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Robert Desnos Short Poems

Famous Short Robert Desnos Poems. Short poetry by famous poet Robert Desnos. A collection of the all-time best Robert Desnos short poems

by Robert Desnos
 To slip into your shadow under cover of night.
To follow your footsteps, your shadow at the window.
That shadow at the window is you and no one else; it's you.
Do not open that window behind whose curtains you're moving.
Shut your eyes.
I'd like to shut them with my lips.
But the window opens and the breeze, the breeze which strangely balances flame and flag surrounds my escape with its cloak.
The window opens: it's not you.
I knew it all along.

by Robert Desnos
 Many times upon a time
There was a man who loved a woman.
Many times upon a time There was a woman who loved a man.
Many times upon a time There was a man and there was a woman Who did not love the ones who loved them.
Once upon a time Perhaps only once A man and a woman who loved each other.

by Robert Desnos
be the father of the bride
of the blacksmith who forged the iron for the axe
with which the woodsman hacked down the oak
from which the bed was carved
in which was conceived the great-grandfather
of the man who was driving the carriage
in which your mother met your father.

by Robert Desnos
 In order to make a star with five branches
Where six would have been the same
A circle must first be drawn
In order to make a star with five branches .
A ring! One did not take so many precuations In order to make a tree from many branches Trees that hide the stars Trees! You, full of nests and song birds Covered with branches and leaves That you lift as far as the stars!