Look For Solutions

I listened to the story 
of a car factory 
that was going 
to close down

Again I thought
three hundred workers
that are going to be
out of work

If only 
they would work together
Two years before hand
they knew the end was coming

They knew they had 
redundancy money
investing together
could they not, make

Another factory
they have the design skills
they have the engineers
they have the managers

They have the investment
all they need is another idea
another direction
another job

They said on face book
that in fifteen years
38% of the work force
will be replaced by robots

yet people still need jobs
increase the tax
perhaps people could get money
from the dole

yet then company's 
would leave 
for third world economies
where they paid less tax

leave the world to head 
down this path 
and you destroy 
your consumer market

!8,000 children already die
everyday from hunger 
and starvation
what future are you creating

surely the human race 
has a brain
surely we can create 
a better system

Turn people into investors
perhaps they can earn dividends
instead of wages
for the system to work

people need money
to buy their food
as jobs become 

We need to change 
the way people 
get money
society needs to think

use your brains 
we have a problem
how do we create 
a solution

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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Date: 3/28/2017 1:42:00 AM
Indeed. Tip of the iceberg. Too smart to function I say. You are asking all the right questions to heads down can't hear over the roar of the machine. sigh.
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