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Henrik Ibsen Short Poems

Famous Short Henrik Ibsen Poems. Short poetry by famous poet Henrik Ibsen. A collection of the all-time best Henrik Ibsen short poems

by Henrik Ibsen
 TO skies that were brighter 
Turned he his prows; 
To gods that were lighter 
Made he his vows.
The snow-land's mountains Sank in the deep; Sunnier fountains Lulled him to sleep.
He burns his vessels, The smoke flung forth On blue cloud-trestles A bridge to the north.
From the sun-warmed lowland Each night that betides, To the huts of the snow-land A horseman rides.

by Henrik Ibsen
 NOW they sing the hero loud; -- 
But they sing him in his shroud.
Torch he kindled for his land; On his brow ye set its brand.
Taught by him to wield a glaive; Through his heart the steel ye drave.
Trolls he smote in hard-fought fields; Ye bore him down 'twixt traitor shields.
But the shining spoils he won, These ye treasure as your own.
-- Dim them not, that so the dead Rest appeased his thorn-crowned head.