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No Place Feels Like Home - Lyrics by Midtown


Regrets are worthless,
They misconstrue the past in sight and the sound,
And as lines recede,
No one speaks a word of his lust,
A word of dreams that are left to rust,
The TV's on and everyone stays calm.

Regrets are worthless,
The time has passed,
And no one understands,
And to say the least,
The years have been unfair.

I wanted to tell you I miss it,
I just want to let you know,
The last year has helped me grow,
I want to take you on the road,
Where we'd go I'll never know,
Will you come along?
It's easier when no place feels like home.

Regrets are worthless,
And the time has passed,
Which no one understands,
The years have been unfair to this point,
I said, I want out,
I want to take you out of this,
We're going to California,
And I want to take you on the ride.

It's easier when nowhere feels like...

I'll set things right,
This time, direction, in which to go,
I'll set things right, I'll say goodnight. Goodnight.