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Thomas Chatterton Poems

A collection of select Thomas Chatterton famous poems that were written by Thomas Chatterton or written about the poet by other famous poets. PoetrySoup is a comprehensive educational resource of the greatest poems and poets on history.

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by Keats, John

A Poetic Romance.


Book I

A thing of beauty is a joy for ever:
Its loveliness increases; it will...Read More

by Chatterton, Thomas
 Begin, my muse, the imitative lay, 
Aonian doxies sound the thrumming string; 
Attempt no number of the plaintive Gay, 
Let me like midnight cats, or Collins sing. 
If in...Read More

by Chatterton, Thomas
 Revolving in their destin'd sphere, 
The hours begin another year 
As rapidly to fly; 
Ah! think, Maria, (e'er in grey 
Those auburn tresses fade away
So youth and beauty die....Read More

by Chatterton, Thomas
 Almighty Framer of the Skies! 
O let our pure devotion rise, 
Like Incense in thy Sight! 
Wrapt in impenetrable Shade 
The Texture of our Souls were made 
Till thy...Read More

by Chatterton, Thomas
 Ah blame me not, Catcott, if from the right way 
My notions and actions run far. 
How can my ideas do other but stray, 
Deprived of their ruling North-Star?...Read More

by Chatterton, Thomas
 O God, whose thunder shakes the sky, 
Whose eye this atom globe surveys, 
To thee, my only rock, I fly, 
Thy mercy in thy justice praise. 

The mystic mazes...Read More

by Chatterton, Thomas
 O SING unto my roundelay, 
O drop the briny tear with me; 
Dance no more at holyday, 
Like a running river be: 
 My love is dead, 
 Gone...Read More

by Chatterton, Thomas
 Sharp was the frost, the wind was high 
And sparkling stars bedeckt the sky 
Sly Dick in arts of cunning skill'd, 
Whose rapine all his pockets fill'd, 
Had laid...Read More

by Chatterton, Thomas
 Eclogue the First. 

Whanne Englonde, smeethynge from her lethal wounde, 
From her galled necke dyd twytte the chayne awaie, 
Kennynge her legeful sonnes falle all arounde, 
(Myghtie theie fell,...Read More

by Chatterton, Thomas
 On Tiber's banks, Tiber, whose waters glide 
In slow meanders down to Gaigra's side; 
And circling all the horrid mountain round, 
Rushes impetuous to the deep profound; 
Rolls o'er...Read More

by Chatterton, Thomas
 In Virgynë the sweltrie sun gan sheene, 
And hotte upon the mees did caste his raie; 
The apple rodded from its palie greene, 
And the mole peare did bende...Read More

by Chatterton, Thomas
 Where the rough Caigra rolls the surgy wave, 
Urging his thunders thro' the echoing cave; 
Where the sharp rocks, in distant horror seen, 
Drive the white currents thro' the...Read More

by Chatterton, Thomas
 Recite the loves of Narva and Mored 
The priest of Chalma's triple idol said. 
High from the ground the youthful warriors sprung, 
Loud on the concave shell the lances...Read More

by Chatterton, Thomas
 The Sun revolving on his axis turns, 
And with creative fire intensely burns; 
Impell'd by forcive air, our Earth supreme, 
Rolls with the planets round the solar gleam. 
First...Read More

by Chatterton, Thomas
 Says Tom to Jack, 'tis very odd, 
These representatives of God, 
In color, way of life and evil, 
Should be so very like the devil. 
Jack, understand, was one...Read More