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Aleksandr Blok Short Poems | Poetry

Famous Short Aleksandr Blok Poems. Short poetry by famous poet Aleksandr Blok. A collection of the all-time best Aleksandr Blok short poems

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Aleksandr Blok | Short Famous Poems and Poets

by Aleksandr Blok

Dont fear death

 Don't fear death in earthly travels.
Don't fear enemies or friends.
Just listen to the words of prayers, To pass the facets of the dreads.
Your death will come to you, and never You shall be, else, a slave of life, Just waiting for a dawn's favor, From nights of poverty and strife.
She'll build with you a common law, One will of the Eternal Reign.
And you are not condemned to slow And everlasting deadly pain.

by Aleksandr Blok

I Prefer the Gorgeous Freedom

 I prefer the gorgeous freedom,
And I fly to lands of grace,
Where in wide and clear meadows
All is good, as dreams, and blest.
Here they rice: the clover clear, And corn-flower's gentle lace, And the rustle is always here: "Ears are leaning.
Take your ways!" In this immense sea of fair, Only one of blades reclines.
You don't see in misty air, I'd seen it!It will be mine!

by Aleksandr Blok

Gamajun the Prophetic Bird

 On waters, spread without end, 
Dressed with the sunset so purple, 
It sings and prophesies for land, 
Unable to lift the smashed wings' couple.
The charge of Tartars' hordes it claims, And bloody set of executions, Earthquake, and hunger and the flames, The death of justice, crime’s intrusion.
And caught with fear, cold and smooth, The fair face flames as one of lovers’, But sound with prophetic truth The lips that the bloody foam covers!.