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Are You Waiting On Him

Poet's Notes

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Learning to wait properly is wisdom!  God is never in
a hurry.  It is the devil who pushes but, God leads.
God bless.

Are You Waiting On HIM?

You who have been given a vision or a promise from the LORD that you are truly looking forward to its fulfillment, have you asked HIM LORD, when is this coming to pass?  Did HE tell you to wait? Or did HE tell you soon?  Well then you have to wait for there is nothing else that you can do with the exception of praying or just going on 
with your life!

He gave me a promise of a man of God that I was to marry.  My first marriage ended in divorce after my husband told me, You can have God or you can have me, but you cannot have us both!  I told him, “Well, I have to go with God because you are not my Savior.  He told me that he hated the Christ in me.  What is it for you?  What is the promise about? Are you willing really waiting for" ? 

It was 1982 when my marriage ended.  And, HE told me at Christmas time that HE had a man of God for me.  I waited and waited, I grew impatient and I know that  doesn’t do any good for you or for the LORD.  I began to get excited about the promise.  I already had had a ministry to women at that point, and intercessory ministry.  But now, it was my turn, I thought.  Nothing happened until, 1991; that is when the Lord told me to start saving boxes so, I began filling my basement with boxes but, other than that, nothing.  But, in 1992, first I was fired from my job and the charges 
were bogus but, I gave my version of the story to no avail.  But then I think now, how could I have moved down south and still keep this job?

Not long after that, the LORD told me to pack everything that I was not using on a daily basis.  And finally, after watching a ministry program, the LORD spoke and told me, “Sell everything you have and leave”!  When I repeated what HE said to me in a question to HIM, HE confirmed it with the power of the HOLY GHOST hitting me.  I called my prayer partner and told her what had just happened; she said yes, it was from the LORD.  I made a trip south to visit my son who had gotten out of the Army and was still living there.  I stayed there two weeks and in the meantime I made arrangements for an apartment there, and went back home put my home up for rent, sold almost everything I owned and made the trip clear across the United States.  The LORD opened up a door for a job in just ten days.  I stayed there for two years but still no husband.  One day, HE told me to pack everything I was not using on a daily basis, so I did and in a few short months, HE told me to move further south.  My neighbors helped me to load my moving van and I drove it down.  I had already arranged for an apartment in that city.  I was there in this spot for about three years and still now husband. One day, the LORD told me to quit my job and move south.  I did that, the year was in 1997.  So, I moved to a place that I had secured and got hired fairly soon.  Many other
things fell into place as I said, a job, ministry and friends but, no husband.  One day during ministry, my friends and I were  ministering in a church leading in worship. As  I walked up to the door the church, low and behold; a man greeted us and I asked the LORD in my heart“LORD, is this him”?  No answer, but just six months later, we were married at Christmas time as HE had also promised!  I didn’t write a few small details but, you get the picture.

This vision came to pass in 16 years.  Now, I know, that HE doesn’t 
make us to wait to be mean, it is just that HE has to line all of the things  up to bring it to pass.  I assure you, if the promise was from the LORD, HE will bring it to pass!   HE is FAITHFUL!  GOD BLESS!

Written by:  Marilyn S. Jennings
June 1, 2018

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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Date: 6/2/2018 3:31:00 AM
A long journey of faith...A lovely testimony...All the best Marilyn
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