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Farewell Song - Lyrics by Joplin Janis

Whoa, the last time that I saw
Child, I know, no, you didn't say a word
And I knew, darling as I looked into your eyes
That my feelings, oh, they'd never been heard
Well, I'm talking to you about love
Did you hear me, I said love
Because it's got to be such a long, long, way
From denying, from denying
And I say, don't say no, no, no to me no more
And I believed in you all the time
Honey, until I found out, you know, that I was so wrong
Won't you try and build a life with you
Guess I should've known it
I guess I should've known it all along
Oh, oh, oh, oh, let me hold you just once more
Babe, I ask you just once more
Because it's got to be such a long, long way from crying
And I been crying and I got tears in my eyes
Yeah, but don't you know
When you love somebody that's so precious
They can never, never, never be had very cheaply
No, no, no, no, no, no, no
You're gonna have to pay your dues
And sometimes, sometimes I guess you're bound to lose
Hey, but that's the way
You're gonna learn, learn, learn to love deeply
Now oh God, I wish I could explain that myself'
Cause I know that it's my fault, too
It's so easy to hurt you, darling
It's so hard, it's hard not to do
And I know that you showed me a new life
And you'll always, you'll always be my friend
Yeah, but I don't think, honey
That I can keep from trying
And I'll be tryin' and I been cryin' for you, baby
Yes, I have now
Well, tell me... what would I do without you, child ?I'm afraid that I can't say
But I hope, honey, that when you will remember
Lord, it'll be, it'll be such a sunny day
Now, now, now, now, good-bye I'll see you sometime
And don't be worried, everything's just fine
Babe, I don't think that I can keep from dying
And I've been dying
I say now every day I die a little bit, babe
I say now every day I lose me someone in my heart
I've been lonely, lonely, look around baby
I said now I can't help myself
I can't help myself
I gotta find him, gotta, I gotta need him'
Cause I gotta find my man, find my baby'
Cause I gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta,
Gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta, yeah, gotta
Gotta, gotta, gotta, oh my Lord I gotta
Help me now now now now
Help me, babe, yeah, yeah, yeah,
Whoaa ... Lord, Lord Lord Lord!!
Whoaa ... Lord, Lord Lord Lord!!
Whoaa ... Lord, Lord Lord Lord!!