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Just Rock And Roll - Lyrics by Midtown


you can never tell me I shouldn't walk away
its foolish to assume that I'll be coming back another day
you were never right and I was never wrong
does truth lie in sincerity of another sullen song
cause you were right then I should have been the one to release it
its coming back to tease me
but I was just born and you're pride was too strong
can you change it?
are you willing to face it?
you can tell your story and coat it any way
but you will never change who you trying to play
now your friends are falling out
they know you just don't care
they know you never did
because they say always
the first one is never as good as the next.
hey, it's just rock and roll
even though you might think you lost it all.
cause the times they are a changin
and who can predict what's next
hey, you lost control
even though you might have thought you had it all
and hey, it's just rock and roll
and I'll never change
I love it just the same
I'll never change
because I love it just the same
god I wish I could hate you the rest of my life
god I wish I could hate you for the rest of my
nothing would make me happier