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Amir Khosrow Short Poems

Famous Short Amir Khosrow Poems. Short poetry by famous poet Amir Khosrow. A collection of the all-time best Amir Khosrow short poems

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by Amir Khosrow
Why was the king thirsty?
Why was the donkey sad?

by Amir Khosrow
She wears a round skirt, stands on one leg,
That lady has eight legs,
and looks like a fairy.
Everyone wants her, Muslim, Hindu, Chhatri (of warrior caste).
Khosrow asks this riddle, just think about it.

by Amir Khosrow
Was lovable when little (or lit),
but was worthless when grown up (or extinguished)
Khusro has told you his name,
solve this riddle or get out of town.