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Imru' al-Qais Biography | Poet

Photo of Imru' al-Qais

Imru` al-Qais bin Hujr al-Kindi (Arabic : / ALA-LC : Imru’ al-Qays ibn ujr al-Kindi ) was an Arabian poet in the 6th century AD, and also the son of one of the last Kindite kings. He is sometimes considered the father of Arabic poetry. His qaseeda, or long poem, "Let us stop and weep" (Arabic : ) is one of the seven Mu'allaqat, poems prized as the best examples of pre-Islamic Arabian verse. Imru' al-Qais was born in the Najd region of northern Arabia sometime in the early 6th century AD. His father was said to be Hujr bin al-Harith ( / ujr ibn al-arith ), the Kindah monarchy's regent over the tribes of Asad and Ghatfan, and it is believed that Imru' al-Qais was born in the territory of Asad. His mother was said to be Fatimah bint Rabi'ah al- Taghlibi ( / Faimah bint Rabi‘ah al-Taghlibi ).

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