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Frank Bidart Short Poems

Famous Short Frank Bidart Poems. Short poetry by famous poet Frank Bidart. A collection of the all-time best Frank Bidart short poems

by Frank Bidart
 He stared up into my eyes with a look
I can almost see now.
He had that look in his eyes that bore right into mine.
I could sense that he knew I was envious of what he was doing—; and knew that I'd always wish I had known at the time what he was doing was something I'd always crave in later life, just as he did.
He was enjoying what he was doing.
The look was one of pure rapture.
He was gloating.
He knew.
I still remember his look.

by Frank Bidart
telling those who swarm around him his desire is that an appendage from each of them fill, invade each of his orifices,— repeating, chanting, Oh yeah Oh yeah Oh yeah Oh yeah Oh yeah until, as if in darkness he craved the sun, at last he reached consummation.
—Until telling those who swarm around him begins again (we are the wheel to which we are bound).

by Frank Bidart
 Whatever lies still uncarried from the abyss within
me as I die dies with me.

by Frank Bidart
 It is what recurs that we believe,
your face not at one moment looking
sideways up at me anguished or

elate, but the old words welling up by
gravity rearranged:
two weeks before you died in

pain worn out, after my usual casual sign-off
with All my love, your simple
solemn My love to you, Frank.