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Mari Evans Short Poems

Famous Short Mari Evans Poems. Short poetry by famous poet Mari Evans. A collection of the all-time best Mari Evans short poems

by Mari Evans
When I 
I'm sure 
I will have a 
Big Funeral ...

seekers ... 
coming to see 
if I 
am really 
Dead ... 
or just 
trying to make 
Trouble ... 

by Mari Evans
can be born black 
and not 
the wonder of it 
the joy 

And/to come together 
in a coming togetherness 
vibrating with the fires of pure knowing 
reeling with power 
ringing with the sound above sound above sound 
to explode/in the majesty of our oneness 
our comingtogether 
in a comingtogetherness

by Mari Evans
Where have you gone

with your confident 
walk with 
your crooked smile

why did you leave 
when you took your 
and departed 
are you aware that 
with you 
went the sun 
all light 
and what few stars 
there were?

where have you gone 
with your confident 
walk your 
crooked smile the 
rent money 
in one pocket and 
my heart 
in another . . . 

by Mari Evans
and the old women gathered 
and sang His praises 
resolutely together 
like supply sergeants who 
have seen 
and are still 
Regular Army: It 
was fierce and 
not melodic and 
although we ran 
the sound of it 
stayed in our ears . . .

by Mari Evans
Black man running
Thru the ageless sun and shadow
History repeated past all logic
Who is it bides the time and why?
And for how long?

Book: Reflection on the Important Things