sweeping the street and gossiping
I hurried in the hotel lobby and asked to use the WC 
But everything was sacramental as can be I had to hold my breath
So that I could absorb the unusual aroma that was spilling all over
Morning had just come alive and everyone looked tired and contrive
Shops and businesses hanging around looking dole some in the sleeping town
Stalls with goodies packed inside parade both sides of the quiet street
waiting for the shoppers to compete
I finally reached the beach so I rolled up my pants, and took off my shoes
And pranced in the sand as if I had heard some good news
The smell of fish washing upon the shore
Telling me that I have to look no more
The smell of fish washing upon the shore
Telling me that the sky is the door
I walked along the shore absorbing the fishy smell
The fisher men boat parked on the edge waiting on the big cash
The brown sand stared at me and cold water beat against my sturdy feet
Reddish-brown water spread out in the length and breadth of the deep brown sea
I couldn’t swim, I couldn’t dive I just have to observe its beauty from within
I had the sea all by myself running up and down its shores
And collecting sea shell from the sand
Big waves dashed upon the shore spilling water through the back door
While the Gods of the sea bellows below igniting our souls everywhere we go
The sun burst out suddenly from underneath the clouds
Penetrating my flesh and spreading its warmth deep within my breath 
It glistens upon the water top filling the sea with gold
And making me feel whole
I prayed a prayer to the most high and make a special request for thee
I had to go where my soul sent me
I had to go where my soul can live
I had to go where my soul can forgive
My soul is connected to the ocean 
It has brought me so much deep revelation
The sun has risen from the East 
And my strength has increased
I have been longing go to the beach 
And today the mission was complete
Nothing happen before the time.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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Date: 3/2/2018 3:55:00 PM
Do you think that at one time the sun rose in the west before the great flood. God changed things.
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