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William Soutar Short Poems

Famous Short William Soutar Poems. Short poetry by famous poet William Soutar. A collection of the all-time best William Soutar short poems

by William Soutar
All that the hand may touch;
All that the hand may own;
Crumbles beyond time’s clutch
Down to oblivion.
Fear not the boasts which wound: Fear not the threats which bind: Always on broken ground The seeds fall from the mind.
Always in darkest loam A birthday is begun; And from its catacomb A candle lights the sun.

by William Soutar
Lully, lully, my ain wee dearie:
Lully, lully, my ain wee doo:
Sae far awa and peerieweerie
Is the hurlie o' the world noo.
And a' the noddin pows are weary; And a' the fitterin feet come in: Lully, lully, my ain wee dearie, The darg is owre and the day is düne.

by William Soutar
Cuddle-doun my bairnie
The dargie day is dune:
Yon’s a siller sternie
Ablow the siller mune.
Like a wabster body Hingin on a threed Far abune my laddie In his wee creepie-bed.

by William Soutar
Half doun the hill, whaur fa's the linn
Far frae the flaught o' fowk, 
I saw upon a lanely whin 
A lanely singin' gowk: 
Cuckoo, cuckoo; 
And at my back 
The howie hill stüde up and spak: 
Cuckoo, cuckoo.
There was nae soun': the loupin' linn Was frostit in its fa': Nae bird was on the lanely whin Sae white wi’ fleurs o' snaw: Cuckoo, cuckoo; I stüde stane still; And saftly spak the howie hill: Cuckoo, cuckoo.