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Brahms and Liszt

Happy.  Genial.  Merry.  Jolly
Blottoed, blasted, etched and blitzed
Mellow, foggy, hazy, squiffy
Tipsy.  Tiddly.  Brahms and Liszt

Dazed, zombied, tanked-up, trollied
Ganted, gubbed, guttered
Bladdered, blathered, leathered, plastered, 
Sozzled, sloshed, scuttered

Hammered, battered, caned, mangled
Spannered, mullered.  Half-cut, lashed
Twisted, warped, slammed, wasted
Wrecked, ruined.  Munted, trashed

Liquified, marinated, juiced, sauced, 
Steamed, pickled, fried
Cabbaged, mashed, cooked, baked 
Boiled, stewed.  Pie-eyed

Stinking.  Howling.  Pole-axed, floored
Under the influence.  Off one's woo
Steampigged, badgered, ratted, goosed,
Clobbered.  Lairy.  Boogaloo

3 sheets to the wind.  Away with the fairies
Under the table.  Tight as a tick.
Ankled, wellied, trousered, legless, 
Bevvied, swizzled, pot-sick.

One over the eight.  Out nibbling the grape.
Rosy.  Rummy.  Poggled.
Jober as a sudge.   Laughing at the carpet.  
Seeing double.  Boggled.

Lubricated, oiled, pixilated, ploughed
Intoxicated, inebriated.  On the grog 
Wobbly, jungled, off to the races
Lit up, shot down.  Cocked as a log

As a lord, as a piper, as a fiddler, as a poet, 
As a newt, as a monkey, as a skunk
As a sailor, as a mouse, as a pig, as a fart
Muddled.  Fuddled.  Or just plain drunk

Words and experiences, many of us share 
And I'm sure there's a few that I've missed
But while some get "tired and emotional"
I just prefer to get…

Copyright © | Year Posted 2016

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Date: 7/4/2016 5:53:00 PM
IMade me smile david - I used to enjoy the odd tipple when I was younger and did get terribly drunk on one occasion:-( now I much prefer my cup of tea lol:-) hugs jan xx
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