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Andrew Barton Paterson Short Poems

Famous Short Andrew Barton Paterson Poems. Short poetry by famous poet Andrew Barton Paterson. A collection of the all-time best Andrew Barton Paterson short poems

by Andrew Barton Paterson
 In this war we're always moving, 
Moving on; 
When we make a friend another friend has gone; 
Should a woman's kindly face 
Make us welcome for a space, 
Then it's boot and saddle, boys, we're 
Moving on.
In the hospitals they're moving, Moving on; They're here today, tomorrow they are gone; When the bravest and the best Of the boys you know "go west", Then you're choking down your tears and Moving on.

by Andrew Barton Paterson
 The Honourable M.
Nutt About the bush did jog.
Till, passing by a settler's hut, He stopped and bought a dog.
Then started homewards full of hope, Alas, that hopes should fail! The dog pulled back and took the rope Beneath the horse's tail.
The Horse remarked, "I would be soft Such liberties to stand!" "Oh dog," he said, "Go up aloft, Young man, go on the land!"

by Andrew Barton Paterson
 Of all the sickly forms of verse, 
Commend me to the triolet.
It makes bad writers somewhat worse: Of all the sickly forms of verse, That fall beneath a reader's curse, It is the feeblest jingle yet.
Of all the sickly forms of verse, Commend me to the triolet.

by Andrew Barton Paterson
 The opening of the railway line.
The Governor and all, With flags and banners down the street, A banquet and a ball, Hark to them at the station now ! They're raising cheer on cheer, The man who brought the railway through, Our friend the engineer.

by Andrew Barton Paterson
 The Editor wrote his political screed 
In ink that was fainter and fainter; 
He rose to the call of his country's need, 
And in spiderish characters wrote with speed, 
A column on "Cutting the Painter".
The "reader" sat in his high-backed chair, For literals he was a hunter; But he stared aghast at the column long Of the editorial hot and strong, For the comp.
inspired by some sense of wrong Had headed it "Gutting the Punter".