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keep it cool

Go ahead and spin the epic wheel of fortune 
Figure out the mysteries behind our misfortune 
Play songs in repeat, for I have memorized the tune
We will see each other in the afternoon real soon

You called me on my cellphone 
You don't get why I feel so alone
Since you've been gone, it kills me softly
Since you've been away, it bugs me honestly

Let's dance our heart out till the break of dawn
Let's have the time of our lives till the day is done
Reveal the secrets of nightfall and hold your breath
As we dive into misty, raging waters of life and death

Thanks for your consideration 
Thanks for wiping my tears away
Thanks for making me feel a wonderful sensation
I hope you a fine and dandy day

Keep it cool - we will meet eye to eye and mouth to mouth someday
Keep it cool - me and you can fight the good fight everyday
Don't hide away into the shadows of the nostalgic night
Keep it cool and keep a positive mindset full of delight

I heard that you have taken advantage of your good luck by spending it on luxury
Nevermind, I'll just move on from this sorrowful state and this horrid fury
You astonished me in silly ways sometimes
Love these days is like commiting selfish crimes

Keep it cool and keep your head up above the surface
Who knew you'd end up in the middle of nowhere and without a trace
Nothing lasts forever sadly, but you got to keep it cool and face your fears before your eyes
You hurt me emotionally, but now I understand where you're coming from - you want your space to cool it...boy, how time flies

Feeling like a fool by your side
At least I tried to earn your love back
I can't stand your senseless pride
Keep it cool and keep your mind on track

Towards an optimistic outlook...
You're like a wide open book...
I can read right through your lines
Haven't you read the future signs?

Keep it cool
Don't act like a fool
Don't dip your feet into grief's pool
You're amazing - you rule
Just keep it cool
Keep it cool

I hope you're well in your shield-like shell
I hope you cope with the feelings of hopelessness
I hope you get out of the hole in which you fell
I hope you can keep it cool as we run towards the finish line - does that ring a bell? 

I wish you a heaven above,
Not a hell below, my love
I said that I didn't appreciate the things you do
But, I still love you; still, you don't get the clue

I know I have said this more than a million times,
But keep it cool because it's embarrassing sometimes
When you blow up on me for little things that I can't help or can't change
I'm sorry for being bossy and acting irrational and being oh so strange

You are a part of me that I wouldn't reject
I apologize for agging you on and crawling all over your personal bubble like an insect
Keep it cool and relax with me in blankets of warmth and comfort
Keep it cool and get along with me, so that we will no longer get hurt

Keep it cool and be as happy as can be
Keep it cool and let it be, so that you'll be free
Be angry no more, for I have changed for the better since we've been together
Be upset no more, for I have given you so many chances and I still do because I'm a go-getter

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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Date: 8/14/2017 2:53:00 AM
This sounds like an emotional rollercoaster of a relationship David I found it had a lyrical style too and would make a great song with some tweaking of the longer lines. So glad to see you still posting:-) hope it all works out for you:-) hugs jan xx
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Date: 8/13/2017 11:36:00 PM
Awesome poem! Keep trying to win her back. Show her how you have changed. If she still doesn't accept you, you will just have to move on.
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