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An empire strikes back

Poet's Notes

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the truth how i grew up to see it 

War is a time of great conflict 
bringing so much misery and suffering 
to a generation of people mistreated
on their knees in it's wake 
prayers are calling to Heaven 

Where the innocence of children 
becomes tainted 
no longer having a voice 
little ones confused
scratching behind the ears 

Silence there dwells
hate filled secrets buried 
under the carpet of lies not revealed 
from the unspoken truth 

Invaders are tyrants 
dressed in suits no doubt 
employing soldiers 
brutally abusing their powers 
given unto them by the peoples vote 
With no morals how does society stand a chance 

They are blind unconscious 
to their acts and deeds of mercy 
Sitting on their high seats of office 
Purely a stand up joke 
with false handshakes claiming peace
Stealing is not a God given right 
quoting justice seeks answers 
We have all been deceived 
Democracy of the poor struggling does not exist 

I call for world peace 
Address all issues 
laid out on the table containing truth 
The day for nit picking is over 
End this shameful bloodshed and violence
because there is always two sides to every story 

Victims of racism 
no blacks 
no dogs 
our race came lower classed than animals 
shame on your envy of our father's faith

Kept down for centuries 
Sold as slaves of little worth 
I am a writer of my times 
Where everyone 
should have a voice equal 
not hiding in the cupboard 

Love in God's light 
has taught me morals 
thou shalt not steal 
or take what does not 
belong to you pride 

Hate with the demons 
you dwell crying 
over your own spoiled milk 
Where was Europe 
during this crisis time
when human rights
became violated on our soil 

As a child to have a gun 
pointed at your face 
is down right cruelty in the act
twisting acceptance of arrogance 
through the vision of my eyes 
looking down a barrel at me 

Even yet years later 
they remain silent 
why I ask myself 
when the grass is cut 
before your eyes 
into addressing murder and child abuse 
big issue to act on 
in realities fact
the reaper of truth sheds light always

Copyright © | Year Posted 2016

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Date: 10/24/2016 5:46:00 PM
Hello Liam Mate!! This one does speak "truth to power" for sure!! This write is powerful and tells it like it is. When I see your words here, I particular think of the wholesale slaughter of innocent men, women, and children in Syria at the hands of butchers and international war criminals: Vladimir Putin and Bashar Al-Assad. (But there are others in this world too -- unfortunately!!) A Very Terrifying Write, but absolutely compelling!! TR/FAV my very good friend!! Cheers and Best, Gary
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Date: 10/23/2016 5:50:00 AM
- Hey Liam, this is a wonderful poem written with truth picture of the world today - Terrifying truth .... - Best wishes for a lovely Sunday and a great new week :) - hugs // Anne-Lise :)
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Date: 10/22/2016 4:11:00 PM
Hi Liam!:))Wow!This is a very powerful, outstanding poem you've written here my dearest friend Liam.All so beautifully penned with truth n' caring.Yes,very sadly the world we live in these days is completely in chaos, Liam.All the very sad, terrible events, injustices everywhere, make my heart n' soul very sad everyday.Prayers are very powerful, we need pray more for all Liam.Another very beautiful sparkling diamond from your very golden glowing pen.Excellent piece!Awesome!A true glowing gem!Your pen is truly mighty golden!A 7+++ ++!A Fav!I wish you n' your very dear family all the best always.To me you're always the best in everything Liam.So very beautiful,romantic,gentle and sweet.I really hope n' pray alot you're okay in everything.Please keep positive n' very strong.Always keeping you in my thoughts n' prayers,Liam.Keep your faith!Keep your love hopes n' follow your dreams always too:))Wishing you a very lovely day!In His light!God bless you always!:)Love n' hugs!xoxox D.^O^
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Date: 10/22/2016 4:02:00 PM
Wow - So powerful. So very well written! Thank you for sharing that. Thank you. :)
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