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Leonard Cohen Biography | Poet

Photo of Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen is an entertainment guru that has been dazzling audiences for well over 50 years. He is a leading musician, poet and songwriter within Canada. His works appeals to each generation and he has a huge fan base that has been around for many years. Cohen was born on September 21, 1934 in Westmount, Quebec. As of 2016 Cohen is 81 years old and is still very much alive. Fans, admirers and even his critics have given him different nicknames over the years. Some of them include the the Ladies Man, Lord Byron of Rock and Roll, Prince of Bummers and Beautiful Creep. His most famous works include Anthem, Future and Death of a Ladies Man.

Cohen is the child of Marsha Klonitsky and Nathan Cohen. He grew up in Quebec with a middle class upbringing since his father Solomon owned a clothing store. Roslyn Elementary was the name of his primary school and in 1948 he attended Westmout High School. It was during his formative years at Westmount that he started to develop his love for music and poetry. He was also a popular student since he was on the student council.

Cohen also learned how to play a guitar on his own when he formed a group known as the Buckskin Boys. The Buckskin boys held some shows around town but were not very popular. While Cohen developed his skills as a musician he frequented shady places with questionable characters to study their dance movements and habits. He soon developed a liking for clubs and night spots. These places would eventually influence some of his earlier works.

Cohen's Family and Work Life

After Cohen was of age he eventually moved out Westmount he resettled into Montreal. His spent his early years honing his craft and developing his own personal style. Over the past 50 years Cohen had dated quite a few women. Some of them were Hollywood A-list actresses such as Rebecca De Mornay and some were famous French photographers like Dominique Issermann. He also dated Suzanne Elrod who a popular Los Angeles artist during the early 70s. He had two children by her. They are named Adam and Lorca. Cohen did not marry Elrod because he did not want to settle down with her. Cohen has a great relationship with his children and his daughter has even helped him on some previous tours and videos.

Cohen spent a great deal of his life producing material, performing concerts and shows and writing material. Over the years he has performed at thousands of venues and has appeared on television. The famous poet/musician has appeared on various shows throughout the world and has been given numerous awards for his poetry, books, albums and songs.

The Major Literary Achievements of Leonard Cohen

Cohen has written many books and poems throughout the years. Some of his most famous poems and books include the Energy of Slaves, Beautiful Losers, Hallelujah and Selected Poems 1956 – 1968. Cohen won a Governor's General's Award for Selected Poems 1956 – 1968. Throughout the years Cohen wrote many works of poetry which also included Flowers for Hitler, Book of Mercy, Book of Longing and Fifteen Poems. He also wrote many books that captured the attention of audiences as well. Songs such as Bird on a Wire, Everybody Knows, I'm your Man and Famous Blue Raincoat are all big hits for Cohen and have entertained audiences throughout the years.

What Makes The Person Significant

Cohen is a huge entertainment force in Canada simply because he appeals to the people and the culture. The behaviors, styles and language that helps to identify Canada as nation; is also used by Cohen for his work. He is a person that reflects Canada's persona and many people like his literary works. Cohen's work touches each generation because he has figured out how to connect with these individuals. He can identify with different segments of society and this is crucial to being a successful poet. A good poet must know how to appeal to the common man on the street, the bum on the corner and the rich man in the big house. Cohen does all of these things and he does it well. The literary society within Canada acknowledges Cohen as a great modern poet that should be recognized for his contribution to Canadian society and the world. 

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