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MAKING IT HAPPEN Part 3: How To Handle The Haters

you've just started to make it happen your project is now being processed
but you need to know how to handle the haters who are only about giving stress
the hate that has consumed the hearts of men the state of our moral being
where compassion and brotherly love are no longer the traits we are seeing

hating has become the latest fad it has bloomed into full season
where people just seem to hate on others for no apparent reason
from President Obama to the NY Yankees the hate has grown exponentially
where people hate them for what they've accomplished and what they've come to be

hate is a demonic force it's a full frontal assault of agitation
it usually occurs when someone has started on a divine assignation
it seems to come with the territory as the devil always manifests
whenever someone starts something that is positive and blessed

the devil then gets very busy when it comes to anything done being good
his noxious persona then arises in those who hate on you as if they should
just don't give the haters a chance to harm nor hinder you
just trust in the will of God for it will see you through

in order to handle the haters you need to ascend to a spiritual plane
for to hate like them is a burden that you don't need to sustain
as hate may cause you to lose your way it can obstruct and intervene
so don't allow hate to enter your heart and plant unrighteous seeds

God said no weapon formed against you shall prosper nor prevail
so let God handle the haters and send them straight back to hell
and don't allow the haters to hurt nor humiliate you
stand firm on the word of God for it's foundation is strong and true

now in the midst of your Godly mission continue to stay the course
as God's got more righteousness than the devil has demonic force
now is the time to put on the whole armor of God 
to show the haters that you are not faint of heart
now ready, focused, heightened, alert and aware
in a sure and secure position as evil is everywhere

and don't let the haters get too close nor give them the chance to slip in
for they will choke the life out of you and then turn around and grin
as the more they hate on you the more in Christ you will grow
just continue to do a good work in the name of the God we all love and know
how to handle the haters those folks who only want to drag you down
is to let them see the joy of the Lord in you while you're standing on higher ground 

Copyright © | Year Posted 2010

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Date: 10/29/2010 3:57:00 PM
Ps. Smile, "Go Giants!!!":) ~
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Date: 10/29/2010 3:43:00 PM
Smile ~ Makes my soul rejoice inside as, I feel the rushing of its currents crashing upon the shores of, my joyously bound heart ~ "Psalm 23" ~ "A Fave, Just Like 'Your Beauty' My Dear!!!" ~ "Stay Strong &, 'Shine Bright Bright Light'" ~ "My Love & Warmth to 'You Always' &, All You Love, 'Forevermore,'" John! ~ Smile, "Have A Very 'Blessed & Beautiful' Evening 'My Dear, Daughter of Christ; Angel In Disguise;'" Bye!:) ~
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Date: 10/29/2010 3:37:00 PM
Smile!!! ~ Well, I have already stood "Heart to Heart With 'The Messiah, Jesus Christ!!!'" ~ I have Already beheld myself with "'The King of Kings' In Heaven; Along With Many Others I Should Add!!!" ~ Smile, so, "Yes, 'Romans 8: 29-39;' In It To Win It!!!" ~ "Beautiful, 'Dear Lovely, Blessed & Precious, Louise Nelson;' Beyond, Beautiful; Perfect; 'A Song of Ultimate Faith!!!'"...."WOwwOW" ~ ....Cont:)
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