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Love Vows

As we stand hand in hand
As the wings of LOVE
enfold our hearts as ONE
under the arboresque 
Majesty Of LOVE
Utterly at the ineffable abode
Under the trellis bower of our hearts
As the innocent image of LOVE
emanate clearly as ONE
behind the effulgence veil of life

As we stand,
in the glory of LOVE
face to face,
As our eyes wed
in the illustrious honorable 
Majestic name of LOVE
As our souls, as ONE
Meditating LOVE
in the Temple of LOVE
to inhabit songs
ruminating LOVE’s elation
As we stand in awe
of the Kingdom of LOVE
As to drink LOVE
from the limpid river of heart
As joined together, as the sea of LOVE
where our hearts is waiting groom
and our memories an eternal wedding to bloom
Let us choose LOVE
to be awakening between us
Let there be a sacred space
between the Temples of our souls
that the Angels of Heaven roam to witness
the serenity, LOVE and tenderness 

Let there be a space of solitude 
As a veil between us to scape the 
confinement and constraint of our egos
Let there be a space for exultation 
of our spirits in the shadow of passion 
Let there be a space where our hearts
may speak without words

Let there be a space in our hearts
to build the tallest tower of LOVE,
The Temple of Forgiveness,
Let us build the tower of Forgiveness 
with our devotion and tenderness 

Let us climb up , hand in hand
To reach the summit of LOVE, 
at the peak to prospect our sunrise
of our LOVE once again, hand in hand
Let there be a space in our hearts
As the Temple of Ecstasy 
to prance on the red horse of LOVE
to the path of our hearts , where LOVE
is bowing to our purity
and simplicity of our LOVE

Let us memorize the name of LOVE
to draw a picture of LOVE
in our souls with red fountain pen of LOVE
Let us place a mirror in our hearts
to reflect the purity of our tenderness 
Let us pray LOVE
Let us wake up with LOVE
Let us make LOVE
To intense fragility of LOVE
forcing our ways to the peak of bliss
intensifying our veiled desires

We pledge,
in the purity and tenderness of LOVE
We pledge,
to the majesty of LOVE
to intense fragility of LOVE
to the gentleness of our spirits
to LOVE each other for eternity
Utterly, completely 
to intense fragility of LOVE
to honor our hearts
to honor our souls
to intense fragility of LOVE
to promise our togetherness 
to believe in us
to intense fragility of LOVE
to believe in our
blissful, tender, sublime 
Devine swoon of our LOVE
To intense fragility of LOVE
Let us stretch our hands
as a symbol of giving
We stretch our right hands
To touch our hearts
As the Temple of LOVE
As filled with limpid
eternal fountain of LOVE
to feel and hear each beat
of its purity and devotion

We hold our left hands together
as unity, as oneness
as wholeness and completeness 
of our hearts in evocation of our endless
sublime LOVE
Let us rejoice and give songs and Hymns
of praise as the spirit of OUR LOVE ascends
In delight scenes of jubilation among Beloveds

Our Vow,
As our Oneness heart, Utters
As a LOVE ditty song of hymn
As the foam of LOVE, paints 
Its adorable face of LOVE story 
on the shores of our hearts

Our Vow,
Shall make our heart Throne
And LOVE a sovereign crown
of our destiny 







Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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Date: 8/20/2018 3:14:00 PM
Engraved in the hearts of you both nice write.
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Date: 8/10/2018 12:48:00 PM
Yes, love is "where it's at" as you show in this work. Peace & Blessings Matthew Anish
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Date: 8/10/2018 3:04:00 AM
Excellent. It’s recprocal. Love vows to us and We vow to love to live lively life
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Date: 8/9/2018 5:37:00 PM
God is Love, to know God is to experience the fullness of Love. I enjoyed your poem.
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Date: 7/17/2018 3:18:00 PM
Hello Dr. Tony Beizaee this is a beautiful love poem. This is how I see your created poem. Have a nice day my friend.
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