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T Wignesan Short Poems

Famous Short T Wignesan Poems. Short poetry by famous poet T Wignesan. A collection of the all-time best T Wignesan short poems

by T Wignesan
for J.
Alldridge Flagellant! Flexor of the Temple's Flexuous moulded walls The high reliefs sallying through your Flaunting fingers Wrap the holy-comer with your Invocatory maul While word of vedic prayer Seeps from some steepening Brahmin wall O stretched bowel of your potted paunch In perspiration's puffing piped paean Rivet the eyes of man and god Outside the walls of priestly palaver Monotonic bell and OM OM and monotonic bell OM OMM OM

by T Wignesan
Chin cupped
on the ancient bone of his
he spread five fingers
to the world:
and like a cat on zither strings
the hoarse voice of his fathers
issues from his forgotten children:
now he picks one tick
from the back of that suckling cow:
his failing fingers
find not the strength
to crush

Not a single eyelash twitters
pass him by
pass him

'Wake not a man asleep
And tell him he has
Nothing to eat.