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Fujiwara no Hamanari Biography | Poet

Photo of Fujiwara no Hamanari

Fujiwara no Hamanari ( , 724 – March 12, 790) was a Japanese noble and poet of the Nara period. He was the son of Fujiwara no Maro, and, according to the genealogy book Sonpi Bunmyaku, his mother was Uneme of Yakami no Kori, Inaba Province, who is probably the same person who had a famous affair with Aki no Okimi. The collection of Japanese poems Man'yoshu does not include his works. With an unknown woman he had a son Toyohiko ( ), among other children with other women. The footnote of Sonpi Bunmyaku, however, notes that Toyohiko is actually the grandson of Hamanari.

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