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Willa Cather Poems

A collection of select Willa Cather famous poems that were written by Willa Cather or written about the poet by other famous poets. PoetrySoup is a comprehensive educational resource of the greatest poems and poets on history.

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by Cather, Willa
 "ROWSES, Rowses! Penny a bunch!" they tell you-- 
Slattern girls in Trafalgar, eager to sell you. 
Roses, roses, red in the Kensington sun, 
Holland Road, High Street, Bayswater, see...Read More

by Cather, Willa
 IN the tavern of my heart 
Many a one has sat before, 
Drunk red wine and sung a stave, 
And, departing, come no more. 
When the night was cold...Read More

by Cather, Willa
 I KNEW them both upon Miranda's isle, 
Which is of youth a sea-bound seigniory: 
Misshapen Caliban, so seeming vile, 
And Ariel, proud prince of minstrelsy, 
Who did forsake the...Read More

by Cather, Willa
 THROUGH halls of vanished pleasure, 
And hold of vanished power, 
And crypt of faith forgotten, 
A came to Ludlow tower. 

A-top of arch and stairway, 
Of crypt and donjan...Read More

by Cather, Willa
 ACROSS the shimmering meadows-- 
Ah, when he came to me! 
In the spring-time, 
In the night-time, 
In the starlight, 
Beneath the hawthorn tree. 

Up from the misty marsh-land-- 
Ah,...Read More

by Cather, Willa
 WOE is me to tell it thee, 
Winter winds in Arcady! 
Scattered is thy flock and fled 
From the glades where once it fed, 
And the snow lies drifted...Read More