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Godfrey Mutiso Gorry Short Poems

Famous Short Godfrey Mutiso Gorry Poems. Short poetry by famous poet Godfrey Mutiso Gorry. A collection of the all-time best Godfrey Mutiso Gorry short poems

by Godfrey Mutiso Gorry
 This country nurtured hope decayed,
The politician cruises on a 4WD guzzler,
The thief.
Feeling the base of his belly.
There is a slum in my heart But I cannot relocate it to my foot Nor hand nor back Its rusted tin makeshifts make my blood flow slow.
War has filled my heart with bullets, Steel and blood do not mix.
A bullet lodged in my head Is another brain of the dead.
Africa my home Africa my tomb.

by Godfrey Mutiso Gorry
 And then they pretend like owls
With marble eyes and wizened stupidity
I do not know why they cannot perceive
True art
But I will write
Until sand evaporates
And the moon consumes the sun
I will write
Even for the sake of art
For myself and for those who feel
Reading could lift them
Into other spheres of fancy
Where thoughts are much clearer
And deeds best described
As a vintage of the self
And society.