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Gottingen Street - Lyrics by Spirit Of The West

this tumble down  street's  just a run down streetringing with the clatter of restless feetthey're kicking in the windows on gottingen streetjust to steal the quiet for the nightin  the morning there will be no painjust a drug coursing through the veinsof the ones who give and take the blamefor living on the wrong side of the tracksbroken windows go  with  broken  homesbroken hearts on faces of stonethe street's filled with people all aloneall alone and all together on gottingen streetthe neon lights can't take awaythe many different shades of greythat reach from the shadows to where children playin gutters that run with ruini'm looking down from the second floorat the sally anne and the tv storeinsurance salesmen going door to doorit looks like  business is booming-chorus-see that twisted old figure used to be a mansqueezing the juice out of lysol  canslivin' in  the doorways of shadowlandjust another extra on the setwinter's cruel in this part of townthe snow's piled dirty all aroundthe weak fall prey with  defences downdown,  down on gottingen street-chorus-