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I Had No Clue It Was Valentines Day Part 1

I had no clue it was Valentine’s Day
Because no one said happy Valentine’s Day
I had no clue it was valentines’ Day
Because I had no one to share the Day
I ventured into another world
And drifted off into a long doze
The time was getting close
I thought I was dreaming
But the tiredness was just seeping in
It’s the first time that I have ever slept so sound
Something must have had me spell bound
I slept for about three hours then woke up
Suddenly to loud chatter outside my window
When I woke up it felt as if I was sleeping for a whole week
But something was definitely up my sleeve
Someone had left me a message to see how I was doing
And I responded with an encouraging note
And in no time I had visitors at my door
No one said happy Valentine’s Day
So I still didn’t know that it was a special day
The visitor was wearing a black coat
And I immediately start coughing from the back of my throat
It was strange; I just had a shower and was feeling
Energetic and upbeat and bubbling with power
Maybe the visitor’s had pollen on his coat
Causing my throat to rumble and tumble
Or perhaps it was something else
It has been dry and dusty
And I have been eating hot and spicy food since I got here
After he left I was feeling alive again
Still no one said happy Valentine’s Day
I had a second visitor who brought me fruit
And told me that I was looking cute
She was wearing a black coat too
But she said nothing about Valentine’s Day
I sat down with her for a while, and then I start to smile
Then all of a sudden dryness sprang up in my throat
Forcing me to drink a glass of cold water
In a few moments her husband called her to feed the baby
When she left, I got my things together
And walked through the door 
Without an idea, plan or mission
The coughing ceased and I felt relieved
I felt like jumping, skipping and dancing
For one moment I felt no burden pressure or care
I start to wonder what I was really doing here
I walked a few blocks down the road
And entered a raggedy restaurant on a narrow street
From the outside it wasn't a restaurant
But on the inside people were filling their belly
And making themselves merry
Even a converted horse stable can make people happy
The kitchen was not clean or neat
But many people were happy and upbeat
Oh it’s the culture so what does it matter
My mind start to create order
Why don’t they have a big global health awareness week?
Where people from around globe gather in towns, city and
Everything is ok
But people's health consciousness is far away
Mothers are still holding their baby son’s teapots
And having them pissing on sidewalks
These health issues really make me a little nervous
Well what do I care why do I have this burden to bear
Why can’t I just sit in this restaurant and enjoy like everyone else
But this is the culture it couldn’t be better
One day they will realize and organize a massive health drive
In the home, school and community
I stopped thinking about the health issues
And spoke briefly with the cook
The waitress took me inside and seated me at single table
I sat across from two women and a man
Who had lots of food spread out on their table
They were eating and drinking and having fun
In another room a group of young were eating and drinking
and talking about the French 
I ordered rice and spicy vegetable
Because I did not want anything heavy in my belly
The people sitting across the table had a small talk with me
And they were surprised that I wasn't eating meat
I told them that I had to watch my heart beat
They invited me to taste their liquor
But I refused and told that that it was improper
The   alcohol content was 60 degree
And the women at the table made the man looked like a sham
He drank light beer and they were having strong liquor
The women had something more powerful to share
but he  sat mischievously fiddling with his phone and acting like a clown
He looked very naughty and the woman appeared to have a date with him
She was urging him to go home because she was getting drunk
Still no mention of Valentine’s Day
Neither in German, French or Greek
To me they were celebrating the New Years Eve
I glanced at my phone and decided that it was time to leave
I paid twice the amount for a simple meal that cost less up the street
I didn't fuss I allowed them to play me for a fool because everything was so cool
I walked down the road looking for I don’t know what
And I stumbled upon the dangao (cake) shop 
I was just in time to get my taste back, I wanted something sweet to eat

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