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Another Year - Lyrics by Sayer Leo

Leo Sayer & Frank Farrelloh it's twelve o'clockon the old grey wallyet another year'75 is here
I hear all the people celebratingit's another yeardarkness, darknessinside my head
I'm on my own againthat's what I think I saidthis place is just a one-horse townso let the rain fall downyear and year again
I'll be sitting here reflectinghow nothing's changedbut am I still the samepeople blow up all around meyet I remainnothing's changedanother day beginsthe same old same againit's like some movie scene
I know it all frame by frame
I'll try to figure out what it meanssome other daynow my diaryis looking back at meit's another year'76 is here
I'm watching all the people celebratinganother yearit's another year